Midsummer Night's Magic
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

Author Book Series Genre Date Rating Genre      
(ss) Paranormal Romance / PNR 4 Buy
(ss) Paranormal Romance / PNR 4.5 Buy
(ss) Paranormal Romance / PNR 4 Buy
(ss) Paranormal Romance / PNR 4 Buy
  • Description:
    With a Sprinkle of Fairy Dust, Love is Sure to Blossom

    MacBROOM SWEEPS CLEAN by Emma Craig
    Stuck in an arranged marriage to a Scottish lord, Lily wondered if she'd ever find happiness or true love -- until a wee Broonie named Angus MacBroom came upon the troubled beauty, and decided to teach the foolish couple a thing or two about Highland Magic.

    THE FAIRY BRIDE by Tess Mallory
    Visiting Ireland with her stuffy fiancé, Erin certainly never dreamed she'd find herself swept into a handsome stranger's enchanted world of fairies and goblin kings -- or that she'd soon long to be his fairy bride.

    Fun-loving Nick and straight-laced Kate had a marriage that was destined for trouble, until the fateful night Nick hired a family of Irish brownies to keep the house clean -- and let him get his love life back in order.

    WHATEVER YOU WISH by Amy Elizabeth Saunders
    A trip through time into the arms of an English lord just might be enough to convince the very cynical Meredyth that maybe, just maybe, wishes did come true -- especially with the help of a fairy godmother.