Caitlin's Guardian Angel
  • Length:
    50 Books
  • First:
    September 1995
  • Latest:
    March 1997
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Series List in Order

Order Author Book Series Genre Date Rating
1 SH-1 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
2 SH-2 Romantic Suspense / RS 3.5 Buy
3 SH-3 Romantic Suspense / RS 3.5 Buy
4 SH-4 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
5 SH-5 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
6 SH-6 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
7 SH-7 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
8 SH-8 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
9 SH-9 Historical Romance / HR 3.5 Buy

10 SH-10 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
11 SH-11 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
12 SH-12 Romantic Suspense / RS 3.5 Buy
13 SH-13 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
14 SH-14 Romantic Suspense / RS 4.5 Buy
15 SH-15 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
16 SH-16 Romantic Suspense / RS 4.5 Buy
17 SH-17 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
18 SH-18 Romantic Suspense / RS 4.5 Buy
19 SH-19 Romantic Suspense / RS 4 Buy
20 SH-20 Romantic Suspense / RS 4 Buy
21 SH-21 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
22 SH-22 Romantic Suspense / RS 4.5 Buy
23 SH-23 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
24 SH-24 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
25 SH-25 Romantic Suspense / RS 4 Buy
26 SH-26 Romantic Suspense / RS 4.5 Buy
27 SH-27 Romantic Suspense / RS 3 Buy
28 SH-28 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
29 SH-29 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy

30 SH-30 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
31 SH-31 Romantic Suspense / RS 4 Buy
32 SH-32 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
33 SH-33 Romantic Suspense / RS 3 Buy
34 SH-34 Historical Romance / HR 4 Buy
35 SH-35 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
36 SH-36 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
37 SH-37 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
38 SH-38 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
39 SH-39 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
40 SH-40 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
41 SH-41 Romantic Suspense / RS 4.5 Buy
42 SH-42 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
43 SH-43 Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
44 SH-44 Paranormal Romance / PNR 2.5 Buy
45 SH-45 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
46 SH-46 Romantic Suspense / RS 4.5 Buy
47 SH-47 Contemporary Romance / CR 2.5 Buy
48 SH-48 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
49 SH-49 Romantic Suspense / RS 3.5 Buy

50 SH-50 Romantic Suspense / RS 3 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Safe Haven (reissues)

  • Marie Ferrarella
    Book - 1

    A FATHER'S FIGHT The assignment--protecting a witness to a brutal murder--was the toughest of Detective Graham Redhawk's career. Because the witness was Caitlin Cassidy, the woman who'd long ago decided that a half-Navajo renegade like him wasn't ...

  • Jule McBride
    Book - 2

    HER HUSBAND HAD VANISHED He left no trace - except a pregnant bride. A year later, Fritzi Fitzgerald's search for him leads to a remote Alaskan village, and when a man carrying his ID is murdered, Fritzi stands accused. A STRANGER APPEARED He c...

  • Amanda Stevens
    Book - 3

    Welcome to The Other Side of Paradise When Emily planned on hyping her new B&B by republicizing a fifteen-year-old unsolved murder, she never dreamed the townspeople would react so bitterly. Or that attempts on her life would be part of the deal.....

  • Susan Mallery
    Book - 4

    THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER Sleek. Powerful. Proud. Agent Cort Hollenbeck moved with the grace of a predator on the prowl. And he always walked alone. In lighting the good fight," he never got too close--to anyone. Until terrifying blanks in his ...

  • Margaret Watson
    Book - 5

    HE'S BACK. Connor MacCormac could hear the whispers as he walked down the streets of his hometown. He had been Pine Butte's bad boy--sexy, smart and a bit too wild. He'd left twelve years ago, but the townspeople had long memories. And as far as t...

  • Stella Cameron
    Book - 6

    Someone wasn't getting the message When Page Linstrom first set eyes on Ian Faber, it was two a.m. and she was delivering an order of truffle pate and champagne to his San Francisco town house. Ian was intrigued. Page kept her distance. But he did...

  • Maggie Shayne
    Book - 7

    Former Secret Service agent Alex Stone was the best of the best, so impersonating missing foreign dignitary Thomas Barde seemed easy. Convincing the world that rough-and-rowdy Melusine Brand was actually Katerina, Thomas's ultrafeminine bride and the...

  • Alicia Scott
    Book - 8

    A CHILD'S KEEPER Elizabeth Guiness had her work cut out for her. Her precocious young charge quoted morbid statistics twenty-four hours a day, desperately seeking just one ounce of his father's affection. But brilliant scientist Richard Keaton see...

  • Barbara Bretton
    Book - 9

    By the Sea, By the Sea The Pemberton Arms would have long since crumbled but for the cockeyed optimism of Molly Hughes. She dreamed of a chance to restore the old seaside hotel. the only home she'd ever known. That chance was suddenly within ...

  • Andrea Edwards
    Book - 10

    Although in a witness-protection program, Amy Warren fought to keep her independence - a battle that pitted her against U.S. Marshal Mark Miller. His protective instincts warmed Amy's heart and made her think of long-lost dreams. But Mark's steely ga...

  • Elizabeth Bevarly
    Book - 11

    Fortune-teller Miranda True claimed she could see the future - and more - in the lines of a man's hand. And while he'd had his doubts at first, Lucas Strathmoor was becoming a believer - even trusting her mystical powers to guide his corporate takeov...

  • Anne Stuart
    Book - 12

    She couldn't remember her own husband... After a car wreck, Molly Winters awakened with amnesia - to terrifying news. She was being released into the custody of Patrick Winters, to whom she was apparently married, and from whom she was obviously e...

  • Lindsay McKenna
    Book - 13

    Another nightmare or a dream come true? Though weary and frightened, hazardous-materials technician Brie Williams could still spot danger, and her rugged new partner seemed to be it. Did Linc Tanner's macho facade hide chilling threats...or enough wa...

  • Rita Herron
    Book - 14

    Cole Hunter had no memory of who he was or where he came from.Why did nothing or no one seem familiar -- except Megan Wells? And why did memories of passionate nights in her arms flash through his mind at the sight of her? Grieving widow Megan Wel...

  • Jule McBride
    Book - 15

    ONLY A PINT-SIZE DETECTIVE COULD SOLVE McSWEEN V. McSWEEN! Late to stake out a suspicious wedding, luscious lawman Sean McSween didn't need a new partner--especially not one in diapers! Even worse, New York's finest was still juggling bottles and ...

  • Linda Castillo
    Book - 16

    HOSTAGE TO LOVE Taking gorgeous corrections officer Emily Monroe as his hostage, undercover CIA agent Zack Devlin was trying to escape with his life. But when he helped himself to Emily's full red lips and her body melted into Zack's hard edges, s...

  • Kathleen Creighton
    Book - 17

    DIRTY WORK Mike Lanagan: He knows that in Lucy Brown's eyes he's just a drifter, a hired hand who can move hay, pen pigs and kiss a lady breathless. Lucy Brown: She knows that in Mike's eyes she's just a plain-Jane farmer, a woman too unworldly...

  • Julie Miller
    Book - 18

    BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY Mitch Taylor had faith in his gun, his badge, and his years of experience. But he knew society girl Casey Maynard was trouble, and protecting her would be hell. Twenty years on the force had toned Mitch's body and honed his...

  • Patricia Rosemoor
    Book - 19

    She was a Kentucky blue blood Horse racing was Ashleigh Scott's life. And she would go to any lengths to protect her family's legacy -- Wind Racer Farm. But when one of her horses went berserk, killing a jockey, Ashleigh's world was shattered. ...

  • Joanna Wayne
    Book - 20

    All she could see were his eyes... Though Graham Dufour's ebony eyes lit up her dreams for the past ten years, Lindsey Latham hoped she could come back to New Orleans without seeing the man who'd once stolen her heart. A lot had changed between t...

  • Ingrid Weaver
    Book - 21

    WHO WAS EMMA CASSIDY? That was what Detective Bruce Prentice had come to the Maine woods to find out. But the more he learned about her, the less he understood. All he knew was, those flights across the Canadian border in her private plane simply ...

  • Rebecca York
    Book - 22

    Love eternal ... murder infernal There seemed to be something very odd about the Sterling Clinic ... and when her former patient died in an apparent suicide, psychologist Abby Franklin determined to find out what. Abby locked horns with the dea...

  • Terese Ramin
    Book - 23

    For her thirty-fifth birthday, divorced Alice Meyers received news of her upcoming grandmotherhood, a pink slip, a thousand seed pearls to sew on her sister's wedding veil and a pistol pointed at her by a gorgeous, gun-wielding stranger who insisted ...

  • Candace Schuler
    Book - 24

    Things aren't always what they appear to be... Natalie Bishop knew that better than most. Barely five feet tall, she was a fearless, first-rate private investigator. Her brother's partner had had a fatal accident . . . but it wasn't an accident. A...

  • Caroline Burnes
    Book - 25

    Someone was out to ruin her. Ann Tate was not going to stand by and let the dream of success for her horse breeding farm come to failure. With the arrival of Matt Roper and his mare at Singing Water Ranch, her dream of creating a Derby winner had...

  • Beverly Barton
    Book - 26

    SHE WAS HIS WOMAN.... Dane Carmichael was the last of a dying breed -- a gentleman through and through. And he was the only man who could keep Annie Harden safe. From the moment he laid eyes on stubborn, beautiful Annie, he knew she would be his.....

  • B.J. Daniels
    Book - 27

    Would she stand by her man...or suspect him of murder? Ever since J.D. Garrison had broken her adolescent heart when he'd skipped town years ago, the radio and the supermarket tabloids had been Denver McCallahan's only link to the man who'd becom...

  • Phyllis Halldorson
    Book - 28

    Escape... that was Brittany Castle's only recourse. Pursued by a relentless admirer, she'd had to leave behind everything she cared about. But on the road to a new life, an unexpected storm changed her plans. A solitary farmhouse offered her shelt...

  • Marie Ferrarella
    Book - 29

    LADY IN THE DARK It was every woman's dream come true, waking up in an opulent bridal suite, a wedding ring on her finger and a magnificent male specimen by her side. But for Whitney Bradshaw it was more like a nightmare. She couldn't remember the...

  • Ruth Langan
    Book - 30

    ALEXANDRA SULLIVAN WANTED TO GO TO BED WITH MORE THAN JUST A GOOD BOOK. Running the Snug Harbor Lodge had fulfilled Alex's life -- until rough-hewn Grant Malone appeared seeking shelter. Though danger surrounded the handsome stranger, Alex couldn'...

  • Gayle Wilson
    Book - 31

    A man in the shadows Ex-CIA operative Grey Sellers had settled inot a quiet, anonymous life. No secrets, no bullets, no nightmares. . . just the way he wanted it. Until he was hired to protect reluctant heiress Valerie Beaufort from a killer. He'd s...

  • Kathryn Shay
    Book - 32

    Cord McKay has quit the New York police force and come home to raise his little girl in the small town where he was born. He needs a job, but the last thing he wants to do is act as bodyguard to Stacey Webb. Stacey's father is the reason Cord fle...

  • Caroline Burnes
    Book - 33

    The Call of the Wild There was a secret hidden in the Tabuga River -- one that Miranda Conner was never meant to find. But now that she had, she was having a hard time staying alive. The preservation of the pristine Appalachian waterway depende...

  • Cheryl St. John
    Book - 34

    Shooting a bandit was reporter Hallie Wainwright's introduction to the Wild West, where she'd traveled with a bevy of mail-order brides. But it was the more intimate 'hello' in the arms of Cooper DeWitt that sent her heart racing - and made it all th...

  • Merline Lovelace
    Book - 35

    HE WAS LOOKING FOR A WOMAN And Sheryl Handcock - a steady postal worker with an advanced case of wanderlust - was not it. But when the lovely blonde with the phenomenal memory literally fell across his path, U.S. marshal Harry MacMillan, on the tr...

  • Muriel Jensen
    Book - 36

    HE CAME TO HER AT NIGHT ...and each time she saw him through her store window, Kellen Clark thought she was imagining him. With each nocturnal visit, he became less a mystery man -- and more Kellen's very own fantasy prince. She longed to be held in...

  • Beverly Bird
    Book - 37

    THE WRONG KIND OF MAN Since her husband's death, there hadn't been any room in by-the-books Detective Tessa Hadley-Bryant's life for anything but police work--and that was exactly the way she wanted it. Especially right now, when she was handling ...

  • Peggy Nicholson
    Book - 38

    THE SECRET OF SEXUAL ATTRACTION! Reese Durand has developed a new male scent, Irresistible, which is supposed to be a pheromonal solution to attracting women. It will make him millions--billions--if it works. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Wh...

  • Justine Davis
    Book - 39

    Casey Scott was used to stray animals wandering onto her property. But stray men? A series of menacing, midnight calls had alarmed her senses, so the dark, rugged looks of the mysterious loner were enough to frighten her. If she were smart, she'd thi...

  • BJ James
    Book - 40

    AGENT: JEB TANNER MISSION: TO PROTECT A LADY Jeb was used to tough assignments, but this latest would be the biggest challenge of his career. The prey: a ruthless murderer--and his ex-best friend. The bait: pretty Nicole Callison--the killer's si...

  • Patricia Rosemoor
    Book - 41

    The McKenna Legacy: Does Kate Farrell have what it takes to fulfill it? Kate Farrell talked to the wild horses she worked with on the mustang refuge, and she insisted they spoke to her in return - not in words, but in feelings. Yet the mustangs we...

  • Carolyn McSparren
    Book - 42

    A Child is Missing... Logan MacMillan hasn't seen his granddaughter, Dulcy, since the toddler was snatched by her fugitive mother three years ago. Logan never gave up hope of finding her until the moment his private investigator handed him a death...

  • Bonnie K. Winn
    Book - 43

    What if ...she'd said yes? Hotshot attorney Barbara Callister kept her feelings as tightly buttoned as her power suits. But ever since she took a case against the devastatingly handsome Kenneth Gerrard, she found herself thinking of Billy Duncan, ...

  • Kathryn Jensen
    Book - 44

    SHE HAD EVERYTHING TO LOSE .... Widow Kate Fenwick had reason to be afraid. The dark, brooding stranger who had mysteriously appeared on her farm was in serious trouble--and he desperately needed Kate's help. But how could she leave her two precio...

  • Lindsay Longford
    Book - 45

    TO SAVE A CHILD Royal Gaines would do anything to protect single-mother-on-the-run Elly Malloy. Until he'd met the sexy young woman and her son, he was a disgraced ex-cop who lived alone in a world of despair and self-destruction. Now he had a mis...

  • Debra Webb
    Book - 46

    DEEP The mission was always top priority for a Specialist -- except this assignment was personal for agent Vince Ferrelli. Though anyone would be hard-pressed to find a tougher operative, Vince had one vulnerability...Katrina Moore. UNDER "Kat" had ...

  • Janice Kay Johnson
    Book - 47

    Obsessed with another man's wife Jake Radovich had tried to be a good friend during Don Talbot's illness. He'd provided a shoulder for Clare, Don's beautiful new wife, to cry on; he'd been a surrogate uncle to Don's young son. Jake wasn't fooling ...

  • Frances Williams
    Book - 48

    A QUESTION OF INNOCENCE When a cop escorted a handcuffed prisoner into the roadside diner, reporter Kelsey Merrill was intrigued. And when she discovered that the convict being transferred to the state penitentiary was none other than the notoriou...

  • Ann Voss Peterson
    Book - 49

    ONLY ONE MAN COULD PROTECT HER Jackson Alcott was her prime suspect's attorney and the only man Brittany Gerritsen had ever loved ...the man who'd called off their engagement. She should have nothing to do with him. But when someone tried to kill ...

  • Carla Cassidy
    Book - 50

    Who fathered her baby? Seized by vise-like contractions, Colette Connor prayed she wouldn't deliver on the Connor ranch doorstep. With no recollection of who she was and how she got pregnant, she had nowhere else to turn. Only the knowing eyes, t...


Accompanying Alice
1991 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Silhouette Special Edition
A Suitable Bodyguard
1996 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin SuperRomance
Winter's Edge
1996 Rita Award -- Romantic Suspense