Anthologies by Title

Macallister's Wager (R)
The MacGregors: Alan -- Grant (R)
Macgregors: Daniel -- Ian (R)
The MacGregors: Robert -- Cybil (R)
The MacGregors: Serena -- Caine (R)
Mackenzie Family (R)
Mackenzie's Heroes (R)
Mackenzie's Honor (R)
Mackenzie's Legacy (R)
The Mackenzies (R)
Mackinac Island
Mad about You (R)
Madame Eve's 1night Stand Holiday Anthology (R)
Madaris Saga (R)
The Madeleine Ker Collection (R)
Magic and Love (R)
The Magic Books (R)
The Magic Folk Collection (R)
Magic Graves
Magic in Manhattan, Volume One (R)
The Magic of Christmas
Magic of Christmas (HH)
Magic of Home (R)
The Magic of Shannara (R)
The Magic Shop
Magic Slippers
A Magical Christmas (By Request) (R)
The Magical Christmas Cat
Magical Christmas Present (R)
Magical Kittens
A Magical Regency Christmas (R)
Magical Seduction
Magically Delicious
The Magicians
Magickers Chronicles, Volume Two (R)
Magnates (Lynne Graham Collection) (R)
Magnetic Hearts (R)
Magnolias (R)
Maiden in the Tudor Court (R)
Maigret Trio (R)
The Mail-Order Brides Collection
Mail-Order Grooms (R)
Mail-Order Marriage (R)
Mail-Order Marriages (R)
Mail-Order Marriages (HH)
Mail-order Marriages (M&B) (R)
Mail-Order Mishaps
The Mail-Order Standoff
Mail-Order Wives (Spotlight) (R)
Maine (R)
Maine Brides (Romancing America: Maine) (R)
Mainely Mysteries (R)
Maitland Maternity Christmas
Maitland Maternity: Triplets, Quads & Quints (Spotlight) (R)
Makeshift and Hunger March (R)
Making Babies (R)
Making Babies (By Request) (R)
Making Spirits Bright
Making Sure of Sarah (R)
Malice Domestic 1
Malice Domestic 11: Murder Most Conventional
Malice Domestic 12: Murder Most Historical
Malice Domestic 13: Mystery Most Geographical
Malice Domestic 14: Mystery Most Edible
Malice Domestic 3
Malice Domestic 4
Malice Domestic 5
Malice Domestic 6
The Malloreon, Vol. 1 (R)
The Malloreon, Vol. 2 (R)
Mama Dear
Mama's Little Matchmaker
The Mammoth Book of 20th Century Ghost Stories
The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance
The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2
The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance
Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance
The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2
The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romances
The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women
The Man Behind The Mask (R)
Man for Mum! (R)
Man In The Mask (R)
Man of Mine (R)
Man of My Dreams
Man of My Dreams (Kensington)
Man of the Hour (R)
Man of the House
Man She Married (R)
Man You'll Marry (R)
Man-To-Man Lovers (R)
A Man's Heart (R)
Mandel Files (R)
Mandie Collection (R)
The Mandie Collection, Vol. 1 (R)
The Mandie Collection, Vol. 10 (R)
The Mandie Collection, Vol. 11 (R)
The Mandie Collection, Vol. 2 (R)
The Mandie Collection, Vol. 3 (R)
The Mandie Collection, Vol. 4 (R)
The Mandie Collection, Vol. 5 (R)
The Mandie Collection, Vol. 6 (R)
The Mandie Collection, Vol. 7 (R)
The Mandie Collection, Vol. 8 (R)
Manhattan Mayhem
Manlove Against All Odds (R)
Manlove on an Island (R)
ManLove's Passion (R)
Manning Brides (R)
Manning Grooms (R)
Manning Sisters (R)
Mantime Stories (R)
Many Bloody Returns
Many Deaths of the Black Company (R)
The Many Faces of Van Helsing
Maple Notch Brides (Romancing America: Vermont) (R)
Marcelli Wedding (R)
Margaret Truman: Capital Crimes (R)
Margaret Truman: Three Complete Mysteries (R)
Margery Allingham Omnibus (R)
Margery Allingham Omnibus (1983) (R)
Marion Husband Omnibus: Boy I Love & Paper Moon (R)
Marked (self published)
The Marked Man Omnibus (R)
The Marriage Agenda (R)
Marriage at His Convenience (By Request) (R)
The Marriage Bed (R)
Marriage Between Friends (R)
Marriage by Design
Marriage for Keeps
Marriage Macallister Style (R)
Marriage Mergers (By Request) (R)
Marriage of Convenience (R)
Marriage of Convenience (By Request) (R)
A Marriage on Paper (By Request) (R)
Marriage on the Cards (By Request) (R)
Marriage Reclaimed (R)
Marriage Vows (Queens of Romance) (R)
Marriage--Jones Style! (R)
Marriageable Misses (R)
Marriages by Arrangement (By Request) (R)
Married at Midnight
Married by Contract (By Request) (R)
Married For Revenge (R)
Married In Seattle (R)
Married in Spring
Married in White (Spotlight) (R)
Married on Demand (R)
Married on Paper (R)
Married to a Millionaire (By Request) (R)
Married to a Mistress (By Request) (R)
Marry Me Again (By Request) (R)
Marry Me Cowboy!
Marry Me...again! (R)
Marry Me...Maybe? (R)
Marrying a Doctor (R)
Marrying His Majesty (By Request) (R)
Marrying My Cowboy
Marrying the Boss (By Request) (R)
Marrying the Millionaire (By Request) (R)
Marvel Super Heroes: 6 Early Readers (R)
The Marvel Superheroes
Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy (R)
The Mary Westmacott Collection (R)
The Mary Westmacott Collection 2 (R)
Maryland (R)
Maryland Brides (Romancing America: Maryland) (R)
Masks of the Outcasts (R)
Massachusetts Brides (Romancing America: Massachusetts) (R)
Massacre at Fall Creek
Master of Secret Desires
Master's Choice: Volume II
Masterful Magnates (Australian Bachelors) (R)
Masters & Mates (R)
Masters of Darkness II (R)
Masters of Midnight
Masters of Seduction (R)
Masters of Seduction Volume 2 (R)
Masters of Submission, Volume 1 (R)
Masters of the Outback (R)
Masuto: The Hollywood Murders (R)
Match for Mom (R)
A Match for Mother
A Match for Papa
A Match Made in Texas
Matched by Mistake (R)
Matched by Mistake (By Request) (R)
Matched To Mr Right (By Request) (R)
Matchless Millionaires (By Request) (R)
The Matchmaker Brides Collection
Maternity Leave
Mates and Ladies, Volume 1 (R)
Mates and Ladies, Volume 2 (R)
Matter Among Cowboys (R)
A Matter Of Trust (R)
Matters of the Heart
Matthias Thulmann (R)
Maverick Hearts (R)
Maverick Millionaires (By Request) (R)
Maximum Marriage: Men on a Mission (R)
The May Bird Trilogy (R)
Maybe Baby (R)
Maybe Baby! (By Request) (R)
Maybe This Christmas (R)
Maybe This Time (R)
Mayhem in Maryland (R)
McKettrick Legend (R)
McNally's Files (R)
Mean Streets
Meant To Wed (Queens of Romance) (R)
Mechanized Masterpieces
Mediator, Volume 1 (R)
Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 1: Conquest Brides (R)
Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 2: Blackmail & Betrayal (R)
Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 3: War of the Roses (R)
Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 4: Christmas Knights (R)
Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 5: Exotic East (R)
Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 6: Mediterranean Heroes (R)
Mediterranean Men & Marriage (R)
Mediterranean Millionaires (By Request) (R)
Mediterranean Moments (Foreign Affairs) (R)
Mediterranean Nights (Penny Jordan Collection) (R)
Mediterranean Playboys (By Request) (R)
Mediterranean Tycoons (Alpha Collection) (R)
Mediterranean Tycoons: Dark & Demanding (R)
Mediterranean Tycoons: Masterful & Married (R)
Mediterranean Tycoons: Reckless & Ruthless (R)
Mediterranean Tycoons: Tempting & Taken (R)
Mediterranean Tycoons: Untamed & Unleashed (R)
Mediterranean Tycoons: Wealthy & Wicked (R)
Mediterranean Weddings (By Request) (R)
Meditteranean Men Unleashed (R)
Megan (R)
Memories for Eternity (R)
Memories of You (Spotlight) (R)
The Memory of a Kiss
Men at Work
Men At Work (Blaze)
Men In Blue
Men in Uniform (R)
Men In Uniform: Burning for the Fireman (R)
Men In Uniform: Captivated by the Prince (R)
Men In Uniform: Mad About The Doctor (R)
Men In Uniform: Taken by the Soldier (R)
Men of Bitter Creek (R)
Men of Courage
Men Of Courage II
Men of Danger
Men of Holsum College (R)
Men of Honour (Spotlight) (R)
Men of Maple Hill (R)
Men of Medicine Ridge (R)
Men of Mystery (R)
Men of the Otherworld (R)
Men of the West (R)
Men on Fire
Men Out of Uniform
Men Out of Uniform, Volume 1 (R)
Men Out of Uniform, Volume 2 (R)
Men to Die For
Men to Marry (Spotlight) (R)
Men to Trust (By Request) (R)
Men Under the Mistletoe (R)
Men Who Love Men (R)
Men Who Love to Love Men (R)
Merry & Bright
Merry and Bright (R)
Merry and Bright (Shalvis) (R)
Merry Christmas, Baby
Merry Christmas, Baby!
Merry Christmas, My Love
Merry Christmas! Love, Mills and Boon (R)
Merry Little Christmas
Merry Sexy Christmas
A Message From Cupid
The Message in a Bottle Romance Collection
Mia Tells It Like It Is (R)
Michigan (R)
Michigan Brides (Romancing America: Michigan) (R)
Michigan Weddings (R)
Midnight at the Oasis (R)
Midnight Clear
Midnight Clear (Genesis)
Midnight Clear, Too
Midnight Cowboys (R)
Midnight Cravings
Midnight Desire (R)
Midnight Fantasies
Midnight Hour (R)
Midnight Hunger
Midnight in Arabia (R)
Midnight in the Desert (R)
Midnight in the Harem (R)
Midnight Justice
Midnight Kiss
Midnight Magic
Midnight on the Sands (R)
The Midnight People
Midnight Pleasures
Midnight Reader (R)
Midnight Scandals
Midnight Sons Volume I (R)
Midnight Sons Volume II (R)
Midnight Sons Volume III (R)
Midnight Treat
Midnight Under the Stars (R)
Midnight Wishes (R)
Midsummer Night's Madness
Midsummer Night's Magic
Midwife Midwives' Miracles: Healing Hearts (R)
The Midwife's Legacy (Romancing America)
A Midwinter Fantasy
Midwives Christmas Miracles (R)
Midwives' Miracles: From Midwife To Mum (R)
Midwives' Miracles: Special Moments (R)
Midwives' Miracles: Unexpected Proposals (R)
Mighty Quinns: Marcus, Ian & Declan (By Request) (R)
The Mike Hammer Collection: Volume 1 (R)
Miles Errant (R)
Miles in Love (R)
Miles, Mutants and Microbes (R)
Miles, Mystery & Mayhem (R)
Military Mavericks (R)
Millenium Baby
Millennium Madness
Millennium Omnibus (R)
A Million Blessings
The Million-Dollar Catch (By Request) (R)
The Millionaire Affair (Spotlight) (R)
Millionaire Bridegrooms (Spotlight) (R)
Millionaire Magnates (By Request) (R)
Millionaire Mavericks (By Request) (R)
Millionaire Playboys (Trust Fund Affairs) (By Request) (R)
Millionaire: Needed for One Month (By Request) (R)
Millionaire's Cinderella (Spotlight) (R)
Millionaire's Club: Connor, Tom & Gavin (By Request) (R)
Millionaire's Club: Jacob, Logan & Marc (By Request) (R)
Millionaire's Mistress (At His Service) (R)
Millionaire's Mistress (By Request) (R)
Millionaire's Proposal (Spotlight) (R)
The Millionaire's Virgin (By Request) (R)
Millionaire's Woman (By Request) (R)
Millionaires (Lynne Graham Collection) (R)
The Millionaires' Cinderellas (R)
The Millionaires' Club: David, Clint & Travis (Spotlight) (R)
Millionaires' Club: Ryan, Alex & Darin (Spotlight) (R)
Millionaires' Destinies (By Request) (R)
Mills & Boon Loves... (R)
Mills & Boon New Voices
Mills & Boon Presents... (R)
Mills & Boon Stars: Wives Wanted! (R)
The Mills and Boon Collection (R)
Minnesota Brides (Romancing America: Minnesota) (R)
Minnesota Brothers (R)
Minnesota Moonlight (Romancing America: Minnesota) (R)
Minnesota Mysteries (R)
Miracle Christmas (By Request) (R)
Miracles (R)
Miracles in the Village (Village Collection) (R)
Mirror, Mirror
Misbehaving Under the Mistletoe (R)
Misbehaving with the Millionaire (By Request) (R)
Mischief & Marriage (Regency Collection) (R)
Mischief and Mayhem (R)
Mischief and Mistletoe
Mischief in Regency Society (R)
Miss Marple Investigates (R)
Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories (R)
Miss Marple's Final Cases (R)
The MissAdventure Brides Collection
Missing (R)
Missing in Manhattan
Missing Memories (R)
Mission: Marriage (By Request) (R)
Missisippi Weddings (Romancing America: Mississippi) (R)
Missouri (R)
Missouri Brides (Romancing America: MIssouri) (R)
Missouri Memories
Mistletoe (Scholastic)
Mistletoe & Magic
Mistletoe and Mayhem
Mistletoe and Snow (R)
Mistletoe Brides (R)
Mistletoe Brides (Mills & Boon) (R)
A Mistletoe Christmas
Mistletoe Christmas (2021)
Mistletoe Courtship
Mistletoe Kisses (R)
Mistletoe Kisses (HH)
Mistletoe Kisses (Spotlight) (R)
Mistletoe Kittens
Mistletoe Magic
Mistletoe Marriages
Mistletoe Memories
Mistletoe Miracles
A Mistletoe Proposal (By Request) (R)
Mistletoe Science (R)
Mistletoe Seductions (Billionaire Bosses) (R)
Mistletoe Wishes
The Mistress Bonus Book
Mistress by Consent (By Request) (R)
Mistress By Persuasion (By Request) (R)
Mistress in the Regency Ballroom (R)
Mistress Material (By Request) (R)
Mistress Taming the Playboy (R)
Mistress to a Latin Lover (By Request) (R)
Mistress to the Magnate (By Request) (R)
Mistress to the Mediterranean Male (By Request) (R)
Mistress: Taken by the Tycoon (R)
Mistresses (Lynne Graham Collection) (R)
Mistresses & Marriages (Royal Affairs) (R)
Mistresses: After Hours With The Boss (R)
Mistresses: Blackmailed with Diamonds (R)
Mistresses: Bought with Emeralds (R)
Mistresses: Bound with Gold (R)
Mistresses: Enemies To Lovers (R)
Mistresses: In His Bed (R)
Mistresses: Just One Night (R)
Mistresses: Lethal Attraction (R)
Mistresses: Shackled With Rubies (R)
Mistresses: The Consequences of Desire (R)
Mitford Years (R)
Mob Magic
Modern Treasury of Great Detective and Murder Mysteries
Mom's Main Man (R)
A Moment on the Edge (R)
A Moment on the Edge 100 Years of Crime Stories by Women (R)
Mommy And Me (R)
The Monkey's Wedding and Other Stories
Montana Born
Montana Bred
Montana Dreaming (By Request) (R)
Montana Fire (R)
Montana Marriages Trilogy (R)
Montana Mavericks Weddings
Montana Mavericks: Big Sky Brides
Montana Mavericks: Big Sky Grooms
Montana Passions (By Request) (R)
Montana Skies (R)
Montana Weddings (Romancing America: Montana) (R)
Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage
Montclair Brides (R)
Monte Carlo Affairs (By Request) (R)
Monterey Memories (Romancing America: California) (R)
The Montoros Affair (By Request) (R)
Moon Cake and Other Stories
Moon Fever
Moon Pack, Volume 3 (R)
Moon Pack, Volume One (R)
Moon Pack, Volume Two (R)
Moon Shadows
Moon Swept (R)
Moonlight and Mistletoe
Moonlight and Shadows
Moonlight Beach Bachelors (By Request) (R)
Moonlight Lovers
Moonlight, Madness and Magic
Moonlight, Madness and Magic - LS (R)
Moonsinger (R)
Moonsinger's Quest (R)
More Arabel and Mortimer (R)
More Blazing Bedtime Stories
More Lipstick Chronicles
More Little Secrets Volume 2 (R)
More Mystery Cats
More Plums in One (R)
More Than a Mistress (By Request) (R)
More Than a Vow (By Request) (R)
More Than Anything (R)
The More Than Complete Hitchhikers Guide (R)
More Than Skin Deep
More Than Words
More Than Words 7
More Than Words Volume 3
More Than Words Volume 4
More Than Words, Volume 2
More Than Words, Volume 5
More Than Words, Volume 6
More Than Words: Acts of Kindness
More Than Words: Stories Of Courage
More Than Words: Stories of Hope
More Than Words: Stories of Strength
More Than Words: Stories of the Heart (R)
More Than Words: Where Dreams Begin
Morgan's Honor (R)
Morgan's Legacy (R)
Morganville Vampires, Volume 1 (R)
Morganville Vampires, Volume 2 (R)
Morganville Vampires, Volume 3 (R)
Morganville Vampires, Volume 4 (R)
The Morgue the Merrier
Mortal Wounds (R)
Mossy Creek
The Most Eligible Bachelor Romance Collection
Most Likely to Die
Most Wanted (R)
Most Wanted (Dafina)
The Most Wonderful Time
Mother by Design
Mother, Please!
A Mother's Day
Mother's Day - M&B (R)
Mother's Day (R)
A Mother's Day (Mills & Boon) (R)
The Mother's Day Collection (R)
Mother's Day Gift (R)
A Mother's Delight
A Mother's Gift
Mother's Gift (Love Inspired)
A Mother's Heart
A Mother's Heart - 1998
A Mother's Heart - 2009
A Mother's Joy
A Mother's Love
A Mother's Love - 1996
A Mother's Love - 1997
A Mother's Love - Palisades
A Mother's Love (Harlequin)
A Mother's Touch
Mother's Touch (R)
A Mother's Way
Mother's Wedding Day
Motherhood (R)
Motherhood Is Murder
Mothers and Daughters (R)
Mothers and Daughters (Steeple Hill)
Mothers and Sons
Mothers in a Million (R)
Mothers of The Year
Mothers Wanted (R)
Mothers-to-Be (R)
Mothers-to-be (By Request) (R)
Motive for Marriage (R)
Mountain Christmas Brides (R)
Mountain Magic
Mountaineer Dreams (Romancing America: West Virginia) (R)
Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar
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Mr. Campion and Others (R)
Mr. Campion: Criminologist (R)
Mr. Campion's Lucky Day and Other Stories (R)
Mr. Mom (R)
Mr. Satisfaction
Mrs. Jeffries Learns the Trade (R)
Mrs. Jeffries Serves Two (R)
Mrs. Jeffries Takes a Second Look (R)
Mrs. Jeffries Takes Tea at Three (R)
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Treasury (R)
Murder among Friends
Murder at Almack's
Murder at the Movies (R)
Murder for Love
A Murder Hatched (R)
Murder in Manhattan
Murder in the Family
Murder in the Mews and Other Stories (R)
Murder in Three Stages (R)
Murder Most Cozy
Murder Never Takes a Holiday (R)
A Murder of Crows
Murder on the Aisle
Murder on the Run
Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe (R)
Murderous Schemes
Murders Abroad (R)
Must Love Hellhounds
My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
My Blue Suede Shoes
My Darling Bride
My Darling Valentine
My Dashing Groom
My Favorite Rogue
My Favorite Things (R)
My Funny Valentine
My Guardian Angel
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
My Immortal Highlander
My Only Valentine
My Scandalous Bride
My Scottish Summer
My Secret Admirer
My Spellbound Heart
My Sweet Valentine
My True Love Gave to Me
My Valentine 1991
My Valentine 1992
My Valentine 1993
My Valentine 1994
My Zombie Valentine
Mysteria Lane
Mysteria Nights (R)
Mysteries of Lost Angel Inn
Mysterious (R)
The Mysterious Mr. Quin (R)
Mysterious Pleasures
The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge and Other Stories (R)
Mystery Stories For Girls (R)
Mystery Writers of America Presents Death Do Us Part (R)
Mystery Writers of America Presents Vengeance (R)
Mystic Visions