Cathy Gillen Thacker's main inspiration for writing romance novels were the romantic entanglements of her family. Thacker's family stories (including her own) are swoon-worthy but they reinforce what is important to her writing: family.

Thacker began writing when she was a stay at home mother with her two toddlers. She started out with writing a short story while her children were napping. A couple months later, Thacker had a novel. And she's been writing ever since. She has written over a hundred novels, some which are out of print are being re-released via e-readers. Many of her novels are set in Texas, where she lived for 18 years. It is also her favorite setting to write about.

Book List in Order: 133 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Brides of Holly Springs

1) The Virgin's Secret Marriage (Dec-2003)
2) The Secret Wedding Wish (Apr-2004)
3) The Secret Seduction (Jun-2004)
4) Plain Jane's Secret Life (Aug-2004)
5) Her Secret Valentine (Feb-2005)

Brides, Babies and Blizzards

1) Snowbound Bride (Feb-1998)
2) Hot Chocolate Honeymoon (Mar-1998)
3) Snow Baby (Apr-1998)

The Deveraux Legacy

1) Her Bachelor Challenge (Sep-2002)
2) His Marriage Bonus (Oct-2002)
3) My Secret Wife (Nov-2002)
4) Their Instant Baby (Dec-2002)
5) The Heiress (Feb-2003)
6) Taking over the Tycoon (Jun-2003)

Legends of Laramie County

1) The Reluctant Texas Rancher (Mar-2012)
2) The Texas Rancher's Vow (Jul-2012)
3) The Texas Rancher's Marriage (Nov-2012)
4) The Texas Rancher's Family (Feb-2013)

The Lockharts of Texas

1) The Bride Said, "I Did?" / A Night Worth Remembering (Aug-2000)
2) The Bride Said, "Finally"! / The Seven-Year Proposal (Sep-2000)
3) The Bride Said, "Surprise!" / The Dad Next Door (Feb-2001)
4) The Virgin Bride Said, "Wow!" / The Last Virgin in Texas (Apr-2001)

Lockharts Lost & Found

1) His Plan for the Quintuplets (Jul-2020)
2) Four Christmas Matchmakers (Oct-2020)
3) The Twin Proposal (May-2021)
4) Their Texas Triplets (Aug-2021)
5) Their Texas Christmas Gift (Dec-2021)
6) The Triplets' Secret Wish (Jun-2022)

The Lonestar Dad's Club

1) A Baby for Mommy (Oct-2009)
2) A Mommy for Christmas (Dec-2009)
3) Wanted: One Mommy (Mar-2010)
4) The Mommy Proposal (Aug-2010)

Made in Texas

1) Hannah's Baby (Jul-2008)
2) The Inherited Twins (Oct-2008)
3) A Baby In The Bunkhouse (Dec-2008)
4) Found: One Baby (Apr-2009)

McCabe Homecoming

1) The Texas Lawman's Woman (May-2013)
2) The Long, Hot Texas Summer (Aug-2013)
3) The Texas Christmas Gift (Dec-2013)
4) The Texas Wildcatter's Baby (Mar-2014)

McCabe Multiples

1) Runaway Lone Star Bride (Jul-2014)
2) Lone Star Christmas (Dec-2014)
3) Lone Star Valentine (Feb-2015)
4) Lone Star Daddy (Jun-2015)
5) Lone Star Baby (Sep-2015)
6) Lone Star Twins (Nov-2015)

The McCabes of Texas

1) Dr. Cowboy (Sep-1999)
2) Wildcat Cowboy (Oct-1999)
3) A Cowboy's Woman (Nov-1999)
4) A Cowboy Kind of Daddy (Dec-1999)
5) Texas Vows (Mar-2001)
6) The Ultimate Texas Bachelor (Aug-2005)
7) Santa's Texas Lullaby (Dec-2005)
8) A Texas Wedding Vow (Apr-2006)
9) Blame It On Texas (Aug-2006)
10) A Laramie, Texas Christmas (Dec-2006)
11) From Texas, With Love (Apr-2007)
12) The Triplets' First Thanksgiving (Oct-2010)
13) Her Cowboy Daddy (Jul-2011)

McCabes: The Next Generation

1) The Ultimate Texas Bachelor (Aug-2005)
2) Santa's Texas Lullaby (Dec-2005)
3) A Texas Wedding Vow (Apr-2006)
4) Blame It On Texas (Aug-2006)
5) A Laramie, Texas Christmas (Dec-2006)
6) From Texas, With Love (Apr-2007)

Related Books

1) One Man's Folly (Aug-1989)
2) Lifetime Guarantee (Nov-1989)
3) Meant to Be (Mar-1990)

Texas Legacies: Carrigans

1) The Rancher Next Door (Jul-2007)
2) The Rancher's Family Thanksgiving (Oct-2007)
3) The Rancher's Christmas Baby (Dec-2007)
4) The Gentleman Rancher (Mar-2008)

Texas Legacies: The McCabes

1) A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe (Dec-2010)
2) One Wild Cowboy (Apr-2011)
3) A Cowboy to Marry (Oct-2011)

Texas Legacies: The Lockharts

1) A Texas Soldier's Family (Jul-2016)
2) A Texas Cowboy's Christmas (Nov-2016)
3) The Texas Valentine Twins (Feb-2017)
4) Wanted: Texas Daddy (Jun-2017)
5) A Texas Soldier's Christmas (Nov-2017)

Texas Legends: The McCabes

1) The Texas Cowboy's Baby Rescue (Apr-2018)
2) The Texas Cowboy's Triplets (Jun-2018)
3) The Texas Cowboy's Quadruplets (Oct-2018)
4) His Baby Bargain (Apr-2019)
5) Their Inherited Triplets (Aug-2019)
6) A Tale of Two Christmas Letters (Dec-2019)

Too Many Dads

1) Baby on the Doorstep (Feb-1994)
2) Daddy to the Rescue (Mar-1994)
3) Too Many Moms (Apr-1994)

Wild West Weddings

1) The Cowboy's Bride (Apr-1996)
2) The Ranch Stud (May-1996)
3) The Maverick Marriage (Jun-1996)
4) One Hot Cowboy (Apr-1997)
5) Spur-Of-The-Moment Marriage (Oct-1997)

Multi-Author Series List

Accidental Dads

Daddy Christmas (Nov-1995)

Babies & Bachelors USA

10) The Triplets' First Thanksgiving (Oct-2010)

Bride's Bay Resort

Matchmaking Baby (Jan-1996)

Calendar of Romance

Home Free (Jul-1992)

Christmas is for Kids

Baby's First Christmas (Dec-1998)

A Cowboy for Every Mood

Her Cowboy Daddy (Jul-2011)
The Texas Rancher's Vow (Jul-2012)

Crystal Creek

Made For Lovin' You (Jul-2002)

Forrester Square

Twice And For Always (Sep-2003)

How to Marry...

One Hot Cowboy (Apr-1997)

In Name Only

A Shotgun Wedding (Jun-1995)

Legal Thriller

Guilty As Sin (Nov-1994)

New Arrivals

6) Make Room for Baby (Oct-1998)