• Length:
    32 Books
  • First:
    April 1984
  • Latest:
    July 1989
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Series List in Order

Order Author Book Series Genre Date Rating
1 SNF-1 Historical Romance / HR 5 Buy
2 SNF-2 Historical Romance / HR 5 Buy
3 SNF-3 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
4 SNF-4 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
5 SNF-5 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
6 SNF-6 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
7 SNF-7 Historical Romance / HR 4.5 Buy
8 SNF-8 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
9 SNF-9 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy

10 SNF-10 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
11 SNF-11 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
12 SNF-12 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
13 SNF-13 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
14 SNF-14 Historical Romance / HR 5 Buy
15 SNF-15 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
16 SNF-16 Historical Romance / HR 3 Buy
17 SNF-17 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
18 SNF-18 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
19 SNF-19 Historical Romance / HR 2 Buy
20 SNF-20 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
21 SNF-21 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
22 SNF-22 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
23 SNF-23 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
24 SNF-24 Historical Romance / HR 4 Buy
25 SNF-25 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
26 SNF-26 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
27 SNF-27 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
28 SNF-28 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
29 SNF-29 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy

30 SNF-30 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
31 SNF-31 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy
32 SNF-32 Historical Romance / HR 0 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Sunfire

  • Candice Ransom
    Book - 1

    Torn from her, she fought and loved her way across a savage new land. 1846 -- From Boston Nightly Balls to Independence, Missouri and on the the Oregon Trail. With only a silk dress to protect her from the blazing frontier sun, Amanda fears she wil...

  • Candice Ransom
    Book - 2

    Everything is gone...her home, her family, her past. All that is left is a forbidden love. The South that raised her was at war, while Susannah's own battle raged in her heart... Susannah had lived her sixteen years as a proper Virginia girl - obed...

  • Willo Davis Roberts
    Book - 3

    In a time of treachery and terror, loving the wrong man could be a deadly risk. Did she dare follow her heart? When someone points an accusing finger and cries "Witch!" Elizabeth face a choice -- between a lie that could doom a friend, and the tru...

  • Vivian Schurfranz
    Book - 4

    Twice she'd lost her heart, but who was her life-long love? It is 1814 when New Orleans beauty Danielle Verlaine helps Geoffrey, a young pirate, escape from her family's plantation and the authorities. Immediately she is captivated by his dashing go...

  • Jane Claypool Miner
    Book - 5

    The chance for a new life, the hope for a new love... Were they worth the risk of leaving home? Would she have to defy everything -- even love? From her simple farm life in Vermont, Joanna bravely joins the growing number of girls working in the te...

  • Mary Francis Shura
    Book - 6

    She lived in a time when loving the wrong man could mean exile from her home. One Man would love her; one man would lose her. Jessica had lived all her life on the flat Kansas prairie. It was there, the year she turned sixteen, that Jessica fell in...

  • Willo Davis Roberts
    Book - 7

    Her disguise would keep her safe, but not from love. If only men and boys were going to California, then Caroline would become a -- boy! Caroline just wants the same adventures her brothers have. But they're headed west to California to find gold, ...

  • Candice Ransom
    Book - 8

    Behind her was the home she could never return to. Ahead was the shining promise of America...and love. There were times she wished she'd never come to America. Pretty, spirited Kathleen O'Connor arrives in Boston on a "coffin" ship from Irelan...

  • Mary Francis Shura
    Book - 9

    One man will love her, one protect her, one understand her. Whom will she choose? From the calm of England to the wilds of the new colony, Marilee is torn between three loves... Until her father dies, Marilee lives a peaceful life in England. Sudde...

  • Vivian Schurfranz
    Book - 10

    There was a fierce war raging abroad, and another in her heart. Would she abandon her beliefs for love? While men are fighting overseas in World War I, lovely Laura Mitchell is caught up in the struggle for women's rights in the Washington, D. C. o...

  • Candice Ransom
    Book - 11

    Born to enormous wealth, she longed for something that money couldn't buy. She could have anything in the world she wanted -- but the one she loved. At the turn of the century, Emily Blackburn is a wealthy New York society girl who has everything a...

  • Willo Davis Roberts
    Book - 12

    Texas pride was in her blood, burning love was in her heart... A dashing Texan or a proud Mexican. Which man would win her love? To beautiful, lovely Victoria Winters, Texas in 1835 is a place where parties last for three days. It's also a place of...

  • Jeffie Ross Gordon
    Book - 13

    How can she think only of herself in these hard times? Living in Chicago in the 1930s, during the Great Depression, Jacquelyn Penelope Carleton sees poverty and suffering everywhere. But as the daughter of one of the richest families in the city, sh...

  • Vivian Schurfranz
    Book - 14

    Her love was a wild and untamable as the frontier itself. Ever since blonde Cassie Stevens was captured by the Indians at the age of four she has loved her Iroquois family, and at fifteen she can shoot and ride as well as any warrior. The her worl...

  • Jane Claypool Miner
    Book - 15

    From small town girl to Hollywood star her heart would belong to only one boy. Theirs would be the greatest love story Hollywood had ever known. Roxanne has come from a small town to Hollywood with one dream: to become a star. And she will do anyth...

  • Vivian Schurfranz
    Book - 16

    In the frozen loneliness of Alaska, a burning love is born. It's 1867 and beautiful, 16-year-old Megan O’Brien gives up a life of luxury in Washington, D.C. for the hardships of Alaska. Her father's job in international affairs has brought the fam...

  • Candice Ransom
    Book - 17

    To be a Patriot must she betray the man she loves? In 1780, the Revolutionary War still rages violently, especially in Charleston, South Carolina, where orphaned, 16-year-old Sabrina Robbins lives and works in her uncle's shop. Sabrina, a staunch Pa...

  • Jane Claypool Miner
    Book - 18

    Her heart is filled with love for a man she may never see again. To 16-year-old Veronica Stewart, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in 1941 is a tropical paradise. Pretty and popular her biggest worry is how to tell her longtime boyfriend, Mike, that she's li...

  • Candice Ransom
    Book - 19

    Can the love in her heart give her the courage to face incredible danger? World-traveling Nicole Sanders, a wealthy 16-year-old, has always lived in luxury. In 1912, she and her mother are returning to America on the Titanic -- the first unsinkabl...

  • Vivian Schurfranz
    Book - 20

    As the railroads open a new age, Julie opens her heart to first love. It's 1868 and in Crooked Branch, Utah, 15-year-old Julie Fulton is proud her family is helping build the first transcontinental railroad. With her father an engineer, and her moth...

  • Vivian Schurfranz
    Book - 21

    Can she be true to her heritage and to the boy she loves? It is 1910 and 16-year-old Rachel Roth and her family are immigrants from Poland to America. When Rachel sees the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, she catches her breath. The magnificent...

  • Jane Claypool Miner
    Book - 22

    Freedom gave her the right to live, the chance to love. She escaped from the South to the North, where a boy captured her heart. In 1864, 16-year-old Corey has known only slavery. But she is courageous and spirited, and though Ned, a handsome slave f...

  • Vivian Schurfranz
    Book - 23

    She is brave enough for life in the new world - but is she brave enough for love? TWO MEN LOVE HER--BUT ONE OF THEM MIGHT BE PLOTTING TO KILL HER. Formal balls and hired thugs, excitement and danger and love are all part of life in New York in...

  • Mary Francis Shura
    Book - 24

    Is it the showboat magic that makes him love her? She's a showboat star. Will she have to give it up for love? Sixteen-year-old Gabrielle Prentice is practicing a new tight rope act for her father's showboat on the banks of the Mississippi River wh...

  • Vivian Schurfranz
    Book - 25

    She's run away to become a part of history, and to fall in love. It will take everything she had to survive the first year at Plymouth Colony. Stowing away aboard the Mayflower to escape an arranged marriage, sixteen-year-old Merrie Courtland recei...

  • Jeffie Ross Gordon
    Book - 26

    The earthquake has destroyed her city, but not her dreams! It’s as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man. Isn’t it? Nora has always been poor. But her job as a companion to a rich San Francisco lady had given her a glimpse of a...

  • Jane Claypool Miner
    Book - 27

    Her new life as a prairie schoolteacher means hardship -- and love. Teaching in a one-room prairie schoolhouse in Nebraska in 1886 means more than giving lessons to 32 very different students. For 15-year-old Margaret, who has left Chicago to star...

  • Vivian Schurfranz
    Book - 28

    Can Josie have love and adventure? Ever since her mother died, Josie has taken care of the family. But she dreams of adventure, and a more exciting beau than kind, gentle James, who runs the Carson City Pony Express office. Then Mike, a dashing ne...

  • Mary Francis Shura
    Book - 29

    It was a time for adventure...and a time for love. On the eve of the dangerously controversial Louisiana Purchase, Diana meets David, a handsome and charming French Creole aristocrat, at a gala New Orleans party. When her family sends her to St. L...

  • Vivian Schurfranz
    Book - 30

    The Great Blizzard of 1888 makes her a heroine! The Great Blizzard of 1888 hits New York City with raging icy winds and huge snow drifts. It allows Renee's dream to be a reporter to come true, but when she makes the front page, she is forced to ma...

  • Jane Claypool Miner
    Book - 31

    She has lost everything in the great flood -- except her courage. Swept away in the murderous torrent of the Johnstown Flood of 1889, Jennie fights death--and wins. Now she must continue to fight for herself and her family by working as a telegrap...

  • Mary Francis Shura
    Book - 32

    The Galveston hurricane of 1900 is the wind of change. For her sixteenth birthday, Galveston, Texas belle Darcy wants to have fun. She wants to laugh with her best friend Angela, flirt with Angela's handsome, maddening Yankee cousin Michael, and dan...