Gina Wilkins / Gina Ferris / Gina Ferris Wilkins

Gina Ferris Wilkins (nee Vaughn) was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1954. She continued her education and earned a journalism degree from Arkansas State University. She also worked in advertising and human resources. When she began writing, her husband took the money he had saved for a table saw and bought her a typewriter instead. She sold her first book to Harlequin in 1987. She has gone on to write more than 85 novels for Harlequin and Silhouette gaining many accolades and awards along the way.
She is married to John Wilkins and the couple has three children together.

Book List in Order: 115 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Bell Family

1) The Right Twin (Mar-2013)
2) The Texan's Surprise Baby (May-2013)
3) A Match for the Single Dad (Jul-2013)

Brannon Brothers

1) The Date Next Door (Dec-2006)
2) The Bridesmaid's Gifts (Feb-2007)
3) Finding Family (Apr-2008)

Bride Mountain

1) Matched by Moonlight (Jan-2014)
2) A Proposal at the Wedding (Mar-2014)
3) Healed with a Kiss (May-2014)

Doctors in Training

1) Diagnosis: Daddy (Aug-2009)
2) Private Partners (Feb-2010)
3) The Doctor's Undoing (Jul-2010)
4) Prognosis: Romance (Sep-2010)

Doctors in the Family

1) The M.D. Next Door (Jan-2011)
2) A Home for the M.D. (Jun-2011)
3) Doctors in the Wedding (Jan-2012)

Family Found

1) Full of Grace (Feb-1993)
2) Hardworking Man (Apr-1993)
3) Fair and Wise (Jun-1993)
4) Far to Go (Jan-1994)
5) Loving and Giving (Apr-1994)
6) Her Very Own Family (May-1999)
7) That First Special Kiss (Sep-1999)
8) Adding To The Family (Oct-2005)
9) The Borrowed Ring (Nov-2005)
10) The Road To Reunion (Feb-2006)
11) The Texan's Tennessee Romance (Jan-2009)

The Family Way

1) A Man for Mom (May-1995)
2) A Match for Celia (Jul-1995)
3) A Home for Adam (Sep-1995)
4) Cody's Fiancee (Jan-1996)

Hot Off The Press!

1) The Stranger in Room 205 (Jun-2001)
2) Bachelor Cop Finally Caught? (Aug-2001)
3) Dateline Matrimony (Oct-2001)

The James Family

1) Cause for Celebration (Jul-1988)
2) A Bright Idea (Apr-1989)
3) A Rebel at Heart (Mar-1991)

Lessons Learned

1) Partner for Life (Oct-1988)
2) Healing Sympathy (Dec-1988)
3) In from the Rain (Jun-1991)
4) Prodigal Father (Dec-1991)
5) Love Lessons (Oct-2006)
6) The Man Next Door (Jun-2008)

The McClouds of Mississippi

1) The Family Plan (Mar-2003)
2) Conflict of Interest (Apr-2003)
3) Faith, Hope and Family (May-2003)

Proposals & Promises

1) A Reunion and a Ring (Aug-2015)
2) The Boss's Marriage Plan (Oct-2015)
3) The Bachelor's Little Bonus (May-2016)

Reed Sisters

1) Hero in Disguise (Oct-1987)
2) Hero for the Asking (Apr-1988)
3) Hero by Nature (May-1988)
4) Hotline (Nov-1991)

Related Books

1) It Could Happen to You (Aug-1997)
2) Valentine Baby (Feb-1998)

Related Books 2

1) A Valentine Wish (Feb-1996)
2) A Wish for Love (Jun-1996)

Related Books - 3

1) As Luck Would Have It (Dec-1993)
2) Just Her Luck (Apr-1994)

Related Stories

1) As Luck Would Have It (Dec-1993)
2) Just Her Luck (Apr-1994)
3) A Valentine Wish (Feb-1996)
4) A Wish for Love (Jun-1996)
5) It Could Happen to You (Aug-1997)
6) Valentine Baby (Feb-1998)

Soldiers and Single Moms

1) The Soldier's Forever Family (Apr-2017)
2) The Way to a Soldier's Heart (Oct-2017)
3) The Soldier's Legacy (Feb-2018)

Southern Scandals

1) Seducing Savannah (Jan-1998)
2) Tempting Tara (Mar-1998)
3) Enticing Emily (May-1998)
4) The Rebel's Return (Dec-1998)

Veils and Vows

1) Taking a Chance on Love (Apr-1992)
2) Designs on Love (Jun-1992)
3) At Long Last Love (Aug-1992)

The Wild McBrides

1) Seductively Yours (Jul-2000)
2) Secretly Yours (Aug-2000)
3) Yesterday's Scandal (Sep-2000)

Multi-Author Series List

Bachelor Auction

It Takes a Hero (May-1999)

Bachelors & Babies

The Littlest Stowaway (Oct-1999)

Brides On The Run

The Getaway Bride (May-1997)

From Bud to Blossom

It Could Happen to You (Aug-1997)

Grooms on the Run

I Won't! (May-1995)

Harlequin NASCAR

Hearts Under Caution (Feb-2007)
In High Gear (Jul-2007)
Almost Famous (Aug-2007)
Season of Dreams (Nov-2007)
Risky Moves (Dec-2007)

Logan's Legacy

9) The Secret Heir (Feb-2005)

Lost Loves

Gold and Glitter (Aug-1994)

Lovers and Legends

When It's Right (Jun-1993)

Merlyn County Midwives

Countdown To Baby (Feb-2004)

The Parks Empire

The Homecoming (Dec-2004)

Secrets and Legends

1) In High Gear (Jul-2007)

That Special Woman

Babies on Board (Oct-1994)
A Man for Mom (May-1995)
A Match for Celia (Jul-1995)
Her Very Own Family (May-1999)

That's My Baby

Valentine Baby (Feb-1998)

Award-Winning Books by Gina Wilkins / Gina Ferris / Gina Ferris Wilkins

Make-Believe Mistletoe
2003 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Special Edition
Rafe's Island
1994 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Temptation