Anthologies by Title

Half Past Dead
Hallowe'en Husbands
Halloween Hijinx
Halloween Murder (R)
Halloween Party Murder
Halloween Temptations (R)
Halos and Horns (R)
The Hamiltons (R)
A Handful of Gold
Handsome Heroes (Australia Collection) (R)
Happily Ever After (R)
Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas Love Mills & Boon (R)
Happy Endings (R)
Happy Holidays (R)
Happy Is the Bride
Happy Mother's Day (R)
Happy Mother's Day! Love Mills & Boon (R)
Happy Mothers Day! (R)
Happy New Year, Darling (Spotlight) (R)
Harbor Hopes (Romancing America: Maine) (R)
Hard Candy
Hard Drives and Sex Toys (R)
Hard Hats, Hard Bodies
Hard Hits (R)
The Hard Stuff
Hard To Handle (R)
Hard to Resist
A Harlequin Christmas Carol
Harlequin Escapade (R)
Harlequin Historical Christmas Stories 1989
Harlequin Historical Christmas Stories 1990
Harlequin Historical Christmas Stories 1991
Harlequin Historical Christmas Stories 1992
Harlequin Omnibus #38 (R)
Harlequin Omnibus #40 (R)
Harlequin Omnibus #47 (R)
The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories (R)
Harmony (R)
Harmony Trilogy (R)
The Harp of Fishbones and Other Stories
A Harp of Fishbones and Other Stories (R)
Harry Bosch Novels Volume 2 (R)
Hart Brothers: Rey and Leo (R)
Hart Brothers: Simon and Callaghan (R)
Harvest Hearts
Harvest Home
Harvest Moon
The Haunted Bridge and Other Strange Tales of the Oxford Canal
Haunted by Your Touch
Haunted House Murder (R)
Haunted Lands Omnibus (R)
Haunting Christmas Tales
Haunting Love Stories
Have a Little Faith
Having His Baby! (By Request) (R)
Hawaiian Dreams (Romancing America: Hawaii) (R)
Hawaiian Holidays, Volume 1 (R)
Hawk's Way Bachelors (R)
Hawk's Way Brides (R)
Hawk's Way Grooms (R)
Hawk's Way Rogues (R)
Hawk's Way: Callen & Zach (R)
Hawk's Way: Carter & Falcon (R)
Hawk's Way: Faron & Garth (R)
Hawk's Way: Rebels (R)
Hawkwood and the Kings (R)
Hazy Summer Nights (R)
He's My Cowboy
He's the One (R)
He's the One (By Request) (R)
Headed for Trouble (Suzanne Brockmann) (R)
Heart and Soul (R)
The Heart of a Child
Heart of a Hero (By Request) (R)
Heart of a Hero II (By Request) (R)
Heart Of A Stranger (R)
Heart of Bronze (R)
The Heart of Christmas
Heart of Darkness
The Heart of Hill Country (R)
Heart of Texas Volume 1 (R)
Heart of Texas Volume 2 (R)
Heart of Texas Volume 3 (R)
Heart of the Home
Heart of the West (R)
Heart of Winter (R)
Heart Speaks (R)
The Heart's Command
Heart's Delight
Heart's Desire (R)
Heartbreak Ranch
Heartbreaker (R)
Heartbreakers (R)
Heartland Heroes (Romancing America: Iowa) (R)
Heartland Weddings (R)
The Heartlight Saga (R)
Hearts Are Wild
Hearts Divided
Hearts Evergreen
Hearts from the Ashes
Hearts of Gold
Hearts of Gold (By Request) (R)
The Hearts of Warriors (R)
Hearts Untamed (R)
Heat of the Night (R)
Heat of the Night (Emma Holly) (R)
Heat of the Night (MB) (R)
Heat Wave
Heat Wave (Dafina)
Heat Wave (Harlequin)
Heat Wave (Midsummer's Nights Steam)
Heat, Volume 1 (R)
Heat, Volume 2 (R)
Heating Up The Holidays
Heatwave (By Request) (R)
Heaven on Earth (R)
Heaven Sent (R)
Heaven Trilogy (R)
Heir to a Desert King (R)
Heir To His Legacy (R)
Heir to the Throne
Heiress in Regency Society (R)
Heirloom Brides
The Heirloom Brides Collection
Heist 2
Helen Bianchin (By Request) (R)
The Helen Bianchin Collection - 1 (R)
The Helen Bianchin Collection - 2 (R)
Helen Bianchin Duet (R)
Helix War (R)
Hell On Heels
Hell Raisers (R)
Hell With the Ladies
Helliconia (R)
Helliconia Trilogy (R)
Help I'm Trapped´┐Ż Volume 1 (R)
Help Wanted--Angel! (R)
Her Amazing Boss! (By Request) (R)
Her Baby Secret (By Request) (R)
Her Billionaire Boss (Boss Collection) (R)
Her Bodyguard (Spotlight) (R)
Her Boss the Hero (At His Service) (R)
Her Christmas Hero (R)
Her Christmas Prince (R)
Her Enemy With Benefits (R)
Her Fiance (Spotlight) (R)
Her Greek Groom (R)
Her Greek Millionaire (By Request) (R)
Her Greek Tycoon (By Request) (R)
Her Guardian (R)
Her Happy-Ever-After Family (R)
Her Hero's Baby (Babies Collection) (R)
Her Kind Of Hero (R)
Her Kind Of Hero and Second Time Around (R)
Her Kind of Man (Spotlight) (R)
Her Latin Lover's Revenge (By Request) (R)
Her Lover, Her Husband? (Queens of Romance) (R)
Her Mediterranean Boss (Boss Collection) (R)
Her Mistletoe Magic (R)
Her Nine Month Miracle (By Request) (R)
Her One and Only (R)
Her Outback Boss (Boss Collection) (R)
Her Passionate Italian (By Request) (R)
Her Playboy Boss (Boss Collection) (R)
Her Pregnancy Surprise (By Request) (R)
Her Rescuer (Spotlight) (R)
Her Secret Child (By Request) (R)
Her Surprise Baby (Spotlight) (R)
Her Sweet Surrender (R)
Her Tycoon Lover (By Request) (R)
Hercule Poirot's Casebook (R)
Here Comes Santa Claus
Here Comes the Bride (R)
Heris Serrano (R)
Heritage and Exile (R)
Heritage of Lancaster County (R)
Hero In Disguise and Hidden Blessing (R)
Hero in Her Bed (By Request) (R)
Hero, Come Back
A Hero's Kiss
Heroes In Hot Pursuit: Sworn Protector (R)
Heroes Unwrapped
Hex Appeal
Hex on the Beach
Hidden Enemy (R)
Hidden Heart (R)
Hidden Heirs: Behind Palace Doors (R)
Hidden Heirs: Consequences of a Playboy (R)
Hidden Heirs: One Night...To Wife (R)
Hidden Motives
Hide and Seek
Hideaway Legacy (R)
Hideaway Saga (R)
High Druid of Shannara Trilogy (R)
High Society (R)
High Society Affairs, Vol. 1 (R)
High Society Grooms (By Request) (R)
High Society Weddings (By Request) (R)
High Stakes (R)
Highland Beast
Highland Crossings (Romancing America)
Highland Fling
Highland Hunger
Highland Legacy
Highland Thirst
Highland Vampire
A Highlander Christmas
Highly Unsuitable (R)
Highs and Lows of Being Mia (R)
Hired For His Pleasure (R)
Hired: A Bride for the Boss (By Request) (R)
Hired: Mistress (By Request) (R)
His 9-5 Secretary (At His Service) (R)
His After-Hours Mistress (By Request) (R)
His Baby Surprise (Spotlight) (R)
His Blushing Bride
His Boardroom Mistress (By Request) (R)
His Bride on His Terms (By Request) (R)
His Bride to Be
His By Any Means (By Request) (R)
His Child (By Request) (R)
His Chosen Wife (By Request) (R)
His Christmas Bride (Spotlight) (R)
His Cinderella Housekeeper (R)
His Contract Bride (By Request) (R)
His Convenient Woman (By Request) (R)
His Dark Materials Omnibus (R)
His Defiant Mistress (By Request) (R)
His Delicious Revenge (R)
His Eternal Kiss
His Fantasies, Her Desires
His for Christmas (By Request) (R)
His for the Holidays
His Forbidden Conquest (By Request) (R)
His Girl Next Door (By Request) (R)
His Governess Bride (R)
His Guardian Angels, Volume 1 (R)
His Immortal Embrace
His Independent Bride (By Request) (R)
His Inexperienced Mistress (By Request) (R)
His Irish Bride (R)
His Little Miracle (By Request) (R)
His Little Secret (R)
His Love-Child (By Request) (R)
His Majesty's Marriage (R)
His Not-So-Blushing Bride (R)
His Perfect Bride (By Request) (R)
His Permanent Mistress (By Request) (R)
His Pregnant Bride (By Request) (R)
His Pregnant Bride (Spotlight) (R)
His Rags-to-Riches Bride (R)
His Reluctant Bride (R)
His Revenge Seduction (By Request) (R)
His Scandalous Mistress (By Request) (R)
His Secret Baby (By Request) (R)
His Secret Baby (By Request) 2 (R)
His Secret Life (R)
His Suitable Bride (By Request) (R)
His Summer Bride (By Request) (R)
His Temporary Cinderella (By Request) (R)
His to Command (R)
His to Possess (R)
His Ultimate Demand (By Request) (R)
His Undercover Virgin (Spotlight) (R)
His Virgin Bride (By Request) (R)
His Virgin Lover (By Request) (R)
His Virgin Seductress (Spotlight) (R)
His Virgin Temptress (Spotlight) (R)
His Virgin Wife (Spotlight) (R)
Historical Christmas Present (R)
The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Box Set (R)
Holding Out for a Hero (R)
Holding Out for a Hero (Spotlight) (R)
Holiday Affair (R)
Holiday Blessings (R)
Holiday Brides
Holiday Cheer
Holiday Dream (R)
Holiday Fantasy
Holiday Hearts (R)
Holiday Heat
Holiday Heroes (R)
Holiday Hideout
Holiday Honeymooners
Holiday in Stone Creek (R)
The Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn
Holiday Kisses (R)
Holiday Magic
Holiday Murder (R)
A Holiday of Love
Holiday Present (R)
Holiday Rescue (R)
Holiday Temptation
A Holiday to Remember
Holiday Wishes (R)
Holiday Wishes (Arabesque) (R)
Holiday Wishes (Nora Roberts) (R)
Holiday With A Vampire (R)
Holidays Are Hell
Holidays at Heartbreaker Bay (R)
Holland Brothers, Volume 1 (R)
Holland Brothers, Volume Two (R)
Hollington Homecoming, Volume One (R)
Hollington Homecoming, Volume Two (R)
Holly's Heart, vol. 1 (R)
Hollys Heart, vol. 2 (R)
Hollys Heart, vol. 3 (R)
Hollywood Cowboys, Volume 1 (R)
Home at Last (R)
Home at Last (Roberts) (R)
Home at Rose Cottage (R)
Home for Christmas
Home for Christmas (Barbour)
Home for Christmas (By Request) (R)
Home for the Holidays
Home for the Holidays (Debbie Macomber) (R)
Home Improvement: Undead Edition
Home on the Ranch: Colorado (R)
Home on the Range (R)
Home Sweet Home
Home to Harts Crossing (R)
Homefront Heroines
Homelanders (R)
Homespun Christmas
A Homespun Mother's Day
A Homespun Regency Christmas
The Homestead Brides Collection
Hometown Heartbreakers (R)
Homicide for the Holidays (R)
Hondo, Texas Wolves (R)
Honeymoon Suite
Honk If You Love Real Men
Hoosier Crossroads (Romancing America: Indiana) (R)
The Hope Chest
A Hopeful Christmas
Hopeful Hearts (R)
Horse in the Attic (R)
Hostile Takeover (R)
Hot & Hard (R)
Hot Alphas
Hot and Bothered
Hot and Bothered (Kennedy) (R)
Hot and Heavy (R)
Hot Blooded
Hot Blooded Affairs (Queens of Romance) (R)
Hot Chocolate
Hot Christmas Nights
Hot Christmas Nights (Mills & Boon) (R)
Hot City Nights
Hot Desert Nights
Hot Docs On Call: Hollywood Heartthrobs (R)
Hot Docs On Call: Healing His Heart (R)
Hot Docs On Call: New York City Nights (R)
Hot Docs On Call: One Night To Forever? (R)
Hot Docs On Call: Surgeon's Seduction (R)
Hot Docs On Call: Tinseltown Cinderella (R)
Hot for the Holidays
Hot in Handcuffs
Hot in Here (R)
Hot Latin Lovers (By Request) (R)
A Hot Man Is the Best Revenge
Hot Nights with a Greek (R)
Hot Nights With the Spaniard (R)
Hot Nights with the...Australian (R)
Hot Nights with...the Italian (R)
Hot Nights, Dark Desires
Hot Off the Ranch (R)
Hot Pursuit
Hot Shots
Hot Single Docs: Happily-Ever-After (R)
Hot Single Docs: Giving In To Temptation (R)
Hot Single Docs: Meeting His Match (R)
Hot Single Docs: Taming The Bachelor (R)
Hot Single Docs: The Playboy's Redemption (R)
Hot Single Docs: Waiting For You (R)
Hot Spell
Hot Summer Flings (By Request) (R)
Hot Summer Loving (By Request) (R)
Hot Summer Nights
Hot Summer Nights (Midsummer's Nights Steam)
Hot Summer Nights!: Exposed (By Request) (R)
Hot Ticket
Hot Trash (R)
Hot-Blooded Husbands (Tribute Collection) (R)
Hot-Blooded Italians (R)
Hot-Blooded Sicilians (Latin Lovers) (R)
Hot-Headed Virgin (By Request) (R)
Hot-Shot Heroes (Alpha Collection) (R)
Hotbed of Scandal (By Request) (R)
Hotter Than Hell
Hottest Blood (The Hot Blood Series)
The Hottie Next Door
The Hound of Death and Other Stories (R)
The House Love Built
House of Cards (R)
House of Serpents (R)
The Housekeeper (His to Command) (R)
Housekeeper at His Command (By Request) (R)
Housekeeper in His Bed (R)
Housekeepers Say I Do! (By Request) (R)
Houses of the Kzinti (R)
How Still We See Thee Lie (R)
How Sweet the Sound
How the Dukes Stole Christmas
How to Be a "Wicked" Woman
How To Deal (R)
How to Lasso a Cowboy
How to Marry a Duke
How To Marry A Millionaire
How To Seduce An Heiress (R)
Howl for It
Howling for You (R)
The Hudsons: Luc, Jack and Charlotte (By Request) (R)
The Hudsons: Max, Bella and Devlin (By Request) (R)
The Hungry Dead (R)
Hunter's Blades Collector's Edition (R)
Hunting Love
Hurts So Good
A Husband for Christmas (R)
A Husband for Mama
Husbands and Wives (By Request) (R)
Husbands of the Outback (R)
Husbands on Horseback (R)