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    March 1992
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    February 1993
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    Contemporary Category Romance
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The Tyler Series in Order (33 Books)

Order Author Book Series Date Rating
1 TY-1 3.5
2 TY-2 3.5
3 TY-3 4
4 TY-4 3.5
5 TY-5 3.5
6 TY-6 4
7 TY-7 3.5
8 TY-8 3.5
9 TY-9 3.5

10 TY-10 3.5
11 TY-11 3.5
12 TY-12 3

Book Descriptions for series: Tyler

  • Nancy Martin
    Book - 1

    WELCOME TO TYLER. AMERICA'S FAVORITE HOMETOWN A town filled with memorable friends and unforgettable lovers. Share the passions, the hopes and dreams of America's favorite small town. WHERE ROMANCE BLOOMS When lively, brash Liza Baron arrive...

  • Pat Warren
    Book - 2

    WELCOME TO TYLER JOIN THE CROWD Sit in the bleachers and catch up on the latest gossip. Share the passions and pastimes of America's favorite hometown. THE HOMETOWN HERO AND THE LADY COACH Patrick Kelsey, Tyler's former all-star, is not impre...

  • Carla Neggers
    Book - 3

    WELCOME TO TYLER. WEDDING BELLS ARE RINGING. Liza and Cliff are getting married. It's a big affair. Share the joys and learn the secrets of America's favorite hometown. WEDDINGS BRING FAMILY TOGETHER Byron Forrester arrives for his brother's ...

  • Nancy Martin
    Book - 4

    WELCOME TO TYLER EVERYONE'S HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Christmas is coming to Tyler. Share a cup of eggnog and the warm holiday cheer of America's favorite hometown. THE CARPENTER AND THE CELEBRITY Joe Santori, Tyler's resident contractor, is loud, c...

  • Suzanne Ellison
    Book - 5

    WELCOME TO TYLER CHANGES ARE AFOOT... Tyler's got a new female police captain -- and everybody's talking! Come on down to Marge's and share the speculations of America's favorite hometown. SHE SEEMS TOUGH AS NAILS When Tyler's favorite son ...

  • Pat Warren
    Book - 6

    WELCOME TO TYLER COLD ENOUGH FOR YOU? It's carnival time in Tyler. Button up your parka and take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the deceptively quiet streets of America's favorite hometown. HER HUSBAND LED A SECRET LIFE Janet Eber is shat...

  • Suzanne Ellison
    Book - 7

    WELCOME TO TYLER. THE AUCTION'S AT TWO O'CLOCK Tyler's annual crafts fair is in full swing. This year the theme is Native American art. Stroll among the tables and admire the handiwork of America's favorite hometwon. TORN BETWEEN TWO CULTURES ...

  • Ginger Chambers
    Book - 8

    WELCOME TO TYLER BETTER ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES There's been a flood at the old library, and the staff needs all the help they can get! Pitch in and catch up on the latest goings-on in America's favorite hometown. A LATE-BLOOMING PASSION Elise F...

  • Muriel Jensen
    Book - 9

    WELCOME TO TYLER TRY SOME CHEESECAKE Britt Hansen's started a new line of dairy products and it's selling like crazy! Pull up a chair and savor the triumphs -- and tragedies -- of America's favorite hometown. A YOUNG WIDOW STRUGGLES TO SAVE F...

  • Marisa Carroll
    Book - 10

    WELCOME TO TYLER CAN YOU BELIEVE THE NEWS? Something odd is going on at Worthington House. Several of the elderly residents have died--but is it of natural causes? Questions multiply as an investigation of these baffling event's engrosses America...

  • Ginger Chambers
    Book - 11

    WELCOME TO TYLER JUDSON'S ON TRIAL! Forty years after his wife's disappearance, Tyler patriarch Judson Ingalls has been arrested and charged with her murder! All eyes are trained on the proud Ingalls family as the dramatic courtroom battle grips...

  • Marisa Carroll
    Book - 12

    WELCOME TO TYLER THE PIECES ARE COMING TOGETHER Judson's trial is over, but the question remains: Who killed Margaret Ingalls? The answer lies buried deep in her daughter Alyssa's memory....Join the residents of Tyler as they piece together forty...