Book List in Order: 53 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Copper Creek

1) Sweet Annie (Feb-2001)

Neubauer Brothers

1) Rain Shadow (Mar-1994)
2) Heaven Can Wait (Oct-1994)

Multi-Author Series List

Aspen Gold

1) Dancing in the Dark (Sep-2019)
13) Whisper My Name (Oct-2020)
16) Yesterday's Promise (Sep-2021)

Cowboy Creek

1) Want Ad Wedding (Apr-2016)
4) Cowboy Creek Christmas: Mistletoe Reunion (Nov-2016)
5) The Rancher Inherits a Family (Apr-2018)

Fairytale Retellings: Beauty and the Beast

His Secondhand Wife (Jul-2005)

Irish Brides

The Wedding Journey (Apr-2012)

Logan's Legacy

7) Child of Her Heart (Dec-2004)

Montana Mavericks

22) Isabelle (Mar-2000)
33) The Magnificent Seven (Mar-2001)
37) The Gunslinger's Bride (Sep-2001)
50) Marry Me ... Again (Aug-2003)
60) Million-Dollar Makeover (Jun-2005)
61) The Bounty Hunter (Sep-2005)

Return to Cowboy Creek

1) The Rancher Inherits a Family (Apr-2018)

Award-Winning Books by Cheryl St. John

The Magnificent Seven
2001 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Mini Series Romance