The Baroness of Bow Street
  • Length:
    11 Books
  • First:
    January 1979
  • Latest:
    May 1981
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Series List in Order

Order Author Book Series Genre Date Rating
1 COT-1 Traditional Regency / RG 4 Buy
2 COT-2 Traditional Regency / RG 2 Buy
3 COT-3 Traditional Regency / RG 0 Buy
4 COT-4 Traditional Regency / RG 3 Buy
5 COT-5 Traditional Regency / RG 0 Buy
6 COT-6 Traditional Regency / RG 0 Buy
7 COT-7 Traditional Regency / RG 0 Buy
8 COT-8 Traditional Regency / RG 4 Buy
9 COT-9 Traditional Regency / RG 0 Buy

10 COT-10 Traditional Regency / RG 4.5 Buy
11 COT-11 Traditional Regency / RG 5 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Cotillion Regency Romance

  • Gail Clark
    Book - 1

    AFFAIRS -- AMOROUS AND MURDEROUS London is simply seething with scandal. Lord Warwick's been murdered and the notorious Leda Langtry is going to the gallows for it. But the Bow Street Runners haven't counted on Dulcie Bligh, the flamboyant Baron...

  • Helen Crampton
    Book - 2

    The Bewildered Bride Miss Jennie Bemyss was in a position that any intelligent young lady would envy. The wealthy, worldly Marquis of Charrington proposed a marriage of convenience that would leave him free to pursue his pleasures, and leave Je...

  • Diana Lyndon
    Book - 3

    Though Kate had many suitors in Portsmouth Harbor, she was too serious to bewitch a man just for springtime sport. But in London, as private secretary to the renowned historian the Viscount of Blanchefield, the ton's allure began to challenge her ...

  • Nan Pemberton
    Book - 4

    Beauteous Jocelyn Franklin, wealthy heiress, had found among her courting beaux and simpering exquisites few men she could respect and not one she could love. Now Jocelyn was in London on behalf of her sister, Maria. Gentle, freshly widowed Maria...

  • Rosaleen Milne
    Book - 5

    A marriage of convenience and a dashing Army major for a husband, the year is 1808 and when sixteen-year-old Dorinda Fane sails with her handsome aide-de-camp for French-held Portugal her dreams of happiness with this cousin whom she has loved since ...

  • Diana Lyndon
    Book - 6

    BETWEEN SCANDAL, ROMANCE AND DANGER, CLARISSE DELICATELY DANCED. Clarisse Fosbert had no wish to go to London for her debut. But there was no crossing her mother's whim of iron, nor the logic that the family resources needed a bit of an infusion. ...

  • Elsie Gage
    Book - 7

    The Duchess was a mischievous matriarch--and the best matchmaker in London. The Duchess rather excelled at putting people down a notch, a whimsy it sometimes pleased her to indulge. And thus she commandeered her nephew Julian, Duke of Charlesworth...

  • Gail Clark
    Book - 8

    Lady Barbour brought her stepdaughter to London to make a match. She didn't place much hope in the prospect as Miss Callie Whateley had an oh-so-what attitude toward romance. The two ladies lodged with their cousin, Morgan Phyfe, on the fasionable Ha...

  • Diana Lyndon
    Book - 9

    When her marriage-shy son leaves home, a lady tries to flush him out by bringing out a beautiful young country lady. Young Viscount Albemarle was rich, handsome, eligible and obstinate -- refusing to wed any of the beautiful belles throwing themselve...

  • Helen Crampton
    Book - 10

    The Contradictory Countess Morag Fleming, the Countess of Murr, had been bride to the most lecherous lord in Scotland yet this ravishingly lovely girl had never been touched. Needless to say, she had never borne a child yet as a young widow, she c...

  • Gail Clark
    Book - 11

    Sir Malcolm Calveley's weakness for the gentler sex would land him in the suds, they said. No sooner had the dashing Malcolm returned from abroad than rumor had him romancing his own cousin's wife, the ravishing Lady Thea Davenham. At the sam...