Gold in Her Hair
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    February 1981
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    Contemporary Category Romance
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The Circle of Love Series in Order (39 Books)

Order Author Book Series Date Rating
1 COL-1 0
2 COL-2 4
3 COL-3 0
4 COL-4 0
5 COL-5 0
6 COL-6 0
7 COL-7 0
8 COL-8 0
9 COL-9 0

10 COL-10 0
11 COL-11 2
12 COL-12 0
13 COL-13 0
14 COL-14 0
15 COL-15 0
16 COL-16 0
17 COL-17 0
18 COL-18 3
19 COL-19 0
20 COL-20 0
21 COL-21 5
22 COL-22 4
23 COL-23 3
24 COL-24 0
25 COL-25 4
26 COL-26 0
27 COL-27 0
28 COL-28 0
29 COL-29 0

30 COL-30 0
31 COL-31 0
32 COL-32 0
33 COL-33 0
34 COL-34 0
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37 COL-37 3
38 COL-38 3
39 COL-39 0

Book Descriptions for series: Circle of Love

  • Anne Neville
    Book - 1

    Anne's journey to Rome is burdened with grief and suspicion. Her beautiful sister died in a car crash, leaving a young daughter and a wealthy husband no one in the family had met. Just before her death, she wrote a letter to Anne telling of a dark se...

  • Mary Christopher
    Book - 2

    HER WILDEST DREAMS WERE COMING TRUE... She was in London... Julie Elliott, in London assigned to cover the Royal Wedding, the most dazzling event of the decade! Julie was thrilled. But Nick Tregarron found it all absurd. Even as the handsome photo...

  • Lucinda Day
    Book - 3

    TORN BY JEALOUS LOVE Swept from poverty to life in a sumptuous Italian villa, young Diane Gray was dazzled by her new job as governess to the motherless daughter of famed film director, Count David Leonardi. But her idyllic dreams of winning his a...

  • Rachel Murray
    Book - 4

    LAST IN ELUSIVE LOVE Sarah's aspirations for her one-woman business took wing when she landed a coveted job decorating the interior of an historic manor house. And, though she respected the brilliant young architect in charge of the project, she r...

  • Elaine Daniel
    Book - 5

    THREE ENCHANTED WISHES All her life Jenny Rowland had imagined summer in the glorious Cotswolds. And now she was here, sketching, wandering the countryside that poets had immortalized, and working--guiding visitors through the priceless art collec...

  • Jean Innes
    Book - 6

    FLIGHT FROM HEARTACHE When Peter broke their engagement, Joanne's only escape from the heartbreak of rejection was the wild, remote Scottish island of Maigh. There, as secretary to the famous author Gerald Ashton, she tried to erase her shattered ...

  • Anna West
    Book - 7

    Blame it on the moonlight! That's what Ambrose Marshall whispered to Katherine as he gathered her in his arms beneath the stars' and pressed his lips to hers. Katherine thought working for Ambrose and his writer cousin Nicholas King at their beautifu...

  • Juliet Lawrence
    Book - 8

    WAS HE TOO GOOD FOR HER? HE SEEMED TO MOVE IN A WORLD APART... Anna Frances swore she didn't care. He had hired her as a nurse-companion to his mother, and that was just what she meant to be -- as cool, capable and efficient as he was icy, arroga...

  • Anne Saunders
    Book - 9

    WAS EVE DESTINED ALWAYS TO LOSE OUT TO HER BEAUTIFUL COUSIN? The quiet town of Hawbury took on a new excitement with the arrival of two attractive bachelors--Tony Adamson, the famous jet-set artist, and Paul Smalley, the new headmaster of the scho...

  • Anne Neville
    Book - 10

    LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Jane Murray fell in love with Max Carstairs the first time she saw him on the Stratford stage. She never dreamed that one day she would play a role in his life. When tragedy struck, the famed actor, it drove him into a reclusive ...

  • Alexandra Blakelee
    Book - 14

    The aristocratic nose, the imperious arch of his eyebrows, his sensual mouth... as Ursula Stewart stood in front of the famous portrait in the Borghese Gallery, she yearned for him as she had never yearned for any living man. And then, as if she had ...

  • Samantha Clare
    Book - 15

    TORN BETWEEN DESIRE AND DECEIT From the very moment they met, Jenna Clair felt a surge of passion she could not deny. Ross Trent, master of Heron's Keep, had blindly taken her on as his private secretary, never expecting the beautiful woman who n...

  • Anne Neville
    Book - 16

    The Hidden Faco of Love....It was a chance for Laurel to taste a life of unaccustomed luxury. But little did she realize the consequences of impersonating her glamorous, cold-hearted twin sister - or how her own heart would betray her once she was t...

  • Mary Mackie
    Book - 17

    She awoke in a hospital bed with no identity and no memory of her past, and had to be sedated. But other people knew she was Pamela Lane. They told her about the accident at her cottage, and that she had nearly died in a fire. The stepmother who came...

  • Alexandra Kirk
    Book - 18

    AT LOVE'S COMMAND Melissa seemed no match for powerful, wealthy Jason Kent--a man who always got what he wanted. And now he wanted Melissa to give up her independence and become governess to his young, motherless daughter. Though she resented his ...

  • Jean Innes
    Book - 19

    Penzance! Katie Boswell had loved it as a child and loved it now. Palm trees on the streets... wild flowers on the moors... the storm-tossed sea -- Cornwall was a place of wildly romantic legends and wildly contrasting moods. She had no qualms about ...

  • Margaret Fletcher
    Book - 20

    As Vivienne Scott stood on the hilltop looking down on the old city, on the silhouette of The Citadel and the twinkling lights of the distant modern skyscrapers, she knew the thrill of a perfect moment. Beside her stood Julian Garston, his hair thick...

  • Anne Saunders
    Book - 21

    The engagement ring on her finger had not assuaged the keen romantic longing in Anita's eye. Will she find romance in Leyenda, her dead mother's island home? What is the mystery behind her engagement, and what strange compulsion is directing ...

  • Amalia James
    Book - 22

    DECEPTION AND DESIRE Prudence Edwards was ecstatic. AW She'd landed a dream assignment at MANHATTAN MONTHLY and was whisked off to a castle in the widely romantic Scottish Highlands. All she had to do was play a bold charade--convince handsome, vola...

  • Lucinda Day
    Book - 23

    Island of legend, island of love. For petite, golden-haired Sylvana Brooke, it was a long way from Oklahoma to Hawaii. She was exhilarated by her new world of exotic possibilities -- not the least of which was Steve McCloud, the man who had begun by ...

  • Patt Parrish
    Book - 24

    LESSONS IN LOVE Rachel DeHaven shuddered with silent fury. As manager of The Haven, a charming lakeside hotel, she had everything under control--except her own emotions. He was coming--Alex Knight, the famous artist whose smile could charm the bir...

  • Alexandra Kirk
    Book - 26

    AN AVALANCHE OF EMOTIONS The charming Alpine towns of Bavaria were as quaint as fairytale villages. As a tourist, Melody would have been enchanted. As a young freelance photographer working with Brad Wainwright, famous travel writer, she was chall...

  • Isobel Scott
    Book - 27

    FOOLISH HEART Luci had made her first mistake six years ago when she introduced her best friend, Jasmine, to the man she loved. Had she now made another? When the lovely Jasmine called to announce She had a film assignment, Luci had been only too ea...

  • Jean Innes
    Book - 28

    With the stars as her guide and nature's colors as her inspiration, lovely Shelley Rogers had made a name for herself as London's most gifted interior designer. Now she was off to the sun-bright Isle of Jersey to redecorate wealthy Alex Hart's enchan...

  • Jill Moore
    Book - 29

    APPRENTICE IN LOVE He threw off sparks of anger like shards of sharp metal, yet Cara stood her ground. She had no notion of what she was supposed to do or how to do it, but now she meant to stay. Pulled this way and that by a baffling cast of char...

  • Mary Christopher
    Book - 30

    HIS WISH WAS HER COMMAND Katarin Jameson was spellbound. He was here, in the flesh, the Baron von Drachensberg -- tall, compelling and definitely interested in Katarin. When she'd returned to the land of her ancestors to run the family vineya...

  • Anne Williams
    Book - 31

    WILL SHE EVER BE MORE THAN A PLAYTHING? Lauren Haight had one passion--photography. Until she met the generous, intoxicatingly mysterious Peter Brant. He'd apparently given his heart to Angela but was giving a miracle to Lauren: the chance of a l...

  • Jean Innes
    Book - 32

    IT WAS A NIGHT FOR LOVERS... But not for her. Stephanie Morland, journalist. extraordinaire--otherwise known as Steve--was in Tunisia on assignment.. There was work to be done. And, like it or not, she was teamed with Elliot Ward. First-rate photo...

  • Patt Parrish
    Book - 33

    ANGEL ON HORSEBACK Out of nowhere, Senna Gerald galloped to the rescue of the handsome, deeply tanned stranger thrown clear o his wrecked sports car. But before he'd allow her to get him to the hospital, he called her "angel"--and cooly borrowed ...

  • Jill Moore
    Book - 34

    MARDI GRAS MADNESS Riverboats on the Mississippi, the scent of magnolias on the soft night air, the thrill of Carnival ... Julie Converse was enthralled ... transported ... it was a long way from Chicago--from her work with inner-city kids to the ...

  • Mary Christopher
    Book - 35

    OUT OF CONTROL The fog-drenched forest, the glare of the headlights, the sleek cars careening on their wild courses...this was Bryony's world, the thrilling world of the car rally. But her world had been invaded. As manager of IIF Motors, she reg...

  • Lee Sherry
    Book - 36

    LOVE FOR SALE Tristan Michaels would take her in lieu of $50,000! Courtney Robinson shuddered. There had to be another way to repay her late father's delinquent debt. She had come to Catalina to confront her creditor, to find a job. But Tristan wa...

  • Amalia James
    Book - 38

    Emma whirled into snowy Vermont from balmy hometown Atlanta to make a short film in the romantic wilderness. Realizing it was her big chance to establish herself as a documentary moviemaker, Emma, worked with a fury. Even the magnetic presence of rug...