Anthologies by Title
Anthology Title
The MacKade Brothers: Rafe and Jared (R)
Rabbit Novels Vol. 1 (R)
Rabbit Novels Vol. 2 (R)
Race to the Altar
Rachel Clark's Print Combo (R)
Racing Hearts
Radigan / North to the Rails (R)
Radius of Doubt / Path of Fire (R)
Rage of the Mountain Man / Betrayal of the Mountain Man (R)
Ragged Dick / Mark the Match Boy (R)
Rags To Riches: At Home with the Boss (R)
Rags To Riches: Her Duty To Please (R)
Railway Detective Omnibus (R)
Rain Fall (R)
Rainbow Magic Collection, Volume 1 (R)
Rainbow Magic Collection: Volume 1 (R)
Rainbow Trail / The Vanishing American (R)
Rainbow's End (Romancing America)
Raintree (R)
Raising Cain (R)
Rake and the Redhead / Lord Dancy's Delight (R)
Rake in the Regency Ballroom (Regency Collection) (R)
Rake's Ransom / A Loyal Companion (R)
Rakes & Reputations (Regency Collection) (R)
Rakes and Rogues
The Ramirez Wedding Deals (R)
Ranch Dressing (R)
Rancher / Heart of Stone (R)
A Rancher's Home (R)
Ranger's Law (R)
Ransomed Brides (R)
The Ransomes: Matt, Nick and Katherine (By Request) (R)
Rapture in Death / Ceremony in Death (R)
Rapture, Volume 1 (R)
Rapture's Witness (R)
Rarities Incorporated (R)
Ravished by Desire (R)
Raw Claiming (R)
Reader, I Married Him
Reading Between The Lines / Thrill Me (R)
Ready for Anything, Anywhere! (By Request) (R)
Ready for Love (R)
Ready For Marriage? (Spotlight) (R)
Ready to Wed? (R)
Real Men Do It Better
Real Men Last All Night
A Real Prince (R)
Real Thing (R)
The Real Werewives of Vampire County
Realm Hunter - Omnibus 1 (R)
Realm of Chaos
Realms of Shadow
Realms of the Dragons
Realms of the Elves
Reasons for Revenge (By Request) (R)
Rebecca and Rebecca's Tale Two-Book Set (R)
Rebel Worlds / Knight of Ghosts & Shadows (R)
Rebellion (R)
Rebels in Hell
Reckless and Brazen (R)
Reckless Hearts (R)
Reckless Nights (R)
Reckless Wager / at Daggers Drawn (R)
The Reckoning
Reclaiming His Wife (By Request) (R)
Recovery (R)
Red Blooded (R)
The Red Gloves Collection (R)
A Red Hot New Year
Red Hot Santa
A Red Hot Valentine's Day
Red Letter Nights
Red Light (R)
Red Rock Weddings (Romancing America: Utah) (R)
Red Stilettos
Red Storm Rising / The Cardinal of the Kremlin (R)
Red-Hot Affairs (R)
Red-Hot and Ruthless (R)
Red-Hot Australians (R)
Red-Hot Honeymoon (R)
Red-Hot Nights (R)
Red-hot Passion (By Request) (R)
Red-Hot Revenge (By Request) (R)
Red-Hot Seduction (R)
Red-Hot Summer (R)
Red-Hot Winter
Redskin / Two for Vengeance (R)
Reel Terror (R)
Reflections And Dreams (R)
Reformed Rakes (R)
The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories (R)
A Regency Baron's Bride (R)
Regency Beauty (R)
Regency Betrayal (R)
Regency Bride (R)
Regency Brides (R)
Regency Brides (MB) (R)
The Regency Brides, Vol. 1 (R)
The Regency Brides, Vol. 2 (R)
The Regency Brides, Vol. 3 (R)
The Regency Brides, Vol. 4 (R)
The Regency Brides, Vol. 5 (R)
The Regency Brides, Vol. 6 (R)
Regency Candlelit Christmas (R)
A Regency Captain's Prize (R)
A Regency Christmas
Regency Christmas (HH)
Regency Christmas (MB) (R)
A Regency Christmas 1989
A Regency Christmas 1994
A Regency Christmas 1995
A Regency Christmas 2002
A Regency Christmas Carol
Regency Christmas Courtship (R)
Regency Christmas Courtships
A Regency Christmas Eve
A Regency Christmas Feast
Regency Christmas Gifts (R)
A Regency Christmas II
A Regency Christmas III
A Regency Christmas IV
Regency Christmas Magic
A Regency Christmas Present
Regency Christmas Proposals (R)
Regency Christmas Spirits
A Regency Christmas V
A Regency Christmas VI
Regency Christmas Vows (R)
Regency Christmas Wishes
Regency Collection 1 (R)
Regency Collection 10 (R)
Regency Collection 11 (R)
Regency Collection 12 (R)
Regency Collection 2 (R)
Regency Collection 3 (R)
Regency Collection 4 (R)
Regency Collection 5 (R)
Regency Collection 6 (R)
Regency Collection 7 (R)
Regency Collection 8 (R)
Regency Collection 9 (R)
A Regency Courtesan's Pride (R)
Regency Debutantes (Regency Collection) (R)
Regency Desire (R)
Regency Diamonds
A Regency Duchess's Awakening (R)
A Regency Earl's Pleasure (R)
Regency Gamble (R)
A Regency Gentleman's Passion (R)
Regency High Society Affairs, Vol. 10 (R)
Regency High Society Affairs, Vol. 11 (R)
Regency High Society Affairs, Vol. 12 (R)
Regency High Society Affairs, Vol. 13 (R)
Regency High Society Affairs, Vol. 14 (R)
Regency High Society Affairs, Vol. 4 (R)
Regency High Society Affairs, Vol. 5 (R)
Regency High Society Affairs, Vol. 6 (R)
Regency High Society Affairs, Vol. 7 (R)
Regency High Society Affairs, Vol. 8 (R)
Regency High Society Affairs, Vol. 9 (R)
Regency High-Society Affairs, Vol. 2 (R)
Regency High-Society Affairs, Vol. 3 (R)
A Regency Holiday
Regency Improprieties (Regency Collection) (R)
Regency Innocents (Regency Collection) (R)
Regency Invitation
A Regency Lady's Scandal (R)
A Regency Lord's Command (R)
A Regency Lords and Ladies Christmas (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 1 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 10 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 11 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 12 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 13 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 14 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 15 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 16 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 17 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 18 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 19 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 2 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 20 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 21 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 22 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 23 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 24 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 25 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 26 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 27 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 28 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 29 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 3 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 30 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 4 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 5 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 6 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 7 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 8 (R)
Regency Lords and Ladies, Vol. 9 (R)
Regency Marriages (Regency Collection) (R)
Regency Mistletoe & Marriages (R)
Regency Mistresses (Regency Collection) (R)
A Regency Officer's Wedding (R)
Regency Pleasures (Regency Collection) (R)
Regency Proposal (R)
Regency Quartet
A Regency Rake's Redemption (R)
The Regency Rakes (R)
Regency Rakes Abroad (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 1 (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 10 (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 11 (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 12 (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 2 (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 3 (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 4 (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 5 (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 6 (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 7 (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 8 (R)
The Regency Rakes, Vol. 9 (R)
A Regency Rebel's Seduction (R)
Regency Rebels (Regency Collection) (R)
Regency Redemption (Regency Collection) (R)
Regency Revels (R)
Regency Rogues: A Winter's Night (R)
Regency Rogues: Candlelight Confessions (R)
Regency Rogues: Disgraceful Secrets (R)
Regency Rogues: Outrageous Scandal (R)
Regency Rogues: Rakes' Redemption (R)
Regency Rogues: Rescued by Temptation (R)
Regency Rogues: Stolen Sins (R)
Regency Rogues: Unlacing the Forbidden (R)
Regency Rogues: Wicked Seduction (R)
Regency Rogues: Wives Wanted (R)
Regency Romps
Regency Rumour (R)
Regency Rumours (Regency Collection) (R)
Regency Scandal (R)
Regency Scandals (Regency Collection) (R)
The Regency Season: Convenient Marriages (R)
The Regency Season: Decadent Dukes (R)
The Regency Season: Forbidden Pleasures (R)
The Regency Season: Hidden Desires (R)
The Regency Season: Scandalous Awakening (R)
The Regency Season: Wicked Rakes (R)
Regency Secrets (Regency Collection) (R)
Regency Seduction (R)
Regency Sins (Regency Collection) (R)
A Regency Summer
Regency Summer Scandals (R)
Regency Surrender: Debts Reclaimed (R)
Regency Surrender: Forbidden Pasts (R)
Regency Surrender: Notorious Secrets (R)
Regency Surrender: Powerful Dukes (R)
Regency Surrender: Ruthless Rakes (R)
Regency Surrender: Scandalous Return (R)
Regency Surrender: Sinful Conquests (R)
Regency Surrender: Wicked Deception (R)
A Regency Valentine
A Regency Valentine (Fawcett)
A Regency Valentine II
A Regency Virgin's Undoing (R)
Regency Weddings (Queens of Romance) (R)
Regency: Innocents & Intrigues (Regency Collection) (R)
Rekindled (R)
Reluctant Bridegrooms
The Reluctant Brides Collection (R)
The Reluctant Groom (R)
Remember When
Remembering Christmas
Renaissance (R)
Renaissance Brides (R)
The Rendezvous and Other Stories
Rendezvous with Danger (R)
Renunciates of Darkover
Required: Three Outback Brides (By Request) (R)
Rescue Me
Rescued by the Sheikh (Lords of the Desert) (R)
Rescuing Christmas
Resistance to Love (R)
Respected Sir / Wedding Song / The Search (R)
Restoration and Romance
The Return of Mr. Campion
Return of the Black Company (R)
Return to Crystal Creek
Return to Rose Cottage (R)
Reunion (R)
Reunion at Mossy Creek
Revenge (R)
Revenge in Regency Society (R)
Revenge in the Boardroom (R)
Revenge is Sweet (R)
Revenge, Secrets & Seduction (Royal Affairs) (R)
Revolt in 2100 / Methuselah's Children (R)
The Revolutions Trilogy (R)
The Reward of Faith and Other Stories
Rhode Island Weddings (Romancing America: Rhode Island) (R)
Rich and Outrageous (R)
Rich As Sin / Snowfire / Tidewater Seduction (R)
A Rich Man For Dry Creek / A Hero For Dry Creek (R)
Rich Man's Revenge (R)
The Rich Man's Rules (R)
Rich, Rugged And Royal (By Request) (R)
Richard Laymon Collection Volume 13 (R)
Richard Laymon Collection Volume 14 (R)
Richard Laymon Collection Volume 15 (R)
Richard Laymon Collection Volume 16 (R)
Richard Laymon Collection, Volume 12 (R)
Ride to Hell / Lonesome River (R)
Rider On Fire / When You Call My Name (R)
Riders of the Purple Sage / The Lone Star Ranger (R)
Riding the Torch / Tin Soldier (R)
Rifle River & Gunstock (R)
Right Bed? (By Request) (R)
Right Before His Eyes
Right Bride? (By Request) (R)
The Right Moves (R)
Right Next Door (R)
Rim of the Desert / Dead Man's Range (R)
Ring for Christmas (By Request) (R)
Rings of Gold (Tribute Collection) (R)
Rinucci Brothers (By Request) (R)
Rinuccis: Carlo, Ruggiero & Francesco (By Request) (R)
The Rise of Nagash (R)
Rise of the Shadow Academy (R)
Rising Phoenix / Storming Heaven (R)
Risking It All... (By Request) (R)
Risky Business (R)
Risque Business (R)
Ritual Bath / Sacred and Profane (R)
Rivals / Heiress (R)
A Riverwalk Christmas
The Road to Science Fiction: From Gilgamesh to Wells
Road Trip to Passion
Roberta Leigh (By Request) (R)
The Roberta Leigh Collection - 1 (R)
The Roberta Leigh Collection - 2 (R)
Roberta Leigh Duet - 1 (R)
Roberta Leigh Duet - 2 (R)
Roberta Leigh Duet - 3 (R)
Roberta Leigh Duet - 4 (R)
Robin Mckinley Collection (R)
Robyn Donald (By Request) (R)
Robyn Donald (By Request) 2 (R)
The Robyn Donald Collection - 1 (R)
The Robyn Donald Collection - 2 (R)
The Robyn Donald Collection - 3 (R)
Rocky Mountain Brides (By Request) (R)
Rocky Mountain Men (R)
Rodeo Cowboys (R)
Rodeo Hearts (Romancing America: Nebraska) (R)
Rodeo Man Under the Tree (R)
The Rogue and the Rebel (R)
Rogue Grooms (R)
Rogue in the Regency Ballroom (Regency Ballroom Collection) (R)
Rogues & Runaways (Regency Collection) (R)
Rogues and Rakes
Rogues and Rakes (Queens of Romance) (R)
Rogues' Reform (R)
Romance and Mystery Under the Northern Lights
Romance at the Edge: In Other Worlds
Romance In the Headlines / Bon Voyage, My Darling (R)
Romance on Holiday
Romance on the Rails
Romance Treasury (R)
Romance Treasury Collection (R)
Romance Treasury: Dinner at Wyatt's / On September Hill / Conflict in Paradise (R)
The Romance Treasury: The Mountain of Stars, the Emerald Cuckoo, a Night for Possums (R)
Romancing the Crown: Drew and Samira (Spotlight) (R)
Romancing The Crown: Kate & Lucas (Spotlight) (R)
Romancing the Crown: Leila and Gage (Spotlight) (R)
Romancing the Crown: Lorenzo and Anna (Spotlight) (R)
Romancing the Crown: Max and Elena (Spotlight) (R)
Romancing the Crown: Nina and Dominic (Spotlight) (R)
Romeo & Julian (R)
Room at the Inn
Rosa Mundi and Other Stories (R)
The Rosa Mundi and Other Stories (R)
Rosie's Curl and Weave
Rough Around the Edges
A Royal Affair (R)
Royal and Ruthless (By Request) (R)
Royal Baby Secrets (R)
Royal Brides (R)
Royal Bridesmaids
Royal Christmas (R)
The Royal Dumonts (Spotlight) (R)
Royal Engagements (R)
The Royal House of Cacciatore (By Request) (R)
The Royal House of Karedes: Desert Throne (R)
Royal House of Karedes: One Family (R)
Royal House of Karedes: Two Crowns (R)
The Royal House of Karedes: Two Kingdoms (R)
The Royal House of Niroli: Billion Dollar Bargains (R)
The Royal House of Niroli: Innocent Mistresses (R)
Royal House of Niroli: Scandalous Seductions (R)
Royal House of Niroli: Secret Heirs (R)
Royal Match (R)
Royal Mess (R)
Royal Proposals (By Request) (R)
A Royal Scandals Christmas (R)
Royal Seductions: Diamonds (By Request) (R)
Royal Seductions: Secrets (By Request) (R)
The Royal Wager (Spotlight) (R)
Royal Wedding (R)
Royal Wedding (M&B) (R)
Royal Weddings (R)
Royal Weddings (Mills & Boon) (R)
Royal Weddings (Spotlight) (R)
Royal Weddings Through the Ages
Royals: Chosen by the Prince (R)
Royals: For Their Royal Heir (R)
Royals: His Hidden Secret (R)
Royals: Wed to the Prince (R)
Rugged Rebels (Alpha Collection) (R)
Rules of Engagement
Rules of Play (R)
Rules of Prey / Shadow Prey / Eyes of Prey (R)
Ruling Passion (R)
Rumors: The McCaffertys (R)
Rumours in the Regency Ballroom (Regency Collection) (R)
Rumours: The Billion-Dollar Brides (R)
Rumours: The Dishonoured Copelands (R)
Rumours: The Legacy of Revenge (R)
Rumours: The One-Night Heirs (R)
Rumours: The Ruthless Ravensdales (R)
Rumours: The Secret Billionaires (R)
Runaway Brides (R)
Runaway Brides (By Request) (R)
Runaway Heart / A Promise of the Valley (R)
Running to Love, Volume 1 (R)
Running to Love, Volume 2 (R)
The Russian Rivals (R)
Ruthless (R)
Ruthless Love (R)
Ruthless Milllionaire, Indecent Proposal (By Request) (R)
Ruthless Revenge: Sweet Surrender (R)
Ruthless Revenge: Delicious Demand (R)
Ruthless Revenge: Passionate Possession (R)
Ruthless Revenge: Priceless Proposal (R)
Ruthless Revenge: Sinful Seduction (R)
Ruthless Revenge: Ultimate Satisfaction (R)
Ruthlessly Royal (By Request) (R)
The Ryders: Jared, Royce and Stephanie (By Request) (R)