Anthologies by Title

L.A. Connections (R)
L.A. Noir (R)
Labor of Love
Labor of Love (Ferrarella) (R)
The Labours of Hercules (R)
Laced with Desire
Ladies of Ashcroft Castle (R)
Ladies of Disrepute (Castonbury Park) (R)
Ladies of Passionate Desires (R)
Ladies Prefer Rogues
Lady Jaided's Virile Vampires (R)
Lady Most Likely...
Lady Most Willing...
A Lady of Expectations and Other Stories
Lady Whistledown Strikes Back
Lakota Legacy
Lamps of Courage
Lancaster Brides (R)
Land Run Brides (Romancing America: Oklahoma) (R)
The Lando Calrissian Adventures (R)
Lap of Luxury (R)
Las Vegas Nights (By Request) (R)
Las Vegas: Scandals (By Request) (R)
Las Vegas: Seduction (By Request) (R)
The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection
Lassoed Hearts (R)
Lassoed in Texas Trilogy (R)
The Last Chance Christmas Ball
Last Chancers (R)
The Last Mythal (R)
Last Noel (R)
The Last Slice of Rainbow and Other Stories
The Late Great Future
Latin Affairs (By Request) (R)
Latin Liaisons (Foreign Affairs) (R)
Latin Lovers
Latin Lovers (By Request) (R)
Latin Lovers (MB) (R)
Latin Lovers Untamed (R)
Latin Loving (R)
Latro in the Mist (R)
Laugh Lines
The Laughter of Dark Gods
LaVyrle Spencer Collection (R)
LaVyrle Spencer Touches the Heart of America (R)
Law of Love (R)
Lawless Lovers (R)
Le Club, Volume 1 (R)
Le Club, Volume 2 (R)
The Leaphorn & Chee Novels (R)
Leaphorn & Chee: Three Classic Mysteries Featuring Lt. Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee (R)
Leaphorn, Chee, and More (R)
Learning to Love (R)
Leather & Lace
Leaving Blue Bayou (R)
Leaving the Closet for Love (R)
Legacies of Love (R)
Legacy of the Wolf (R)
Legally His (R)
Legally Hot
Legend of Drizzt 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition, Book I (R)
Legend of Drizzt 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition, Book II (R)
Legend of Drizzt Collector's Edition, Book I (R)
Legend of Eli Monpress (R)
Legend of Jig Dragonslayer (R)
The Legend of Sigmar (R)
Legend of the Guardians (R)
The Legend of the Jade Phoenix Trilogy (R)
Legendary Lovers (R)
Legends of the West Volume Four (R)
Legends of the West Volume One (R)
Legends of the West Volume Three (R)
Legends of the West Volume Two (R)
Legions of Space (R)
Lego City Emergency (Reader Collection) (R)
Lessons in Love
Lessons In Love (By Request) (R)
Lessons in Terror: Fear Street Collector's Edition #8 (R)
Lessons of the Heart
Let It Snow
Let it Snow (Mills & Boon) (R)
Let It Snow (YA)
Let's Be Jolly (R)
Let's Get It On
Lethal Attraction (R)
Letters of the Heart
Levant Trilogy (R)
Libertine in the Tudor Court (R)
Liberty's Promise (Romancing America: Delaware) (R)
Life in the Vrail, Vol. 1 (R)
The Lifehouse Trilogy (R)
Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless
Light the Candles
Light the Candles and Others (R)
Lighthouse Brides Collection (R)
Like A Charm
Like Mother, Like Daughter (But In A Good Way)
Lion Throne (R)
Lions and Tigers and Bears
Lip Service (R)
The Lipstick Chronicles
Lisa + Political Asylum (R)
Lisa and Co.
The Lisa Cooper Collection (R)
Lisa Scottoline: The First Two Novels (R)
The Listerdale Mystery and Other Stories (R)
A Little Bit Naughty (R)
Little Christmas Miracles (By Request) (R)
A Little Country Christmas
Little Fate (R)
A Little Magic (R)
Little Matchmakers (R)
Little Revenge (R)
A Little Secret, Vol. 1 (R)
A Little Secret, Vol. 2 (R)
Little Secrets (Mills & Boon) (R)
Little Seduction (R)
Live the Emotion (R)
Live Without a Net
Living Large
Liz + Syndicate Girl (R)
A Log Cabin Christmas
Logan (R)
London's Eligible Bachelors (R)
Lone Star Christmas
Lone Star Christmas...and Other Gifts (R)
Lone Star Country Club: The Debutantes
Lone Star Intrigue (R)
Lone Star Winter (R)
Lone Wolf
Lonergan's Secrets (By Request) (R)
Long and Hard (R)
Long Mead (R)
Long Road Home (R)
The Long Road Home Romance Collection (R)
Long Tall Texans (R)
Long Tall Texans II (R)
Long Tall Texans III (R)
Long, Tall Texan Weddings (R)
Long, Tall Texans: Burke and Coltrain (R)
Long, Tall Texans: Emmett and Regan (R)
Long, Tall Texans: Emmett, Regan and Burke (R)
Longing for a Cowboy Christmas
Look Out, Lancaster County! (R)
Looking for a Hero (R)
Looking for Trouble (R)
Loose Cannon (R)
Lord John and the Hand of Devils (Gabaldon) (R)
Lord of the Janissaries (R)
Lord of the Vampires (Royal House of Shadows) (R)
Lords & Ladies: Desperate Measures (R)
Lords & Ladies: Tangled Destiny (R)
Lords and Ladies
Lords and Ladies (Mansfield) (R)
Lords of Desire
Lords of Dus (R)
Lords of Hawksfell Manor (R)
Lords of Hawksfell Manor, Volume 2 (R)
Lords of Notoriety
Lords of Passion
Lords of Scandal
Lords of Scandal (Siren) (R)
Lords of Temptation (Siren) (R)
Lords of the Dead (R)
Lords of the Night
Lords of Valour
The Lost
Lost and Found (R)
The Lost Angel: Stories
Lost Books 4-in-1 (R)
The Lost College & Other Oxford Stories
The Lost College and other Oxford stories (R)
The Lost Files: Secret Histories (R)
Lost in the Night (R)
The Lost Princes: Darius, Cassius & Monte (By Request) (R)
The Lost Slayer Omnibus (R)
The Lost: A Gaunt's Ghosts Omnibus (R)
Louisiana Brides (R)
Love -- from His Point of View! (Spotlight) (R)
Love & Blood (R)
Love & Marriage
Love & Other Detours (R)
Love Afloat
Love Among Men (R)
Love and Glory (R)
Love and Laughter
Love and Lore
Love and Marriage (R)
Love and Other Heartaches
Love at First Bite
Love Awakens the Heart (R)
Love Beyond All Dimensions (R)
Love Beyond Time
Love Bites (R)
Love Bites, Volume 1 (R)
Love By Chocolate
Love By Design (R)
Love Came Just in Time (R)
Love Child (R)
Love Comes Along (R)
Love Finds a Home (R)
Love Finds a Way (R)
Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe (R)
A Love For All Seasons
Love from Greece (R)
Love Goddesses
Love in an Elevator
Love in Bloom
Love in Plain Sight (R)
Love in the City (By Request) (R)
Love in the Limelight: Volume One (R)
Love in the Limelight: Volume Two (R)
Love Is Blind
Love Is Hell
Love Is in the Air (R)
Love is Murder
Love Is Murder (Mira)
The Love Is Patient Romance Collection (R)
Love Islands: Passionate Nights (R)
Love Islands: Summer Kisses (R)
Love Islands: Swept Away (R)
Love Letters
Love Letters (Barbour)
Love Letters (Lisa Jackson) (R)
Love Letters 1: Obeying Desire
Love Letters 2: Duty to Please
Love Letters 3: Wicked Whispers
Love Letters 4: Travel to Temptation
Love Letters 5: Exposed
Love Letters 6: Cowboy's Command
Love Match
Love Me Tender
Love on the Wild Side (R)
Love Potion
Love So Tender
Love Stinks
Love Under Cover (Spotlight) (R)
Love Under Fire: Past Wrongs (R)
Love Under Fire: Secrets and Lies (R)
Love Under Fire: Snowbound Seduction (R)
Love, Honor and Cherish (R)
Love, Volume III (R)
Love, Volume IV (R)
Love, Volume V (R)
Love, Volume VI (R)
Love, Volume VIII (R)
Love, Volume X (R)
Love: The Cowboy Way (R)
Love's Compass (R)
Love's Haven (R)
Love's Legacy
Love's Pure Light
Lover Beware
Lover Come Back (R)
Lover from Another World
Lover Man (R)
Lovers and Dreamers (R)
Lovers and Ladies (R)
Lovers Dark and Dangerous
Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Loves of Charles II (R)
Loves Revenge (Tribute Collection) (R)
Loveseekers (R)
Lovestruck (R)
Loving Hearts
Loving Our Heroes (R)
Loving the Lawman (Spotlight) (R)
Luck of the Irish
Lucky Harbor (R)
Lunar Mates, Volume One (R)
Lunar Mates, Volume Three (R)
Lunar Mates, Volume Two (R)
Lure of the Cimmerions (R)
Lust Bites: Volume Two
The Lust Collection (R)
Lustful Hearts (R)
Lux: Beginnings (R)
Lux: Consequences (R)
Luxury Escapes (R)
Lynne Graham Duet (R)