Rogue Stallion
  • Length:
    12 Books
  • First Book:
    August 1994
  • Latest Book:
    July 1995
  • Genres:
    Contemporary Category Romance
  • Rating:

Montana Mavericks (Numbered) Series in Order (12 Books)

Order Author Book Series Date Rating
1 MM-1 4.5
2 MM-2 4
3 MM-3 5
4 MM-4 5
5 MM-5 4
6 MM-6 4.5
7 MM-7 4.5
8 MM-8 4.5
9 MM-9 4.5

10 MM-10 4
11 MM-11 4
12 MM-12 4

Book Descriptions for series: Montana Mavericks (Numbered)

  • Diana Palmer
    Book - 1

    "I don't want kindness -- or your kind of woman." Sterling McCallum gave the plain, hard warning to Jessica Larson. The brooding rogue cop had a stone in place of a heart - and a past as mysterious as the case that had brought them together. But...

  • Jackie Merritt
    Book - 2

    The Bargain Blue-eyed, slow-talking and handsome-as-sin Luke Rivers appeared on her doorstep and just wouldn't go away. Marls Wyler had no pity for his hard-luck cowboy story. Only, Luke wasn't looking for a handout-he'd come to collect a debt. He...

  • Myrna Temte
    Book - 3

    The Seduction Proud tribal leader Jackson Hawk was as powerful as the all-knowing night ... and just as seductive. His magnetism drew Maggie Schaeffer ever closer--awakening her passionate nature and daring her to face her long-denied heritage. In...

  • Laurie Paige
    Book - 4

    Lawman and Wife Only duty could bring FBI agent Tracy Roper back to Montana where her once-blissful marriage had been shattered. Sheriff Judd Hensley had given her almost everything a wife could want -- except what she'd needed most. Now his passi...

  • Jackie Merritt
    Book - 5

    The Abduction Wyatt North wouldn't wait any longer. He'd loved Melissa Avery for almost a lifetime. Now he was determined to have her. She'd know soon enough that the man she'd known forever was a stranger in the heat of the night. And that despit...

  • Pat Warren
    Book - 6

    Man Most Wanted Nick Dean needed a hideout--and fast. An attempt on his life forced him to seek shelter, and like a beckoning angel, Sara Lewis took him in. But once she offered Nick her passion, he knew all the rules had changed. Now he wasn't th...

  • Rebecca Daniels
    Book - 7

    The Verdict As a girl, Raeanne Martin had always defended Rafe "Wolf Boy" Rawlings's mysterious history -- and loved his wild looks. Now, as a woman and public defender, Raeanne was up against Rafe in a murder case -- and still filled with desire ...

  • Helen R. Myers
    Book - 8

    The Marriage Everyone was talking about the sudden marriage between Kate Randall and Ethan Walker. Why would an honorable court judge want to marry a disreputable outlaw? Maybe it was her compassion for the child he sought custody of. Or maybe she...

  • Laurie Paige
    Book - 9

    The Search Moriah Gilmore had left Montana years ago, without a world. But when her father disappeared, Kane Hunter called her home. Joined in the search, Kane and Moriah were drawn back into the past -- and the compelling passion they'd once shar...

  • Cathie Linz
    Book - 10

    Father Wanted The whole town was talking, and Travis Bains had to put a stop to his ex-wife's outrageous plan. Just because Lori wanted a baby didn't mean she could shamelessly seek out an eligible stud. And if his pretty ex wouldn't listen to rea...

  • Celeste Hamilton
    Book - 11

    Secrets Some folks in Whitehorn talked her ear off and some squirmed at the sight of her. But when reporter Elizabeth Monroe got only a long, hard glare from Jonas Bishop, she knew the man was hiding something. Something every bit as scandalous as...

  • Rachel Lee
    Book - 12

    Partners In Passion Clint Calloway's orderly life turned chaotic after he learned of his true parentage--and discovered his explosive desire for the gorgeous rookie assigned as his new partner. Dakota Winston was dangerous, all right, and the last...