Anthologies by Title

Babies on the Doorstep (Spotlight) (R)
Baby and All
Baby Be Mine (R)
Baby Bonds (Queens of Romance) (R)
Baby Business (By Request) (R)
Baby Dreams
Baby for Dry Creek / A Dry Creek Christmas (R)
A Baby for Him? (Spotlight) (R)
Baby for the Billionaire (R)
Baby for the Greek Billionaire (By Request) (R)
Baby for the Midwife (By Request) (R)
Baby for the Tycoon (By Request) (R)
Baby Game (R)
The Baby Gift (R)
Baby In a Basket
Baby Love (R)
Baby Love (By Request) (R)
Baby Mine / Longer Than... (R)
Baby on Board (By Request) (R)
Baby on the Doorstep
Baby on the Way (R)
Baby on the Way / Wedding on the Way (R)
Baby Out of the Blue (Babies Collection) (R)
The Baby Surprise (By Request) (R)
Baby Trouble (Top Secret Deliveries) (By Request) (R)
Baby-sitter, Volume 1 (R)
The Baby-sitters Club Super Edition 3 Books In 1! #1-3 (R)
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Baby, It's Cold Outside (Entangled)
Baby? Maybe (R)
Baby's First Christmas (R)
The Bachelor Club
Bachelor Heroes (Spotlight) (R)
Bachelor...and Baby! (Spotlight) (R)
Bachelor's Cinderella (By Request) (R)
Bachelors' Babies (By Request) (R)
Bachman Books: Four Early Novels by Richard Bachman (R)
The Bachman Books: Four Early Novels by Stephen King
Back in His Bed (By Request) (R)
Back in Your Arms
Bad Behavior
Bad Boys (R)
Bad Boys in Black Tie
Bad Boys Next Exit
Bad Boys of Summer
Bad Boys on Board
Bad Boys Over Easy
Bad Boys Southern Style
Bad Boys to Go
Bad Boys with Expensive Toys
Bad Boys with Red Roses
Bad Girls Have More Fun
The Bad Place / Demon Seed / The Eyes of Darkness (R)
Baddest Bad Boys
Badge of Honor: Men in Blue / Special Operations / The Victim (R)
Badge of Honor: The Witness / The Assassin / The Murderers (R)
Badlands (R)
Bailey City Monsters, Volume 1 (R)
The Bailey City Monsters, Volume 1 (R)
The Bakeshop at Pumpkin and Spice
Balancing Act (R)
Balefire Omnibus (R)
Balkan Trilogy (R)
Ballistic Babes (R)
Baltimore Noir
Barbie: Story Collection (6 Early Readers) (R)
Bare Essentials (R)
Barefoot Bride / Outlaw's Bride (R)
Bargaining With the Billionaire (By Request) (R)
Bark M For Murder
The Barones: Joe, Daniel & Karen (Spotlight) (R)
The Barones: Nicholas, Colleen & Gina (Spotlight) (R)
The Barones: Reese, Claudia & Maria (Spotlight) (R)
The Barones: Rita, Emily & Alex (Spotlight) (R)
The Barrington Brothers (By Request) (R)
A Basket Brigade Christmas
Batman: 4 Adventure Stories (R)
Battles of Destiny 2-in-1 Vol. 3 (R)
Bayou Bad Boys
Bayou Brides
Be Mine
Be My Texas Valentine
Be My Valentine
Be My Valentine (Macomber) (R)
Be My Valentine, Vampire (R)
Beach Blanket Bad Boys
Beach Blondes (R)
Beach Season
Bearly Christmas Darling & Shadow Trail (R)
Beast Master's Planet (R)
The Beast Within
The Beaumont Brothers (By Request) (R)
Beautiful Boys (R)
Beautiful Stranger (R)
Beauty and the Beast (R)
Because It's Christmas (R)
Because of You (R)
Becoming the Boss (R)
Bedazzled (R)
Bedded by Blackmail (R)
Bedded by Her Boss (By Request) (R)
Bedded for His Pleasure (By Request) (R)
Bedded for Revenge (R)
Bedlam's Bard (R)
Bedroom Bargains of Revenge (By Request) (R)
Bedroom Seductions (By Request) (R)
Bedtime, Playtime
The Beggar / The Thief and the Dogs / Autumn Quail (R)
The Beginning (R)
Beginning Operations (R)
Beginning: Evermore and Blue Moon (R)
The Beginning: Fear Street Collector's Edition #1 (R)
Behind The Boardroom Door (R)
Behind the Headlines (R)
Behind the Red Doors
The Belgariad, Vol. 1 (R)
The Belgariad, Vol. 2 (R)
Believe (R)
Bella Rosa Marriages (By Request) (R)
Bella Rosa Proposals (By Request) (R)
Bells of Lowell, 3-in-1 (R)
Belong to the Night
Beloved Stranger / Summer Storm (R)
Ben's Bundle Of Joy / When Love Came To Town (R)
Beneath a Christmas Moon
Beneath a Waning Moon
Beneath His Shield (R)
Beneath the Mistletoe (Spotlight) (R)
Berrybender Narratives (R)
Berserkers (R)
Bespelling Jane Austen
Bess: Two Colorful Tales (R)
Best American Mystery Stories 2009
Best American Mystery Stories 2010
Best Christmas Ever and a Mother's Love (R)
The Best Dr. Thorndyke Detective Stories
Best Erotic Romance
Best Friends and Lovers (Spotlight) (R)
Best Friends...To Lovers (R)
Best Ghost Stories of J.S. LeFanu
Best Gift / Gift from the Heart (R)
The Best Kept Secrets... (R)
The Best Man
Best Medicine (R)
Best Men (Cosmo Red Hot) (R)
The Best of Anne Mather - 1 (R)
The Best of Anne Mather - 2 (R)
The Best of Anne Mather - 3 (R)
The Best of Anne Mather - 4 (R)
The Best of Anne Weale - 1 (R)
The Best of Anne Weale - 2 (R)
The Best of Anne Weale - 3 (R)
The Best of Betty Neels (R)
The Best of Carole Mortimer - 1 (R)
The Best of Carole Mortimer - 2 (R)
The Best of Carole Mortimer - 3 (R)
The Best of Charlotte Lamb - 1 (R)
The Best of Charlotte Lamb - 2 (R)
The Best of Charlotte Lamb - 3 (R)
Best of Elaine Raco Chase (R)
Best of Elaine Raco Chase: Dare the Devil / Special Delivery (R)
The Best of Hal Clement
The Best of Janet Dailey - 1 (R)
The Best of Janet Dailey - 2 (R)
The Best of Janet Dailey - 3 (R)
Best of Joan Hohl: While the Fire Rages / The Game Is Played (R)
The Best of John W. Campbell
The Best of Lester del Rey
The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Best of Penny Jordan (R)
The Best of Robyn Donald (R)
The Best of Sally Wentworth - 1 (R)
The Best of Sally Wentworth - 2 (R)
The Best of the Destroyer (R)
The Best of Violet Winspear (R)
Bet Me
The Betrothal
Betrothal (HH)
Betrothed by Christmas
Betsy and the Great World / Betsy's Wedding (R)
Betsy-Tacy Treasury (R)
Better Naughty Than Nice
Better Than Expected (R)
Betty Neels (By Request) (R)
Betty Neels Bridal Collection (R)
Betty Neels Christmas (R)
The Betty Neels Christmas Collection (R)
The Betty Neels Collection - 1 (R)
The Betty Neels Collection - 2 (R)
The Betty Neels Collection - 3 (R)
Betty Neels Duet (R)
Bewitched - Lori Foster (R)
Bewitched by Love
Bewitched by the Boss (By Request) (R)
Bewitched, Bothered & BeVampyred
Bewitching Desires, Volume 1 (R)
Bewitching Desires, Volume 2 (R)
Bewitching Desires, Volume 3 (R)
Bewitching Desires, Volume 4 (R)
Bewitching Kittens
Bewitching Love Stories
A Bewitching Season
Beyond Business (By Request) (R)
Beyond Desire (R)
Beyond Magic
Beyond Suspicion (R)
Beyond the Dark
Beyond the Dark (Berkley)
Beyond the Threshold (R)
BFF*: Best Friends Forever (R)
The Bifrost Guardians, Volume 1 (R)
The Bifrost Guardians, Volume 2 (R)
A Big Apple Christmas
Big City Pack (R)
Big Girls Don't Cry
Big Guns Out of Uniform
Big Sky Country (R)
Big Sky Winter (R)
Big Spankable Asses
Big Stone Gap / Big Cherry Holler (R)
The Big Stone Gap Trilogy (R)
Bikes & Booties
Bill Slider Omnibus (R)
The Billion Dollar Pact (R)
Billionaire Bachelors (R)
Billionaire Grooms (By Request) (R)
Billionaire Heirs (By Request) (R)
The Billionaire's Christmas Desire (R)
Billionaires & Babies (By Request) (R)
Billionaires Galore! (By Request) (R)
Billionaires: The Daredevil (R)
Billionaires' Marriages (R)
A Biltmore Christmas (Romancing America)
Birds Bees and Babies
Birds Bees and Babies '94
Birds, Bees and Babies (R)
Birthday Burglar / A Very Wicked Head Mistress (R)
The Bite Before Christmas
Biting the Apple (R)
Biting the Sun (R)
Bitten By Cupid
Bitter Sage / The Bushwhackers (R)
Black Hills Blessing (Romancing America: South Dakota) (R)
The Black Jewels Trilogy (R)
Black Lace Omnibus
Black Lace Omnibus II
Black Lace Omnibus III
Black Lagoon Adventures Books 1-7 (R)
Black Sand / Suspects / One Police Plaza (R)
Black Star Passes (R)
Blackhawk Desires (By Request) (R)
The Blackhearts Omnibus (R)
Blackmail & Secrets (R)
Blackmailed Bridegroom / The Luckless Elopement (R)
Blackmailed Brides (By Request) (R)
Blackmailed By The Rich Man (By Request) (R)
Blackmailed Into His Arms (By Request) (R)
Blackstone Legacy (R)
Blackstone Promise (R)
The Blaze Collection (R)
Blazing Bedtime Stories
Blazing Little Christmas
Blessed Assurance (R)
Blessed Bouquets (R)
Blessing (R)
Blessings / Whispers / Homecoming (R)
Blessings in Disguise (R)
Blessings of Mossy Creek
Blessings of the Heart / Samantha's Gift (R)
Blessings of the Season
Blind Date After Dark (R)
Blind Dates
Blind Dates and Other Disasters (R)
Blind Geometer / The New Atlantis (R)
Blind Passions (By Request) (R)
Blind to Love (R)
Blind to Love (By Request) (R)
Blind-Date Brides (By Request) (R)
Blind-Date Grooms (By Request) (R)
Blissful Seductions (R)
Blood & Moonlight
Blood and Fire (R)
Blood and Rust (R)
Blood Angels Omnibus (R)
Blood Angels Omnibus 2 (R)
Blood Books, Volume I (R)
Blood Books, Volume II (R)
Blood Books, Volume III (R)
The Blood Bowl Omnibus (R)
Blood by Moonlight (R)
Blood Coven Vampires, Volume I (R)
Blood is Not Enough
Blood Lines (R)
Blood Lite
The Blood of Ten Chiefs
Blood Ravens (R)
Blood Red Kiss
Bloodsuckers: The Vampire Archives Volume 1
A Blue and Gray Christmas (Romancing America)
Blue Christmas
The Blue Lenses and Other Stories (R)
Blue Mountain Weddings (Romancing America) (R)
The Blue Religion
Blue Shoes and Happiness / The Good Husband of Zebra Drive (R)
Bluest Eyes in Texas / Wife in Name Only (R)
Blushing Brides
Boardroom Affairs (By Request) (R)
Boardroom Baby (By Request) (R)
Boardroom Hot-Shots (Alpha Collection) (R)
Boardroom Kings (By Request) (R)
Boardroom to Bedroom (By Request) (R)
Bodies from the Library (R)
Bodies from the Library 2 (R)
The Bodleian Murders & other Oxford stories
A Body Is Found
Body of Evidence
The Bodyguard
Bodyguard (R)
Bodyguard (Harlequin) (R)
The Bodyguard (Mills & Boon) (R)
Bodyguard / the Bridegroom (R)
Bodyguards (By Request) (R)
Bodyguards in Bed
Bold Rider / King Colt (R)
Bolt Action / Trigger Guard (R)
Bombshell For The Boss
Bonded Fleming (R)
Bonding Camp, Volume 1 (R)
Bonding Camp, Volume 2 (R)
Bonding Camp, Volume 3 (R)
Book of Bebb / Lion Country / Open Heart / Love Feast / Treasure Hunt (R)
Book of Dragon (R)
The Book of the Ler (R)
Book of Years, Volume One (R)
Book of Years, Volume Two (R)
Books of the South (R)
Boots and Booties (R)
Borgias (R)
Born O'Hurley (R)
Born on the 4th of July
Born to Be B.A.D. (R)
Born to Bite
Born With the Dead / The Saliva Tree (R)
Borrow Trouble
Boss Man from Ogallala / Darling Jenny (R)
Boss Meets Baby (Babies Collection) (R)
The Boss's Christmas Seduction (R)
Bosses and Baby Bargains (Spotlight) (R)
Bought Brides (R)
Bought by the Rich Man (By Request) (R)
Bought for His Bed (By Request) (R)
Bought with a Gun / Marauder's Moon (R)
Bound (R)
Bound by a Baby (By Request) (R)
Bound by a Baby (By Request) (2018) (R)
Bound By His Vow (By Request) (R)
Bound By Honor (R)
Bound by Love
Bound Hearts: Submission / Seduction (R)
Bound to a Billionaire (R)
Bound to Ecstasy
Bound To The Billionaire (R)
Bounty / a Little Texas Two-Step (R)
The Bouquet
A Bouquet of Babies
A Bouquet of Love
Boxcar Children Halloween Special (R)
Boy's Life / Gone South (R)
Boyfriend Shopping
The Boys Are Back In Town
Boys of Summer (R)
Brac Pack, Volume 1 (R)
Brac Pack, Volume 2 (R)
Brac Pack, Volume 3 (R)
Brac Pack, Volume 4 (R)
Brac Pack, Volume 5 (R)
Brac Pack, Volume 6 (R)
Brac Pack, Volume 7 (R)
Brac Pack, Volume 8 (R)
Brac Pack, Volume 9 (R)
Brain Ships (R)
Brambleberry Shores (R)
Brandon's Posse / The Hell Merchant (R)
Brandywine Brides (Romancing America: Delaware) (R)
Brave Hearts (R)
Brave New World / Brave New World Revisited (R)
Bravo Family Ties (R)
The Bravos: Aaron & Cade (Spotlight) (R)
Bravos: Family Ties (By Request) (R)
The Break-up Diaries, Vol. 1
The Break-up Diaries, Vol. 2
The Breaking Point and Other Stories
The Breaking Point: Eight Stories (R)
The Breaking Point: Short Stories (R)
Breeze Off the Ocean / Morgan Wade's Woman (R)
Bridal Bargains (Tribute Collection) (R)
Bridal Showers
Bride and Groom
A Bride At Last / A Mother At Heart (R)
Bride by Arrangement
A Bride By Christmas (R)
A Bride By Christmas (Barbour)
A Bride by Summer (By Request) (R)
Bride By Surprise (R)
Bride for a Billionaire (By Request) (R)
Bride for a Bit
A Bride for All Seasons
Bride for Dry Creek / Shepherds Abiding in Dry Creek (R)
Bride for Eight Brothers, Volume 1 (R)
Bride for Eight Brothers, Volume 2 (R)
Bride for Eight Brothers, Volume 3 (R)
Bride of Blackness Castle / a Gentleman of Substance (R)
Bride Under the Mistletoe (By Request) (R)
A Bride's Agreement (R)
A Bride's Bouquet
The Bride's Bouquet (R)
A Bride's Desire
A Bride's Passion
Bride's Prerogative (R)
A Bride's Temptation
Bridegrooms Required (R)
The Brides (Weddings) (R)
Brides and Grooms (By Request) (R)
Brides by Blackmail (By Request) (R)
Brides for Christmas (By Request) (R)
Brides for the Billionaires (By Request) (R)
Brides O' The Emerald Isle
Brides of Arkansas (Romancing America: Arkansas) (R)
Brides of Bella Lucia: Secrets Revealed (R)
Brides of Bella Lucia: Unexpected Proposals (R)
Brides of Bella Rosa (By Request) (R)
Brides of Bonneterre Trilogy (R)
The Brides of Christmas
Brides of Lancaster County 4 in 1 (R)
Brides of Lehigh Canal Omnibus (R)
Brides of Summer (R)
Brides of the Empire (R)
Brides of the Old West (R)
Brides of the West Jumbo Reader (R)
Brides to Be (R)
Brides, Boots and Booties (R)
Bridled, Volume 1 (R)
Brighton Road / The Sugar Rose (R)
Bring the Ring (R)
Bringing up Baby (By Request) (R)
British Bachelors: Delicious and Dangerous (R)
British Bachelors: Fabulous and Famous (R)
British Bachelors: Gorgeous and Impossible (R)
British Bachelors: Rich and Powerful (R)
British Bachelors: Tempting and New (R)
British Murder (R)
Broken Resolutions (By Request) (R)
Broken Silence
Broken Vows, Mended Hearts
The Bromeliad (R)
Bronze Mystique / Secrets in Silence (R)
Brother Cadfael Mystries: A Morbid Taste For Bones / The Raven In The Foregate / The Rose Rent (R)
Brotherhood of War: The Lieutentants / The Captains / The Majors (R)
Brothers of the Absinthe Club, Volume 1 (R)
Brothers of the Absinthe Club, Volume 2 (R)
Brothers of the Outlaw Trail
Brothers of Wilde, Nevada, Volume 1 (R)
Brothers of Wilde, Nevada, Volume 2 (R)
Brothers of Wilde, Nevada, Volume 3 (R)
Bruce Coville's Book of Monsters
Bruce Coville's Book of Monsters II
Bruce Coville's Book of Nightmares
Brush Country (R)
Buckeye Dreams (Romancing America: Ohio) (R)
Buckhorn Beginnings (R)
Bump in the Night
Bundles of Joy (Australia Collection) (R)
The Bunnicula Collection (R)
Burned, Bold and Brazen (R)
Burning Bright
Burning Desire (R)
Burning Up
Burning Up (Berkley)
Business Affairs (R)
Business of Death (R)
Bwana / Bully (R)
By Arrangement/By Possession (R)
By Blood We Live
By Fate's Hand
By My Side (R)
By Royal Appointment (By Request) (R)
By Royal Decree (R)
Bygones / November of the Heart / Family Blessings (R)