The Venus Shoe
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  • First Book:
    July 1984
  • Latest Book:
    December 1985
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    Category Romantic Suspense
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Velvet Glove Series in Order (24 Books)

Order Author Book Series Date Rating
1 VG-1 2
2 VG-2 0
3 VG-3 0
4 VG-4 0
5 VG-5 0
6 VG-6 0
7 VG-7 2
8 VG-8 0
9 VG-9 0

10 VG-10 3
11 VG-11 0
12 VG-12 0
13 VG-13 1
14 VG-14 3.5
15 VG-15 4
16 VG-16 2
17 VG-17 3
18 VG-18 2
19 VG-19 3
20 VG-20 5
21 VG-21 5
22 VG-22 4
23 VG-23 3
24 VG-24 0

Book Descriptions for series: Velvet Glove

  • Carla Neggers
    Book - 1

    INTRUDER OF THE HEART The quiet island where she used to pick blueberries with her father was as beautiful as ever. It was the first time since her parents died that Artemis Pendleton had been back to the great estate where she spent the happy day...

  • Laurel Winslow
    Book - 2

    In the midst of love’s passion, was she losing her heart to a stranger who was after her life? A Dangerous Passion. . Her house was far enough off the beaten track that no one came near it unless they meant to. Yet even in this quiet New Engl...

  • Betty Henrichs
    Book - 3

    Whitney Wakefield felt she had finally escaped her past. She has landed an important computer programming contact with a luxurious department store. Here jewels, furs and sumptuous salons surrounded her. Here she was far away from San Francisco, from...

  • Jean Hager
    Book - 4

    She was irresistibly drawn to the arms of a stranger. But did love or danger await her there? For Rachel Drake, coming to a Florida seaside town was a chance for new beginnings. After the lonesome months nursing her invalid mother, Rachel longed ...

  • Cathy Gillen Thacker
    Book - 5

    Dr. Maggie Connelly and attorney Jeff Rawlins fall in love while involved in a struggle to help a ten-year-old boy regain his memory and discover the truth about his mother's death. PERILOUS LOVE Maggie Connelly enjoyed the drama and excite...

  • Rachel Scott
    Book - 6

    If there was danger in his arms, it was forgotten in the trembling passion of desire. FATAL ATTRACTION Julia Leighton struggled across the rough terrain of dark ranch land wondering what had ever possessed her to come out alone, in the dead of ...

  • Carla Neggers
    Book - 7

    DANGEROUS DESIRE Ann Chadwick was stunned to see Mark Whitney. He was supposed to be dead! And here he was in Vermont, cross-examining her about how her sister-in-law had died. Although their families had long been linked by the Chadwick-Whitn...

  • Lynn Michaels
    Book - 8

    Love and money. The perfect design for murder… Within two weeks of inheriting twenty-five percent of Lightbody Inc. from her father, fashion designer Jay-Jay Lightbody has two close calls: a suspicious house fire and a near-miss from a hit-and-r...

  • Barbara Doyle
    Book - 9

    Gail Spencer was one of the few women who dared to compete in the big hunting tournament. The stakes of $50,000 were high, but the wild Catskill Mountains could be dangerous. And from the moment Gail saw her strongest competitor, Bob Tucker, she knew...

  • Jolene Prewit-Parker
    Book - 10

    Ashton couldn't explain the odd feeling of having been in the little town before...she had no recollection of it. A geologist, she had come to North Carolina to research a rare mineral, but everyone reacted very if they somehow kne...

  • Virginia K. Smiley
    Book - 11

    His return rekindled the passion of old love...and ignited the terror of new fear LOVE'S FURY Anne's heart beat wildly as she watched her tall, handsome husband leave the plane and walk toward her. For four years she believed John was ...

  • Marie Flasschoen
    Book - 12

    WILDERNESS OF LOVE Nothing was going the way Jennifer planned. Her best friend just cancelled out of their canoe trip through Minnesota’s northern lakes, and Jennifer found herself stranded at a rustic lodge that had no other guests. At least...

  • Peggy Mercer
    Book - 13

    HAUNTED PARADISE Lalaine Majors was the only one who could find her way through the dense wilderness of the Okefenokee Swamp to Floyd's Island. Here she might find the evidence to clear her father, who was the scapegoat for an international hi...

  • Carla Neggers
    Book - 14

    DEADLY PERFORMANCE Whitney McCallie, musician and conductor of an upstate New York community orchestra, hadn't heard from her friend Victoria Paderevsky in eight years. But the eccentric, world-famous conductor now reappeared from the past--an...

  • Lynn Michaels
    Book - 15

    Pretty Quillen McCain lost her father when he foolishly searched for gold in the Colorado mountains. All she had left was his memory and his land, which even with it's worthless mine, was priceless to her. And no one, not even a powerful local ba...

  • Leslie Davis
    Book - 16

    PASSION'S SECRETS Boston socialite Piper McLean found her life shattered by the scandal surrounding her wealthy husband's fatal accident ... for that tragic crash also claimed the life of a mysterious woman: his mistress. Devastated and al...

  • Lizabeth Loghry
    Book - 17

    ALARMING PASSION Aunt Agatha's will held more than one surprise: her lovely little bell collection was left to Bethany; but her million-dollar fortune was left to no one...because it was missing. But the biggest shock for Bethany was the ha...

  • Dee Stuart
    Book - 18

    Kelly Conover hasn't heard from her twin sister, Kim for two weeks. Worried, Kelly leaves her successful real-estate business and Brad, her want-to-be-rid-of-him boyfriend in New York City and drives to check on Kim at her home in Colorado's ...

  • Leslie Davis
    Book - 19

    MOONLIGHT...AND MURDER Megan and her family had always been "summer people" in the lovely little Massachusetts town by the sea ... the secluded rich, who never mingled with the townsfolk, and left with the first cold wind. Megan had lon...

  • Lynn Michaels
    Book - 20

    Sometimes second chances can be murder… Jack Draper is the last person Aubrey Nichols expects to pop back into her life. She doesn't need her heart broken again, especially by a desperate man holding a gun. Dr. Jack Draper's life is in j...

  • Sherryl Woods
    Book - 21

    Courtney Adams felt only the friendly warmth of Jamaica's breezes, saw only the island's lush beauty, heard only the gentle lilt of the people's voices...until the news came that her brother had disappeared. Suddenly the sultry evenin...

  • Rachel Scott
    Book - 22

    His passion brought a promise of love...darkened by a shadow of suspicion. LOVE IN THE SHADOWS The man in the red Porsche was obviously in trouble, but Bianca knew she'd be taking a dangerous chance if she went to his aid...alone in the mid...

  • Lee Karr
    Book - 23

    Deanna Waverly became involved in Jonathan Lareau's senatorial race because he promised to help her keep government missiles off her Colorado ranch. But she couldn't deny she was falling in love with the handsome face that graced his campaign...

  • Marianne Joyce
    Book - 24

    Was he the man of her dreams . . . or part of a nightmare from her past. A Dangerous Passion. Sara Holliday was determined to uncover the long buried secrets of her childhood. Twenty years ago her beautiful mother had suddenly disappeared in th...