A Mother's Heart - 1998
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    Original story collection
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(ss) Historical Romance / HR 4 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 3 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 3 Buy
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    A mother's love is boundless, and so is her desire to make her children happy -- even, sometimes, by meddling in matters of the heart. Now, three delightful tales of long-ago lovers prove that when it comes to romance, mother knows best...

    CASSANDRA'S QUEST by Veronica Ashley
    In ancient Constantinople, high-spirited Cassandra honors her dying mother's request to disguise herself as a nun and go in search of a missing jeweled swan. But her mother also orders a bodyguard, the magnificent Nicephorus, never to let the "nun" out of his sight... on a quest where the real treasure is love.

    THE BEST-LAID PLANS by Elizabeth Graham
    Serena Crane has no wish to marry, but she has decided that Jonas Mead is the perfect man for her widowed mother. Serena's mother is equally certain that Jonas's foster son, Gavin, is the perfect husband for Serena. But the two women's plans may go topsy-turvy when Jonas and Gavin begin some matchmaking all their own....

    When Sir William de Granville gives orders, everyone obeys -- except his mother, the warrior Dame Lois. And when he coldly weds the meek maid Cordelya, Lois decides to train her daughter-in-law in ways of war and desire, knowing her son will only surrender his heart to a lady who can best him on the field of love.