A Midwinter Fantasy
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    Original story collection
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(ss) Romance / R 3 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 0 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 0 Buy
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    You have ventured through the wardrobe and down the rabbit hole. You''ve beheld the Fading Lands and glimpsed the ivory spires of Minas Tirith. A star now rises over three other kingdoms, and over three heroic couples, all deep in winter''s thrall:

    Visit Leanna Renee Hieber''s Strangely Beautiful Victorian London, “strange in its happenings and mood and beautiful in its romance and language" (Booklist).Haunted though these soot-stained urban alleys may be, a lonely headmistress and a gallant vicar shall here reap the season''s blessings.

    Travel to Meridian and Sylph Valley, L. J. McDonald''s “mesmerizing, magical world [readers] won''t want to leave" (Library Journal).Immensely powerful creatures called battle sylphs vie for dominance here, while fulfilling every wish of their queens. But what woman shall rule the mighty Mace?

    Discover Helen Scott Taylor''s land ofThe Magic Knot, which is “wonderfully creative and lusciously sexy" (The Chicago Tribune).In the frosty North, in the ice palace of Valhalla, Sonja''s life depends upon unraveling the mystery of the Crystal Crib—and upon winning the love of Odin''s son."