The Five-Minute Marriage
  • Length:
    31 Books
  • First Book:
    January 1977
  • Latest Book:
    October 1981
  • Genres:
    Category Romance, Traditional Regency
  • Rating:

Warner Regency Series in Order (31 Books)

Order Author Book Series Date Rating
1 WAR-1 3.5
2 WAR-2 3.5
3 WAR-3 0
4 WAR-4 5
5 WAR-5 3
6 WAR-6 3
7 WAR-7 3.5
8 WAR-8 2.5
9 WAR-9 5

10 WAR-10 4
11 WAR-11 4
12 WAR-12 2.5
13 WAR-13 5
14 WAR-14 0
15 WAR-15 4.5
16 WAR-16 5
17 WAR-17 2.5
18 WAR-18 5
19 WAR-19 3.5
20 WAR-20 4
21 WAR-21 2.5
22 WAR-22 5
23 WAR-23 3.5
24 WAR-24 4
25 WAR-25 3
26 WAR-26 5
28 WAR-28 2
29 WAR-29 0
30 WAR-30 4.5

31 WAR-31 2
32 WAR-32 2

Book Descriptions for series: Warner Regency

  • Joan Aiken
    Book - 1

    "Marry Me!" That is what her cousin Gareth asked Delphie Carteret to do. It was just a make-believe ceremony, and, in exchange, Delphie's ailing mother would receive an annuity for life. Delphie was in no position to refuse. She was already los...

  • Zabrina Faire
    Book - 2

    He Was an Enfant Terrible... yet the pranks that little Lord Algcrnon visited upon his patient governess, Meriel Hathaway, were borne by her with good grace, until the morning he deliberately spilled blue ink over Meriel's pale gold curls. She sl...

  • Katherine Talbot
    Book - 3

    The delightful dilemma of a lady divided: her hand promised to one man and her heart lost to another.... "I shall marry the Earl of Carlington," Philippa Winslow declared. If she had to marry for money, and Philippa knew she must, then it was fortuna...

  • Jillian Kearny
    Book - 4

    They played the conventional games of love -- but where hearts or empires at stake? Was Alicia the innocent she seemed, delighting in her first London Season? How he hoped she was! Was Rob the dashing young blade he appeared to be as he escort...

  • Maureen Wakefield
    Book - 5

    Saranne was surrounded by love -- surely some of it someday could be hers... A Love Child must be very careful to be seen as fleetingly , as possible--and never to be heard at all. For a love child is an embarrassment to her unwed mother, to her w...

  • Zabrina Faire
    Book - 6

    He Saved her honor! Charles, Lord Langford, had burst into that vile room at the inn where Major Savage held Carola Severance captive and saved her from dishonor. She saved his life! Thank heaven, Carola had been with Charles when the highwaymen ...

  • Zabrina Faire
    Book - 7

    Lord Roxbrough had taken charge of young Easter Hazeltyne's life and he decreed she was to be presented in town. He watched her carefully, lest she commit some indiscretion. He had been hurt by love, and now she must be protected from it. But Easter ...

  • Zabrina Faire
    Book - 8

    Fate decreed that Jenny must become the Comtesse de la Garde, but even the power of Fate could not make her love the Comte... Jenny said "No!" But everyone else insisted that this was the right marriage for Jenny. The Comte was the scion of a nob...

  • Laura Matthews
    Book - 9

    Kate had had half a dozen proposals but she would give her hand to no man who had not first won her heart. "I fear we should not suit, sir!" said Kate. As the fifth young man to offer for her hand that afternoon revealed his purpose and...

  • Joan Aiken
    Book - 10

    He looked so like her hero, Charles the First, that it was easy to fall in love -- and into trouble. She shopped along the Ponte Vecchio. She spoke Italian and French with fluency and knew more English history than many a girl born and reared in ...

  • Jane Ashford
    Book - 11

    Penniless! Gwendeline, just 18 and totally unsuited to earn her own way in the world, was to be evicted from her country estate. Then the butler ushered in a tall, rather arrogant visitor. Lord Merryn. He had, it seemed, been a friend of her late ...

  • Zabrina Faire
    Book - 12

    Her fiancee was tall, dark and handsome. A pity! When she wanted someone witty, kind and gentle Her cousin Stephen was just the right man for her, Bryony's mother insisted. A fine figure of a man--who pledged his undying love. But Bryony often thoug...

  • Juliana Davison
    Book - 13

    WILD AND WILLFUL - that is how Dorinda seems compared to her sister, the oh-so-feminine younger daughter of the Earl of Tillbury. Yet Dorinda loves the color pink as much as she adores the "manly" sport of much so that when the Earl's car...

  • Katherine Talbot
    Book - 14

    How wise she was in the dark ways of Europe's innocent in London's glitter and the bright light of love! Theodosia arrived in London two weeks early, her hired carriage clattering down the street and her talking bird screech...

  • Laura Matthews
    Book - 15

    She had determined to keep men at a distance. Now he had come too close for her comfort -- or his! Diana had wounded him! By accident, of course. Her dog had jostled her arm, and her arrow had gone astray; but, nonetheless, the Eighth Viscoun...

  • Juliana Davison
    Book - 16

    It was love at first sight between Clarice and Elias, but, alas. Clarice's cousin had seen Elias first! Clarice was demure, unassuming and bewildered by her coming-out... neither as self-assured nor as self-willed as her cousin Henrietta. But ...

  • Zabrina Faire
    Book - 17

    Named for a goddess and just as beautiful, Athena Penrose was bound for Greece, the land of her dreams...Gladly foregoing a season in London, she embarked on a trip to the Parthenon to fulfill her parents' dying request that she carry their ashes to ...

  • Juliana Davison
    Book - 18

    The right man for Rosanna She was like a rose, drawing the young men of the London ton to her beauty, but Rosanna Shelton spurned all those eager bees. What she needed, she decided, was an older man--one with fewer demands. A suitable husband who ...

  • Jane Ashford
    Book - 19

    Elisabeth Elham had no use for the Marriage Mart. Perhaps when she'd been a penniless nineteen, it might have supplied the husband she needed to support her. Now, however, she was an heiress, twenty-four years old, independent, proud of her bluest...

  • Laura Matthews
    Book - 20

    All the ton thought them perfectly suited, but he had his pride, and she had her principles -- and they had a problem. Lord Clayborne was in love. Rebecca was the woman he had waited for: beautiful--with a fresh, open countenance; innocent, bu...

  • Zabrina Faire
    Book - 21

    Love left her at the chapel, so Livia began a breathless, daring chase after romance. A young man and woman are deserted at the altar by their fiancees, who have shockingly eloped together! Disguised as a young boy, braving adventures on the road a...

  • Laura Matthews
    Book - 22

    He gave her his name to dispel the gossip of the Ton. Now she longed for another gift -- his love. Olivia had never known love before. Her ne'er-do-well brothers had little affection, and less interest, in her. She could not remember ever hav...

  • Zabrina Faire
    Book - 23

    She was the Major's Lady! And how gallantly Major Quentin had offered for Kitty. He was a British Army officer and she a red-haired Southern belle when they met during the war in Washington. He saved her from certain dishonor and brought her here ...

  • Laura Matthews
    Book - 24

    She knew him far too well to love him -- until she discovered how little she knew of love. TRELENNY REFUSED To MARRY CRANFORD! With his talk of antiquities, his formal black cravat and his positively parental attitude toward her, Cranford Ashwi...

  • Jane Ashford
    Book - 25

    Eliott Crenshaw saw his duty -- and married Laura Lindley. What else could a gentleman do when they had been snowbound together at an inn -- unchaperoned? The fact that Laura was beautiful, gentle, and completely suitable as a wife made his behav...

  • Jillian Kearny
    Book - 26

    She pretended to be a long-lost heiress to claim her fortune, but dare she accept the other woman's devoted suitor as well? She had never lied before. But now Elizabeth must abandon her scruples. Orphaned, alone and soon to lose her employment...

  • Zabrina Faire
    Book - 28

    Tiffany had hurt him! Though she was little more than a child, she had known Peter must face the truth. She had led him to the moonlit abbey ruins, to the lovers' tryst, so that he could see that his fiancee was untrue to him. Now, five years l...

  • Juliana Davison
    Book - 29

    His first wife had been a beauty! She still dominated the home of the Earl of Cumberland. Her turquoise eyes shone from the portrait in the entrance foyer and from the faces of the children she left behind when she died after so brief a life. Could F...

  • Carola Dunn
    Book - 30

    They called her Miss Fell for the spot where Richard Carstairs had found her--Daws Fell. He had carried her home in his arms; and from the moment she opened her sea-green eyes in bewilderment and pain, she had captured his heart. But who was she? ...

  • Zabrina Faire
    Book - 31

    Julia was just too beautiful. More than once she had lost a position as governess for refusing the unwelcome advances of the men of the house. Now she was unemployed again, without friends and without Hope. How then could she refuse this opportuni...

  • Jane Ashford
    Book - 32

    Joanna swore her heart had been broken when Peter Finley married someone else. Then two gentlemen came to call. Sir Rollin Denby, handsome, tailored in the height of London fashion, flirted with her outrageously. Mr. Jonathan Erland, who had just ret...