• Length:
    31 Books
  • Genres:
    Christian Contemporary Category Romance
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Promise Romance Series in Order (31 Books)

Order Author Book Series Date Rating
1 PROM-1 0
2 PROM-2 0
3 PROM-3 0
4 PROM-4 4
5 PROM-5 0
6 PROM-6 0
7 PROM-7 0
9 PROM-9 0
10 PROM-10 0

11 PROM-11 0
12 PROM-12 0
13 PROM-13 5
14 PROM-14 0
15 PROM-15 0
16 PROM-16 0
17 PROM-17 1
18 PROM-18 0
19 PROM-19 0
20 PROM-20 0
21 PROM-21 1
22 PROM-22 0
23 PROM-23 0
24 PROM-24 0
25 PROM-25 0
26 PROM-26 0
27 PROM-27 4
28 PROM-28 0
29 PROM-29 0
30 PROM-30 0

31 PROM-31 0
32 PROM-32 0

Book Descriptions for series: Promise Romance

  • Patricia Dunaway
    Book - 1

    Brenna Ryan wasn't at all sure anymore -- of anything. She had been at first, when she left her tour at the tiny Irish village of Clifden. But now, listening to Seamus Larkin offer her a job, she was beginning to regret her impulsiveness. She was cer...

  • Jane Peart
    Book - 4

    "Robbie was jolted upright, horrified. . . ." Robbie Mallory thought, Ty is on that plane, as the full meaning of the television news bulletin hit her. He was the pilot being held at gunpoint by a hijacker. Precious moments they had shared together ...

  • Marilyn Young
    Book - 5

    "You start tomorrow at eight. And Miss Hart... I trust that you are half as good as you say you are -- and twice as mature as you look." Melanie Hart had hoped for a more promising beginning in her career as a legal secretary. Bret Stone had treated ...

  • Patricia Dunaway
    Book - 7

    "Will Adams is a lot like your father was, Katie." Katie Holland was stunned to hear her mother say that. Because her only memories of her father were bitter ones, Katie was scared to think that Will was like him. She knew Justin Moore was differe...

  • Elee Landress
    Book - 9

    She thought she would beat the storm... But she hadn't and she was terrified. Ashley Ames had just managed to get Rita and Tony to shelter when the hurricane hit. Even if the children survived unhurt, Marc Perone would never forgive her for exposi...

  • Jane Peart
    Book - 11

    When Stacey Thornton learns that a maiden aunt bequeathed to her a mansion and land on the scenic coast of northern California, she leaves her home and job in a San Francisco art gallery to check out her unexpected inheritance. Upon her arrival in Wo...

  • Irene Hannon
    Book - 13

    "This is strictly a business arrangement..." Silently but fervently wishing it would become more, Brooke Peyton agrees to Alan D'Aprix's offer of a marriage in name only. Forced to recuperate in his French Riviera home after an accident, she had w...

  • Constance Robinson
    Book - 14

    Handsome Mark London gives Lisa Beall the scare of her life. She had been careless to start across the road without looking. But when she accuses him of reckless driving she doesn't know just how wrong she is. Mark is always in control -- of his car,...

  • Jane Peart
    Book - 15

    Romantic Jessamyn Baird had to pinch herself to realize she wasn't dreaming. She really was in Great Britain on a trip she had wanted to take all of her life. But it wouldn't last forever. Soon she would have to make some hard choices about her futur...

  • Patricia Dunaway
    Book - 16

    "You're beautiful... I may as well tell you now, I don't want a long engagement." He placed a hand on either side of Rachel's face as she whispered, "Neither do I, Johnny, neither do I." But beautiful Dr. Rachel McGeary was unaware of the plans he ha...

  • Fran Priddy
    Book - 19

    "It's traditional for couples to kiss whenever they walk through a covered bridge." Vivi Gordon thought Marsh Henderson was kidding -- until he actually kissed her, and she realized it was no laughing matter. Sight-seeing with Marsh during the Covere...

  • Elee Landress
    Book - 20

    Marriage should happen in the heart, not in the boardroom... Barely a week after the fashion show wedding featurning her designs. Bergitta Blakely was beginning to regret her impulsive decision to stand in for the missing model bride. Bergitta had ag...

  • Susan Phillips (2)
    Book - 21

    "We lost an airplane, Ashleigh, and Cliff was on it. We don't know if he's okay." The words hit Ashleigh Richards like a thunderbolt. She had come to Virginia Beach as a training consultant to work with navy pilot Cliff Ingram and found herself more ...

  • Suzanne Roberts
    Book - 22

    "He doesn't belong to you Tracy... remember that". Tracy Matthews has to keep repeating her own advice. She has known Michael Kerry less then 24 hours, and already she was falling in love with him. But the charming Irish writer was attracted to anoth...

  • Irene Brand
    Book - 24

    Independent Paige Fallon is a temporary bread-and-breakfast hostess in the Cotswolds, where she is inflamed by Lord Derek's handsome son Burton. There is a minor mystery element, and the love affair is impeded by several things: his lack of deep Chri...

  • Jane Peart
    Book - 25

    She tried to act as if nothing had happened... But Ardith Winslow felt her whole world collapsing as the full meaning of the announcement hit her. Gavin Parrish will be performing here, she thought, on the smal college campus where she had finall...

  • Louann Gaeddert
    Book - 26

    THERE'S A SPECIAL PLACE IN THE HEART WHERE DREAMS CAN COME TRUE. When Emily unexpectedly inherits an old farmhouse in the Berkshires her life is suddenly flooded with new possibilities. Rejuvenated by her newfound independence, she begins to overcome...

  • Patricia Dunaway
    Book - 27

    "Forget it, Cara, he's not for you." Cara Morgan held back her tears as she realized the evening with Dallas Ross had been a fiasco. The handsome, serious-minded sheriff obviously didn't admire her appearance or her free spirited ways, even though he...

  • Rose Marie Lima
    Book - 28

    'Face facts, Miss Reynolds. Everything changes.' Not Las Rosas, thought Kaylie Reynolds, not if I can help it. Gazing at this small town quaintly decorated for Christmas, the talented dollmaker became even more determined to thwart Clay Adams' plans ...

  • Judy Baer
    Book - 29

    "I don't trust men anymore, and there's not a man alive who's going to change my mind!" Katelyn Ryan had begun to believe she would never respond to a man's touch again, especially after her ex-fiance's smooth-sounding lies. She had come home to Med...

  • Nancy Donaldson
    Book - 30

    Anne Carson couldn't believe her ears as the handsome, stubborn stranger told her she was in the wrong house. She had escaped to her beachfront cottage on South Padre Island to work in solitude on her pottery. Instead, she found her house inhabited b...

  • Suzanne Roberts
    Book - 31

    Shivering with fear on a snowy mountain ledge, Becky Allister silently prayed for Christopher Larsen's return. He was one of the best mountain climbers in the world, but Switzerland's Mt. Eiger had claimed other lives, including her father's. She had...

  • Elee Landress
    Book - 32

    Engineer Leslie Latham could stand the suspense no longer. The unmistakable sound of footsteps outside her cabin played havoc with her imagination. She and Dr. Jason Ronenber were aware that several people, including an Arab oil tycoon, would do anyt...