B.J. Daniels

B.J. Daniels was born in Houston, Texas, to parents who loved to travel. The first time her father saw Montana, he sold their home in Houston and moved them to the Big Sky state.

Her parents also loved to eat and brought Tex Mex and Texas barbecue to Montana back in a time when you couldn't buy Dr. Pepper or tortillas in the state. That love of food definitely has ended up in her books. Her characters, especially her heroines, all have healthy appetites -- and of course the hero loves it!

"My father built us a cabin in the Gallatin Canyon," she recalls. "My brother and I had the great outdoors to play in. As a child, I made up stories in my head and Montana was such a perfect place to daydream."

Most of her books are set in Montana. "It's a place I know and love. I grew up listening to stories around the campfire. It always made me want to write."

B.J. lives with her husband, Parker, and their two springer spaniels, Zoey and Scout, and a temperamental tomcat named Jeff, in a house that looks out at the mountains. "The landscape always inspires me."

When not at her desk writing, B.J. and her husband take their fishing boat to the lake and camp. "That is my favorite thing to do. My husband is a great cook. He is sexiest over the Coleman stove," she jokes. In the winter, B.J. snowboards. "It's true you don't have to be a kid to snowboard. It is an amazing, freeing sport. It is great fun."

Her first love, though, is writing and always has been. Writing is in her blood. "My grandmother wrote poetry and my father tried his hand at it, as well. He was also a builder. He started out building boats, then houses. He loved to create. I think that's what I inherited from him."

She set her first Harlequin Intrigue novel, Odd Man Out, on Hebgen Lake, where she grew up, near West Yellowstone. The book was nominated for the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award for best first book and best Harlequin Intrigue.

Before that, she was an editor and features writer at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. She also had 34 short stories published in Woman's World magazine under the name Barbara Johnson Smith. B.J. is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Bozeman Writers Group. She loves to hear from her readers at P.O. Box 183, Bozeman, Montana 59771.

Book List in Order: 131 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Beartooth, Montana

0.5) Fallen (Nov-2012)
1) Unforgiven (Nov-2012)
2) Redemption (Feb-2013)
3) Forsaken (Sep-2013)
4) Atonement (Feb-2014)
5) Mercy (Sep-2014)

Buckhorn, Montana

1) Out of the Storm (Jan-2021)
2) From the Shadows (Mar-2021)
3) At the Crossroads (Nov-2021)
4) Out of the Blue (Jan-2022)
5) Before Buckhorn (Feb-2022)
5.5) Before Memories Fade (Jul-2022)
6) Under a Killer Moon (Sep-2022)
6.5) When Justice Rides (Feb-2023)

A Cahill Ranch Novel

1) Renegade's Pride (Mar-2017)
2) Outlaw's Honor (Jun-2017)
2.5) Cowboy's Reckoning (Oct-2017)
3) Cowboy's Legacy (Nov-2017)
4) Hero's Return (Apr-2018)

Cardwell Cousins

1) Rescue at Cardwell Ranch (Jun-2014)
2) Wedding at Cardwell Ranch (Jul-2014)
3) Deliverance at Cardwell Ranch (Dec-2014)
4) Reunion at Cardwell Ranch (Jan-2016)
5) Cardwell Christmas Crime Scene (Dec-2016)

Cardwell Ranch

1) Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch (Feb-2006)
2) Justice at Cardwell Ranch (Oct-2012)
3) Cardwell Ranch Trespasser (Apr-2013)
4) Christmas at Cardwell Ranch (Nov-2013)
5) Rescue at Cardwell Ranch (Jun-2014)
6) Wedding at Cardwell Ranch (Jul-2014)
7) Deliverance at Cardwell Ranch (Dec-2014)
8) Reunion at Cardwell Ranch (Jan-2016)
9) Cardwell Christmas Crime Scene (Dec-2016)
10) Steel Resolve (Jul-2019)
11) Iron Will (Aug-2019)
12) Ambush Before Sunrise (Jun-2020)
13) Double Action Deputy (Jul-2020)
14) Trouble in Big Timber (Jun-2021)
15) Cold Case at Cardwell Ranch (Aug-2021)

Cardwell Ranch: Montana Legacy

1) Steel Resolve (Jul-2019)
2) Iron Will (Aug-2019)
3) Ambush Before Sunrise (Jun-2020)
4) Double Action Deputy (Jul-2020)
5) Trouble in Big Timber (Jun-2021)
6) Cold Case at Cardwell Ranch (Aug-2021)

Cascades Concealed

1) Mountain Sheriff (Dec-2003)
2) Day of Reckoning (Mar-2004)
3) Wanted Woman (Jun-2004)
4) Montana Connection (May-2019)

Colt Brothers Investigation

1) Murder Gone Cold (Apr-2022)
2) Sticking to Her Guns (Jun-2022)
3) Christmas Ransom (Dec-2022)

McCalls' Montana

1) The Cowgirl In Question (Sep-2004)
2) Cowboy Accomplice (Oct-2004)
3) Ambushed! (May-2005)
4) High-Caliber Cowboy (Jun-2005)
5) Shotgun Surrender (Jul-2005)

Montana Cahills

1) Cowboy's Redemption (May-2018)
2) Rancher's Dream (Aug-2018)
3) Wrangler's Rescue (Dec-2018)

Montana Hamiltons

1) Wild Horses (Feb-2015)
2) Lone Rider (Aug-2015)
3) Lucky Shot (Nov-2015)
4) Hard Rain (Mar-2016)
5) Into Dust (Aug-2016)
6) Honor Bound (Oct-2016)

Montana Justice

1) Restless Hearts (Nov-2019)
2) Heartbreaker (Mar-2020)
3) Heart of Gold (Aug-2020)

Montana Mystique

1) Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch (Feb-2006)
2) Keeping Christmas (Nov-2006)
3) Big Sky Standoff (Feb-2007)
4) Justice at Cardwell Ranch (Oct-2012)
5) Cardwell Ranch Trespasser (Apr-2013)

Sterling's Montana

1) Stroke of Luck (Feb-2019)
2) Luck of the Draw (May-2019)
3) Just His Luck (Sep-2019)

Whitehorse, Montana

1) Secret of Deadman's Coulee (Jun-2007)
2) The New Deputy In Town (Jul-2007)
3) The Mystery Man of Whitehorse (Nov-2007)
4) Classified Christmas (Dec-2007)
5) Matchmaking With A Mission (Apr-2008)
6) Second Chance Cowboy (May-2008)
7) Montana Royalty (Sep-2008)
8) Shotgun Bride (Apr-2009)
9) Hunting Down The Horseman (May-2009)
10) Big Sky Dynasty (Jun-2009)
11) Smokin' Six-Shooter (Sep-2009)
12) One Hot Forty-Five (Oct-2009)
13) Gun-Shy Bride (Apr-2010)
14) Hitched! (May-2010)
15) Twelve-gauge Guardian (Jun-2010)
16) Boots and Bullets (Oct-2010)
17) High-Caliber Christmas (Nov-2010)
18) Winchester Christmas Wedding (Dec-2010)
19) Branded (May-2011)
20) Lassoed (Jun-2011)
21) Rustled (Jul-2011)
22) Stampeded (Aug-2011)
23) Corralled (Mar-2012)
24) Wrangled (Jun-2012)
25) Dark Horse (Jul-2017)
26) Dead Ringer (Sep-2017)
27) Rough Rider (Oct-2017)

Whitehorse, Montana: The Corbetts

1) Shotgun Bride (Apr-2009)
2) Hunting Down The Horseman (May-2009)
3) Big Sky Dynasty (Jun-2009)
4) Smokin' Six-Shooter (Sep-2009)
5) One Hot Forty-Five (Oct-2009)

Whitehorse, Montana: Winchester Ranch

1) Gun-Shy Bride (Apr-2010)
2) Hitched! (May-2010)
3) Twelve-gauge Guardian (Jun-2010)

Whitehorse, Montana: Winchester Ranch Reloaded

1) Boots and Bullets (Oct-2010)
2) High-Caliber Christmas (Nov-2010)
3) Winchester Christmas Wedding (Dec-2010)

Whitehorse, Montana: Chisholm Cattle

1) Branded (May-2011)
2) Lassoed (Jun-2011)
3) Rustled (Jul-2011)
4) Stampeded (Aug-2011)
5) Corralled (Mar-2012)
6) Wrangled (Jun-2012)
6.5) Fallen (Nov-2012)
7) Unforgiven (Nov-2012)
8) Redemption (Feb-2013)
9) Forsaken (Sep-2013)
10) Missing in Montana (Apr-2019)

Whitehorse, Montana: The McGraw Kidnapping

1) Dark Horse (Jul-2017)
2) Dead Ringer (Sep-2017)
3) Rough Rider (Oct-2017)
Secret Bodyguard (Jun-2001)

Whitehorse, Montana: The Clementine Sisters

1) Hard Rustler (Sep-2018)
2) Rogue Gunslinger (Oct-2018)
3) Rugged Defender (Nov-2018)

Multi-Author Series List

Cape Diablo

Undeniable Proof (Aug-2006)

Code Red

9) Crossfire (Apr-2005)

A Cowboy for Every Mood

Rustled (Jul-2011)

Dangerous Men (Intrigue)

13) Outlawed! (Jan-1996)
22) The Masked Man (Jun-2003)

Hidden Identity

5) Undercover Christmas (Dec-1997)

Ice Lake

Gone Cold (Jan-2012)


Hotshot P.I. (May-1997)

Lost and Found

A Father for Her Baby (Dec-1998)

The McCord Family Countdown

Stolen Moments (Oct-1999)

Miami Confidential

Secret Weapon Spouse (May-2006)

Mists of Fernhaven

When Twilight Comes (Oct-2005)

Moriah's Landing

Howling in the Darkness (Mar-2002)

Texas Confidential

The Agent's Secret Child (Oct-2000)

Trueblood, Texas

3) Secret Bodyguard (Jun-2001)
14) Rodeo Daddy (May-2002)

Ultimate Heroes

Montana Royalty (Sep-2008)
Big Sky Dynasty (Jun-2009)

Who is this Woman of Mystery?

Odd Man Out (Feb-1995)

Award-Winning Books by B.J. Daniels

Premeditated Marriage
2002 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Intrigue