Black-Tie Affair
  • Series Length:
    38 Books
  • First Book:
    September 1992
  • Latest Book:
    June 1993
  • Main Genres:
    Category Romance, Contemporary Romance
  • Rating:

Lucky in Love Series in Order (38 Books)

Order Author Book Series Genre Date Rating
1 LIL-1 Contemporary Romance / CR 3
2 LIL-2 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
3 LIL-3 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
4 LIL-4 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
5 LIL-5 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
6 LIL-6 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
7 LIL-7 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
8 LIL-8 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
9 LIL-9 Contemporary Romance / CR 4

10 LIL-10 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
11 LIL-11 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
12 LIL-12 Contemporary Romance / CR 3
13 LIL-13 Contemporary Romance / CR 3
14 LIL-14 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
15 LIL-15 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
16 LIL-16 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
17 LIL-17 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
18 LIL-18 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
19 LIL-19 Paranormal Romance / PNR 4
20 LIL-20 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
21 LIL-21 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
22 LIL-22 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
23 LIL-23 Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5
24 LIL-24 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
25 LIL-25 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
26 LIL-26 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
27 LIL-27 Contemporary Romance / CR 4
28 LIL-28 Paranormal Romance / PNR 4
29 LIL-29 Contemporary Romance / CR 0

30 LIL-30 Contemporary Romance / CR 0
31 LIL-31 Contemporary Romance / CR 0
32 LIL-32 Contemporary Romance / CR 0
33 LIL-33 Contemporary Romance / CR 0
34 LIL-34 Contemporary Romance / CR 0
35 LIL-35 Contemporary Romance / CR 0
36 LIL-36 Contemporary Romance / CR 0
37 LIL-37 Contemporary Romance / CR 0
40 LIL-40 Contemporary Romance / CR 0

Book Descriptions for series: Lucky in Love

  • Jane Bierce
    Book - 1

    PRECIOUS GEMS All Jeanellen Barbour wanted was to taste one evening of Palm Beach high society. So she crashed the charity ball wearing a borrowed gown and some pretty jewelry her grandmother had left her, hoping no one would notice they were made...

  • Janis Reams Hudson
    Book - 2

    LUCKY BREAK Samantha Carmichael's knack for solving production problems prompted the president of Elliot Air to promote her from the assembly line to a newly-created executive position--at triple her salary. Sammi couldn't believe her good luck .....

  • Dana Ransom
    Book - 3

    STROKE OF LUCK Charley Carter didn't think twice about pulling the little boy from the burning car. Little did she know that her act of courage would change her life. At first, the half-million dollar reward she received from the child's grateful pa...

  • Rebecca Forster
    Book - 4

    Life seemed perfect for Bridget Devlin. Her first nursing job had transported her from a provincial Irish Village to the sophisticated world of San Francisco's moneyed elite. She hadn't anticipated that the family matriarch who had been placed in her...

  • Patricia Pellicane
    Book - 5

    HIDDEN TREASURE When Cassandra Morrison leased her garage to the charming, dark-haired woodcarver she knew it was a risky move, but as a young widow who had been left almost penniless she was happy to get the rent Too late she suspected he was as ...

  • Karen Rhodes
    Book - 6

    When Alyse Marlowe rescued the small boy from the swirling Hawaiian surf, the tawny-blond art dealer had no idea her luck was about to change. The garish bead necklace the child presented her in gratitude turned out to conceal a priceless Japanese na...

  • Nancy Berland
    Book - 7

    CHANCE OF A LIFETIME Claire Linwood had always dreamed of bringing expert medical care to the dusty cowtown she called home. The offer to become the top-salaried doctor and part owner of the new $2,000,000 medical clinic in Sierra, Texas, turned h...

  • Vella Munn
    Book - 8

    PRICELESS LEGACY The wonderful memories of working road shows with her father were legacy enough for Serena Isom. Now, with one suitcase for clothes and another filled with her father's collection of sentimental knickknacks, she was free as a bird...

  • Francine Mandeville
    Book - 9

    Passage to Paris Kendra Martin never left anything to chance. She knew exactly who she was, what she wanted, and how to get it - prerequisite qualities for a young woman determined to get ahead in the travel business. After guiding a group of Ameri...

  • Mary Tate Engels
    Book - 10

    "GOING HOLLYWOOD" Brit Bailey couldn't believe her good luck when she learned her great-grandmother's autobiography had been bought for a big-budget movie. The gritty story of a woman's struggle to raise a family in the Old West had been gathering...

  • Cheryl Biggs
    Book - 11

    BIG SKY ROUNDUP A dyed-in-the-wool city girl, Shelby Hill was drifting from one boring job to another with no real goal in mind. Then out of the blue, she inherited a Montana dude ranch worth millions that catered to an exclusive list of clientele...

  • Beth Henderson
    Book - 12

    FAMILY FORTUNE When Janelle Ingraham's tycoon uncle died and left her his vast fortune, Jan was stunned. At first she didn't know what to do with the money but then she had a brainstorm. As a freelance craftswoman used to counting every last penny...

  • Laura Jordan (1)
    Book - 13

    FLOWERING ROMANCE When landscape architect Margo Sanders received the surprise bequest of a lovely old Colonial house in the Berkshires, her dream of creating her own garden was about to blossom and grow. But her new neighbors were determined to t...

  • Rebecca Forster
    Book - 14

    Hugely talented and fiercely ambitious, Char Brody was consumed by one desire: making it big as a clothing designer in the high-powered world of international haute couture. Even that magical chance meeting with the handsome, dark-eyed photojournalis...

  • Linda Guss
    Book - 15

    Shelby Langstaff made a living writing profiles about the rich and famous, and in the process she'd learned to be wary of those with power and privilege. Yet when Shelby's aunt left her a valuable piece of property in Kentucky, she found herself a me...

  • Joan Reddin
    Book - 16

    GOLDEN INHERITANCE Melody Blake had never really dared to follow her dreams-now they were all coming true at once! Not only had an eccentric aunt left hero beautiful Victorian house filled with priceless heirlooms and secret caches of money, Melod...

  • Sara Orwig
    Book - 17

    RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Samantha Bardwell was proud to be a part of her large and loving family, but it took more than love to make ends meet in the dusty Oklahoma cowtown of Salido. When her grandfather deeded her the family's sleepy cafe, she was det...

  • Dana Ransom
    Book - 18

    A GLAMOROUS PRIZE Lisa Reynolds wanted to lose weight through her health club workouts-but she never thought they would make her a big winner as well! Her new figure won her a glamorous spokesperson position on a luxurious Caribbean publicity crui...

  • Cheryl Biggs
    Book - 19

    Saddled with high-powered corporate responsibilities after she inherits the family business, free-wheeling Tori Rouchard falls for business magnate Rand Jardaine, the man attempting to buy out her company. Original....

  • Elizabeth Carlson
    Book - 20

    PRIVATE PASSION When it came to animals, professional dog groomer Carly McDonough had a heart of gold. So when she saw a poodle in the path of an oncoming car, she risked her life to save it As a result of her bravery, Carly was given an incredibl...

  • Scotney St. James
    Book - 21

    Ann Forrester couldn't believe her bad luck when she learned a distant cousin left her half of her vast fortune. True, the money would help Ann gain the success she'd always dreamed of, but she would inherit only if she stayed at the family's castle ...

  • Marilyn Forstot
    Book - 22

    When the sale of ocean front property leads to her reckless spending, Victoria Gordon decides to consult financial advisor Matt Claussen, who Victoria thinks is nothing more than a stodgy banker. Original....

  • Eleanora Brownleigh
    Book - 23

    When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, young Nina Swope would always joke, 'An heiress.' Now a successful businesswoman in her own right, Nina was astonished when her childhood fantasy became reality. As the granddaughter of famed decorat...

  • Nancy Berland
    Book - 24

    NATURAL TREASURE Adrienne Laurel was used to letting life's opportunities pass her by-until she discovered a priceless undersea bed of pearls while visiting a remote South Pacific island. Now she had money enough to fulfill her wildest dreams--and...

  • Karen Rhodes
    Book - 25

    A SPECIAL LEGACY Attractive businesswoman Elizabeth Mason thought her family's antique marionettes had only sentimental value. Miraculously, they turned out to be priceless heirlooms, and gave Elizabeth the confidence to fulfill her most ambitious...

  • Deanna Talcott
    Book - 26

    LUCKY STAR Struggling waitress Kelsy Williams was more than ready for some luck in her life. But the feisty redhead never dreamed shed be selected as the exclusive model for a bestselling product's mammoth advertising campaign. And she sure didn't...

  • Dana Ransom
    Book - 27

    A PROFITABLE PARTNERSHIP When she married handsome hotel heir Wyatt Marston, Bethany thought all her dreams had come true. Helping her husband run his family's elegant Denver resort made them true partners in every way. But lately, Wyatt had changed...

  • Jaymi Cristol
    Book - 28

    Lauren couldn't believe her luck when her aunt's million-dollar estate turned out to include a magic lamp...complete with genie! If she played her three wishes right, she'd get all the money and security she'd ever wanted. But from the security she'd...

  • Jillian Dagg
    Book - 29

  • Chareese Darter
    Book - 30

    Victoria Bennett is fully prepared to leave her painful past behind after helping build a fashion empire from the ground up, but a man from her past will not let her forget all that is really important in life. Original....

  • Vida Devlin
    Book - 31

    She risked everything for paradise...and passion. A glamorous South American cruise (with a dashing Latin purser aboard)...a million dollars...all lavished on Cindy by the cruise line on whose ship her aunt had a fatal accident. She set sail for Rio....

  • Rebecca Forster
    Book - 32

    As executor of her father's estate, Nicole decides to take the thieves who stole one of his inventions to court, with the help of a handsome attorney who has desired her from afar for years. Original....

  • Sara Orwig
    Book - 33

    After Marietta Clelland foils a bank robbery and inherits a fortune from a beloved friend, she must contend with Jordan Bank, the stingy trustee who casts his handsome eyes on the willowy beauty. Original....

  • Kay Bergstrom
    Book - 34

    Intent on recovering the nest-egg that her parents invested in a cowboy's scheme to find a lost city of gold, lawyer Sandra Carberry flies to Colorado and finds unexpected passion and romance with Russel McCloud. Original....

  • Joan Reddin
    Book - 35

    SEASON OF LOVE Amelia Randall's position as a night nurse at a pediatric hospital in rural Arkansas is the perfect job for a woman who has spent her life hiding from the world. But she can't hide forever. Her best friend knows that. So does the m...

  • Sarah Benton
    Book - 36

    College professor Stacey Anderson receives a three-million-dollar trust fund from an anonymous source, but her newfound prosperity and a whole new life-style threaten her relationship with Steve Travis. Original....

  • Cheryl Biggs
    Book - 37

  • Dana Ransom
    Book - 40

    Can two broken hearts make a perfect match?Widowed on her honeymoon, Robyn Lee pours all her unfulfilled dreams of a happily-ever-after into her wedding planner business, hiding her own heartbreak by making perfect memories for couples beginning the ...