Anthologies by Title
Anthology Title
Pacific Passions (Foreign Affairs) (R)
The Package Deal (By Request) (R)
Painted Desert (Romancing America: Arizona) (R)
The Painting
Palmetto Dreams (Romancing America: South Carolina) (R)
Panther Key (R)
Paper Marriages (By Request) (R)
Paper Princess / The Perfect Gentleman (R)
Paradise / Tender Triumph (R)
Paradise Nights (R)
Paradise Trilogy (R)
The Parasol Protectorate (R)
Pardon / Beyond Suspicion (R)
Parent Trap (R)
The Parent Trap (By Request) (R)
The Parenti Marriage (R)
Paris or Bust!
Park Avenue Scandals (721 Park Avenue) (R)
Parker Pyne Investigates (R)
The Parks Empire: Handsome Strangers... (Spotlight) (R)
The Parks Empire: Secrets, Lies & Loves (Spotlight) (R)
Parlor Games
The Parting / The Forbidden / The Longing (R)
Partners in Crime (R)
Party Favors
Pasadena Promises (R)
The Passer-By and Other Stories (R)
Passion (By Request) (R)
Passion (Romance Stars Collection) (R)
Passion and Ecstasy
Passion and Patience (R)
Passion and Peril (R)
Passion and Pistols (R)
Passion and Pleasure (By Request) (R)
Passion in Paradise (By Request) (R)
Passion with a Vengeance (By Request) (R)
Passionate Affair (R)
A Passionate Affair (By Request) (R)
Passionate Affairs (By Request) (R)
A Passionate Bargain (Queens of Romance) (R)
Passionate Brides (R)
Passionate Calanettis (By Request) (R)
Passionate Hearts (R)
Passionate Knights (R)
A Passionate Mission (By Request) (R)
Passionate Nights (R)
Passionate Partners (Spotlight) (R)
Passionate Playboys (Alpha Collection) (R)
Passionate Playboys (By Request) (R)
Passionate Protectors (R)
A Passionate Pursuit (Spotlight) (R)
Passionate Secrets (Spotlight) (R)
Passionate Spaniards (Latin Lovers) (R)
Passionate Surrender (R)
Patchsaddle Drive / Shoot Out at Sioux Wells (R)
A Patchwork Christmas
Patchwork Holiday
The Patricia Gaffney Collection (R)
The Patricia Wilson Collection (R)
Patricia Wilson Duet - 1 (R)
Patricia Wilson Duet - 2 (R)
Patricia Wilson Duet - 3 (R)
Patricia Wilson Duet - 4 (R)
Patrick Melrose Novels (R)
Patriot Games / Clear and Present Danger / The Sum of All Fears (R)
Patterns of Murder (R)
Patton's Daughters (R)
Payback Affairs (By Request) (R)
Peachtree Dreams (Romancing America: Georgia) (R)
The Peak of Love (R)
The Pearl / The Red Pony (R)
A Pedlar's Pack and Other Stories
Pellucidar - The Inner World - Volume 1 - At the Earth's Core & Pellucidor (R)
Penguin Book Of Crime Stories (R)
Pennsylvania (R)
Penny Jordan (By Request) (R)
The Penny Jordan Collection (R)
The Penny Jordan Collection - 1 (R)
The Penny Jordan Collection - 2 (R)
The Penny Jordan Collection - 3 (R)
The Penny Jordan Collection - 4 (R)
The Penny Jordan Collection - 5 (R)
The Penny Jordan Collection - 6 (R)
The Penny Jordan Collection - 7 (R)
Penny Jordan Duet - 1 (R)
Penny Jordan Duet - 2 (R)
Penny Jordan Duet - 3 (R)
Penny Jordan Duet - 4 (R)
Perfect for the Beach
The Perfect Gift
Perfect Harmony (R)
The Perfect Husband / The Other Daughter (R)
Perfect Kisses
Perfect Match / the Christmas Groom (R)
Perfect Passion (R)
The Perfect Present
Perfect Secrets
Perfect Summer (R)
Perfect Timing
Perfect Tree
Perfectly Wicked (R)
Perry Mason: Seven Complete Mysteries (R)
Phoenix Rising I
A Pioneer Christmas Collection
The Pirate, The Adventurer & The Cowboy (R)
Pirate's Love/Hearts Aflame (R)
Pistols for Two (R)
Pixie Hollow Tales (4 Early Readers) (R)
Places I Never Meant to Be
Placida Pod (R)
The Plague / The Fall / Exile and the Kingdom (R)
The Plain City Bridesmaids (R)
Plain Jane Makeover (By Request) (R)
The Planet Pirates (R)
The Planet Savers / The Sword of Aldones (R)
Plantation Christmas Weddings
Plateful of Murder (R)
The Platinum Collection: A Convenient Proposal (R)
The Platinum Collection: A Diamond Deal (R)
The Platinum Collection: Affairs To Remember (R)
Platinum Grooms (By Request) (R)
Play Ball
Play It Again (R)
Playboy Bachelors (By Request) (R)
Playboy Lovers (By Request) (R)
Playboys (Romance Stars Collection) (R)
Playful Demons (R)
Playing Easy To Get
Playing for Keeps (R)
Playing for Keeps / A Tempting Stranger (R)
Playing with Fire (R)
Playing with Fire 2 (R)
Playing with Matches
Playing With Pleasure (R)
Please Don't Be True (R)
Please, Sir
Pleasurably Undone!
Pleasure (Romance Stars Collection) (R)
Pleasure Bound (R)
Pleasure Brigade (R)
The Pleasure Garden (R)
Pleasure of His Bed
Pleasure Planet
The Pleasure Project
Pleasure Raiders
Pleasures of Helen / The Seduction of Peter S. / The Passion of Molly T. (R)
Plot Thickens (R)
The Plot Thickens
Po' Boys
Pocketful of Blessings (R)
Point of No Return / Marriage Overboard (R)
Pointed Roofs (R)
Poirot Investigates (R)
Poirot's Early Cases (R)
Poker Night: Vol 1 (R)
Poker Night: Vol 2 (R)
Polar Star / Gorky Park (R)
Pony Pals Volume II (Books 5-8) (R)
Poor Caroline / Matched Pairs (R)
Pop Babies (R)
Porch Swings and Picket Fences
Portrait in Smoke / The Tooth and the Nail (R)
Possessed by the Sheikh (Spotlight) (R)
Possession (R)
Possessive Passions (R)
Postcards at Christmas (R)
Postcards From Buenos Aires (R)
Postcards From Rio (R)
Postman Always Rings Twice / Double Indemnity / Mildred Pierce (R)
Postmark: Christmas (Romancing America)
Power (R)
The Power of Love
Power of Love / The Courage to Dream (R)
Powerful Protectors (R)
Powers of Detection
Powertools (R)
Prairie Brides
Prairie Christmas
A Prairie Christmas
A Prairie Christmas Collection (R)
Prairie County Fair
Prairie Hearts (Romancing America: Kansas) (R)
Prairie Hills (Romancing America: South Dakota) (R)
Prairie Promises (R)
Prairie Romance Collection (R)
A Prairie Romance Collection (12 Novellas) (R)
The Prairie Trilogy (R)
The Preacher's Bride Collection (R)
Preacher's Journey / Law of the Mountain Man (R)
Preacher's Justice / Fury of the Mountain Man (R)
Precious Surprises (R)
Predators (R)
The Pregnancy Pact (By Request) (R)
Pregnancy Proposals (By Request) (R)
Pregnancy Surprise (R)
Pregnancy Surprise (By Request) (R)
Pregnant Brides (By Request) (R)
Pregnant by the Billionaire (By Request) (R)
Pregnant By The CEO (R)
Pregnant Proposals (By Request) (R)
Pregnant with His Baby! (By Request) (R)
Pregnant With His Child (Spotlight) (R)
Pregnant! (Spotlight) (R)
Prejudice in Regency Society (R)
Prescription Pregnancy (By Request) (R)
Presents, Passion & Proposals
Presumed Guilty / Keeper Of The Bride (R)
A Pretend Proposal (R)
The Price of Desire (By Request) (R)
Priceless (R)
Pride (Romance Stars Collection) (R)
Pride & Consequence (R)
Pride and Prejudice / Sense and Sensibility (R)
Pride in Regency Society (R)
Primal Heat
Primal Seduction (R)
Prime Evil (R)
Prince Brothers: Satisfaction Guaranteed! (By Request) (R)
Prince Zaleski and Cummings King Monk (R)
The Prince's Baby (R)
Princes of Castaldini (By Request) (R)
Princes of the Outback (Spotlight) (R)
Princes' Brides (By Request) (R)
The Princess Brides (By Request) (R)
Princess Brides (Spotlight) (R)
Princesses & Protectors (Royal Affairs) (R)
Prisoner of Love
Prisoners of Tomorrow (R)
The Private Eye
Private Eye / Beguiled (R)
Private Investigations / Breathless (R)
Private Places
Private Scandals
Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories (R)
Prom Ever After
Prom Nights from Hell
Prom Season (R)
Prometheus in Chains, Volume 1 (R)
Prometheus in Chains, Volume 2 (R)
Prometheus in Chains, Volume 3 (R)
Promise Brides (Romancing America: Pennsylvania) (R)
The Promise of Happiness / Caroline's Waterloo (R)
The Promise of Love
Promise Remains & The Watermark (R)
Promised Brides
Promisegivers (R)
Promises (R)
Promises (Michaels) (R)
Promises of Seduction (R)
Proof of Innocence (R)
Proposal (R)
A Proposal at Christmas (R)
A Proposal for Christmas (R)
A Proposal Worth Waiting For (By Request) (R)
Proposals in Regency Society (R)
Propositioned by the Playboy (By Request) (R)
Propositioned By The Prince (By Request) (R)
Propositioned By The Tycoon (R)
Protecting Her (Spotlight) (R)
Protector, Lover...Husband? (By Request) (R)
Protectors in Blue (Spotlight) (R)
Protectors--The Beginning (R)
Protectors: the Early Years (R)
Psycho / Psycho II / Psycho House (R)
Pugnacious Peacemaker / The Wheels of If (R)
PUP Squad Alpha, Volume 1 (R)
PUP Squad Alpha, Volume 2 (R)
PUP Squad Alpha, Volume 3 (R)
PUP Squad Alpha, Volume 4 (R)
A Puppy for Christmas (R)
Purchased for Passion (By Request) (R)
Pure Sex
Purrfect Love
Purrfect Mates, Volume 1 (R)
Purrfect Romance
Pursuit (R)
Pursuit / The Angry Horsemen (R)
Pursuit of Love / Love in a Cold Climate (R)
Pyrate's Treasure (R)