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JQ Historical Romance / HR 4 Buy
JQ Historical Romance / HR 2 Buy
JQ Historical Romance / HR 3 Buy
JQ Historical Romance / HR 2 Buy
JQ Historical Romance / HR 3 Buy
JQ Historical Romance / HR 3 Buy
JQ Historical Romance / HR 2 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Jove: Quilting

  • Cynthia Sterling

    From the first time she laid eyes on handsome Yankee Trace Abernathy, Lucy O'Connor felt an undeniable thrill between them. Her friends noticed, too, and urged Lucy to finish the traditional bridal quilt that would ensure a loving marriage. But Lucy ...

  • Christine Holden

    When Lord Grayling Dunston appears on Baines Marshall's doorstep asking for her only quilt, she sends him on his way. Surely she, a poor tavern maid, needs a warm quilt more than a wealthy nabob like Gray Dunston. But Baines discovers that Mary's For...

  • Carol Card Otten

    Known all over Harpers Ferry, West Virginia--and up and down the C & 0 Canal--for her tempting baked goods, the ever industrious Alexandria Paine has a new, venture in mind: selling handmade quilts. But her money making scheme is disrupted when boatm...

  • Joanna Hampton

    Chantelle McBride needs help to find her grandmother's Coming Home quilt, stolen by a Yankee soldier years ago. Handsome rogue Matt Winchester isn't the help she has in mind. But his strength keeps her safe on the journey. As they travel together, Ch...

  • Linda Shertzer

    Maude Griffith was a most sensible woman. Continuing her late mother's quilting tradition, she earned a reputation for creating the most beautiful bridal quilts in Apple Grove, Iowa. Next, she would convince her flighty sister to settle down in marri...

  • Tina Runge

    When Amanda agreed to buy Amishman Josiah Miller's family quilt, she had no idea it would turn out to be worth a fortune. In fact, the pattern was a disguise for a treasure map As the two search for hidden riches, they discover the priceless treasure...

  • Joanna Hampton

    A tender-hearted and compassionate young woman, Sarah Granger runs the Second Avenue Mission for Needy Children in New York City. One night, Sarah and a neighborhood policeman, Benjamin McCauley, find a young boy crouching in a deserted alley, clutch...