Book List in Order: 84 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Blame It On

1) Blame It On Cupid (Jan-2007)
2) Blame It On Paris (Apr-2008)
3) Blame It on the Blizzard (Jan-2010)
4) Blame It On Chocolate (Jan-2006)

Body & Soul

1) Body and Soul (Feb-1986)
2) Minx (Jul-1987)
3) Lady Be Good (Nov-1987)
4) Love Potion (May-1988)
5) Dancing in the Dark (May-1989)
6) Heat Wave (Mar-1990)
7) Night Light (Feb-1991)
8) Arizona Heat (Nov-1995)
9) Her Holiday Secret (Nov-1998)
10) Rock Solid (Sep-2000)
11) You Belong to Me (Aug-2000)
12) Hot To The Touch (Aug-2005)
13) The Soon-To-Be-Disinherited Wife (Jun-2006)
14) The Billionaire's Handler (Nov-2010)
15) Silver and Spice (Nov-2010)
16) Ain't Misbehaving (Nov-2010)
17) A Daring Proposition (Dec-2010)
18) Trouble in Paradise (Dec-2010)
19) Conquer the Memories (Jan-2011)
20) Can't Say No (Jan-2011)
21) Sunburst (Feb-2011)
22) Wintergreen (Apr-1984)
23) Cupid's Confederates (Mar-2011)
24) Pink Satin (Mar-2011)
25) Tender Loving Care (Apr-2011)
26) Kisses from Heaven (Apr-2011)
27) No More Mr. Nice Guy (May-2011)
28) Sweets to the Sweet (May-2011)
29) Man from Tennessee (May-2011)
30) Yours, Mine & Ours (Apr-2011)

Happily Ever After

1) The Castle Keep (Aug-1988)
2) Lady of the Island (Dec-1988)
3) Pink Topaz (Feb-1992)
4) Just Like Old Times (Aug-1992)
5) It Had to Be You (Dec-1992)
6) A Groom for Red Riding Hood (Nov-1994)
7) Prince Charming's Child (Jul-1999)
8) Kiss Your Prince Charming (Oct-1999)

Jock's Boys

1) Bewitched (Apr-1994)
2) Bothered (May-1994)
3) Bewildered (Jun-1994)


1) Little Matchmakers (Jul-2012)
2) The Baby Bump (Jan-2013)
3) The Bonus Mom (Sep-2013)

New Man in Town

1) Secretive Stranger (Apr-2010)
2) Mesmerizing Stranger (Sep-2010)
3) Irresistible Stranger (Dec-2010)

Related Books

1) Pink Topaz (Feb-1992)
2) It Had to Be You (Dec-1992)

The Scent of Lavender

1) Wild in the Field (Nov-2003)
2) Wild In the Moonlight (Jun-2004)
3) Wild In The Moment (Dec-2004)

The Stanford Sisters

1) The Unwilling Bride (May-1996)
2) Bachelor Mom (Jan-1997)
3) The 200% Wife (Jul-1997)

Multi-Author Series List

Body & Soul

Rock Solid (Sep-2000)

Fortune's Children

12) The Baby Chase (Jun-1997)
14) The Honor Bound Groom (Jan-1999)
46) The Christmas House (Nov-2001)


1) Bothered (May-1994)


5) A Groom for Red Riding Hood (Nov-1994)

Man of the Month

3) Night of the Hunter (Mar-1989)
22) Slow Dance (Oct-1990)
48) It Had to Be You (Dec-1992)
53) Quicksand (May-1993)
64) Bewitched (Apr-1994)
78) Single Dad (Jun-1995)
104) Nobody's Princess (Aug-1997)
111) A Baby in His In-Box (Mar-1998)
127) Prince Charming's Child (Jul-1999)

Man of the World

Falconer (Oct-1991)

Men of the Year

7) Prince Charming's Child (Jul-1999)

Montana Mavericks

22) Diana (Mar-2000)
26) You Belong to Me (Aug-2000)

Secret Lives of Society Wives

The Soon-To-Be-Disinherited Wife (Jun-2006)

Texas Cattleman's Club

6) Millionaire M.D. (Jan-2001)

That Special Woman

The 200% Wife (Jul-1997)

Award-Winning Books by Jennifer Greene

Like Mother, Like Daughter (But In A Good Way): Born in My Heart
2008 Rita Award -- Romantic Novella
Night of the Hunter
1990 Rita Award -- Short Contemporary Romance
Nobody's Princess
1998 Rita Award -- Short Contemporary Series Romance
Single Dad
1996 Rita Award -- Short Contemporary Romance