Award-winning author Rita Herron wrote her first book when she was twelve, but didn't think real people grew up to be writers. Now she writes so she doesn't have to get a real job.
A former kindergarten teacher and workshop leader, she traded her storytelling for kids for romance, and writes romantic comedies and romantic suspense. She lives in Georgia with her own romantic hero and three kids.

Book List in Order: 107 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Bachelor Pact

1) Marry Me, Maddie (Aug-2001)
2) Sleepless in Savannah (Sep-2003)
2.5) I Love Lucy (Jun-2014)

A Badge of Courage Novel

1) The Secret She Kept (Apr-2021)
2) The Body in the Wall (May-2022)

Badge of Honor

1) Mysterious Abduction (Mar-2020)
2) Left to Die (Apr-2020)
3) Protective Order (Sep-2020)
4) Suspicious Circumstances (Oct-2020)

Badge of Justice

1) Redemption at Hawk's Landing (Dec-2017)
2) Safe at Hawk's Landing (Jan-2018)
3) Hideaway at Hawk's Landing (Oct-2018)
4) Hostage at Hawk's Landing (Mar-2019)

Bride / Groom

1) Here Comes the Bride (Jun-2014)
2) There Goes the Groom (Sep-2014)

Bucking Bronc Lodge

1) Certified Cowboy (Jan-2012)
2) Cowboy in the Extreme (Feb-2012)
3) Cowboy to the Max (Mar-2012)
4) Cowboy Cop (Dec-2012)
5) Native Cowboy (Jan-2013)
6) Ultimate Cowboy (Feb-2013)

Cold Case

1) Cold Case at Camden Crossing (Dec-2013)
2) Cold Case at Carlton's Canyon (Jan-2014)
3) Cold Case at Cobra Creek (Nov-2014)
4) Cold Case in Cherokee Crossing (Dec-2014)

The Demonborn

1) Insatiable Desire / Heartless (Sep-2008)
2) Dark Hunger / Mindless (Aug-2009)
3) Forbidden Passion / Soulless (Apr-2010)

Detective Ellie Reeves

1) The Silent Dolls (Jul-2020)
2) Wildflower Graves (Dec-2020)
3) The Burning Girls (Jun-2021)
4) Frozen Souls (Nov-2021)

Falcon Ridge

Falcon's Revenge (Oct-2004)
1) The Man from Falcon Ridge (Nov-2004)
2) Return To Falcon Ridge (May-2006)
3) Force of the Falcon (Dec-2006)

Graveyard Falls

1) All the Beautiful Brides (Sep-2015)
2) All the Pretty Faces (Apr-2016)
3) All the Dead Girls (Nov-2016)

Guardian Angel Investigations

1) Silent Night Sanctuary (Nov-2008)
2) His Secret Christmas Baby (Dec-2009)
3) Unbreakable Bond (Jul-2010)
4) The Missing Twin (Jun-2011)
5) Her Stolen Son (Jul-2011)

The Hartwell Hope Chests

1) Have Gown, Need Groom (Jan-2001)
2) Have Baby, Need Beau (Apr-2001)
3) Have Husband, Need Honeymoon (Jul-2001)
4) Have Bouquet, Need Boyfriend (Jun-2003)
5) Have Cowboy, Need Cupid (Jul-2003)

Heroes of Horseshoe Creek

1) Lock, Stock and McCullen (Aug-2015)
2) McCullen's Secret Son (Sep-2015)
3) Roping Ray McCullen (May-2016)
4) Warrior Son (Jun-2016)
5) The Missing McCullen (Mar-2017)
6) The Last McCullen (Apr-2017)

The Keepers

1) Pretty Little Killers (Feb-2018)
2) Good Little Girls (Jul-2018)
3) Little White Lies (Dec-2018)
4) Dead Little Darlings (Feb-2019)


1) Safe in His Arms (Nov-2013)
2) Safe by His Side (Aug-2013)
3) Safe with Him (Nov-2013)

Nighthawk Island

1) Silent Surrender (Apr-2002)
2) Memories of Megan (Dec-2002)
3) The Cradle Mission (May-2003)
4) Undercover Avenger (Feb-2004)
5) Midnight Disclosures (Aug-2004)
6) Mysterious Circumstances (Aug-2005)
7) Vows of Vengeance (Jan-2006)
8) Look-Alike (Sep-2006)
9) Up In Flames (Dec-2007)
10) Under His Skin (Feb-2008)
11) In The Flesh (May-2008)

Seven Nights

1) One Night to Kill (Jun-2014)

A Slaughter Creek Novel

1) Dying to Tell (Dec-2012)
2) Her Dying Breath (Jul-2013)
3) Worth Dying For (Apr-2014)
4) Dying for Love (Sep-2014)

Multi-Author Series List

Colorado Confidential

10) A Warrior's Mission (Dec-2003)

Cowboys Royale

Brandishing a Crown (Jan-2011)

Diamonds & Daddies

Platinum Cowboy (Feb-2009)


Return To Falcon Ridge (May-2006)
Force of the Falcon (Dec-2006)

Her Protector

10) Send Me a Hero (Oct-1998)

Kenner County Crime Unit

Collecting Evidence (May-2009)

Lights Out

Anything For His Son (Aug-2007)

A Memory Away...

Forgotten Lullaby (Feb-2000)

Seeing Double

Peek-a-boo Protector (Sep-2009)

The Silver Star of Texas

Justice For A Ranger (Mar-2007)
Beneath The Badge (Aug-2008)
Rawhide Ranger (Mar-2010)


3) Wind Chill (Dec-2019)

Top Secret Babies

Saving His Son (Feb-2001)

Trading Places

The Rancher Wore Suits (Oct-2002)

Ultimate Heroes

Rawhide Ranger (Mar-2010)