Anthologies by Title

Daddy Again (R)
A Daddy For Christmas (R)
Daddy for Christmas (R)
Daddy-Long-Legs / Dear Enemy (R)
Daddy's Christmas Miracle (R)
Daddy's Home (R)
Daddy's Home (By Request) (R)
Daddy's Little Cowgirl (R)
Dakota (R)
Dakota Heat, Volume 1 (R)
Dakota Heat, Volume 2 (R)
Dakota Love (Romancing America: South Dakota) (R)
Damned, Delicious, and Dangerous
Dance of Death / A Corpse for Christmas (R)
Dance With Me (R)
A Dance with the Devil
Dancing in the Duke's Arms
The Danforths: Marc, Tanya & Abe (Spotlight) (R)
The Danforths: Reid, Kimberly & Jake (Spotlight) (R)
The Danforths: Toby, Lea and Adam (Spotlight) (R)
The Danforths: Wesley, Ian and Imogene (Spotlight) (R)
Danger in Montparnasse / The Lordship of Love (R)
Dangerous (R)
Dangerous & Dashing
Dangerous Affair (R)
Dangerous Affairs (R)
Dangerous Angels (R)
Dangerous Beauties (R)
Dangerous Dames (R)
Dangerous Desire (R)
Dangerous Diversions / Toast of the Town (R)
Dangerous Games (R)
Dangerous Games (HQN) (R)
Dangerous Girls: Fear Street Collector's Edition #4 (R)
Dangerous Ladies (R)
Dangerous Nights (R)
Dangerous Ties
Dangerous to Hold (R)
Dangerous to Know (R)
Dangerous to Know (Merline Lovelace) (R)
Dangerous Visions #1
Dangerous Visions #2
Dangerous Visions #3
Dangerous: Risky Business / Storm Warning / The Welcoming (R)
The Dante Legacy: Blackmail (By Request) (R)
The Dante Legacy: Passion (By Request) (R)
Daphne Du Maurier: Three Complete Novels, Five Short Stories (R)
A Darcy Christmas
Dare Me
Dare Me (Rainey) (R)
Daring Moves / Marriage on Demand (R)
Dark & Dangerous (Spotlight) (R)
Dark and Stormy Knights
Dark and Stormy Night
Dark Angel / Lord Carew's Bride (R)
Dark Beginnings (R)
Dark Bites (R)
Dark Bites A Short Story Collection (R)
Dark Companion (R)
Dark Consorts (R)
Dark Crossings
Dark Days, Hot Nights (R)
Dark Delicacies
Dark Dreamers
Dark Dreams (R)
The Dark Elf Trilogy, Collector's Edition (R)
The Dark Elite (R)
Dark Heritage / Hermitage Hill (R)
Dark Jewels (R)
Dark Nights (R)
Dark of the Moon / Desire in the Sun (R)
Dark Pleasures
Dark Power Collection (R)
Dark Secrets (R)
Dark Seductions (R)
Dark Side of Midnight (R)
Dark Times, Volume 1 (R)
Dark Times, Volume 2 (R)
Dark Vengeance, Vol. 1: Summer / Fall (R)
Dark Vengeance, Vol. 2: Winter / Spring (R)
Dark Visions (R)
Dark, Devastating and Delicious! (Spotlight) (R)
The Darker Side: Generations of Horror
Darkest at Dawn (R)
The Darkest Power Trilogy (R)
Darling Daughters (R)
Darling Mama
Dashing and Dangerous
Dashing Through The Mall
Date by Mistake
Date with a Cowboy (Date With Collection) (R)
Date with a Devil
Date with a Doctor (Date With Collection) (R)
Date with a Regency Rake (Date With Collection) (R)
Date with a Single Dad (Date With Collection) (R)
Date With Destiny
Dates From Hell
A Daughter's a Daughter and Other Novels (R)
Daughters of Lancaster County (R)
Daughters of Lancaster County 3 in 1 (R)
Daughters of Texas (R)
Daughters of the Moon, Volume 1 (R)
Daughters of the Moon, Volume 2 (R)
David Eddings: Two Complete Novels (R)
David Starr, Space Ranger / Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids (R)
Dawn of Love / Tania (R)
A Day Away (R)
Day in Mossy Creek
Day of Reckoning / Deadman on a Black Horse (R)
Day of the Guns / Death Dealers (R)
Day of the Jackel / The Dogs of War (R)
Day of the Locust / The Dream Life of Balso Snell (R)
The Day of the Owl / Equal Danger (R)
Daybreakers / Sackett (R)
Days of Desire / Private Intentions (R)
Dazzled! (R)
DC Superheroes Collection (R)
Dead After Dark
Dead But Not Forgotten: Stories from the World of Sookie Stackhouse
Dead By Day (R)
Dead Cert / Nerve / For Kicks (R)
Dead Gun / The Peace Keeper (R)
Dead in Dixie (R)
Dead Man's Canyon / Bring Me His Scalp (R)
Dead Man's Mirror and Other Stories (R)
Dead Man's Tale / Death Spins the Plate (R)
Dead of Night
Dead of Night (Mira) (R)
The Dead of Night: The Ghost Stories (R)
Deadly After Dark (The Hot Blood Series)
Deadly Dreams (R)
Deadly Duo (R)
Deadly Games: Fear Street Collector's Edition #7 (R)
Deadly Housewives
Deadly Loyalty Collection (R)
Deadly Mates, Volume 1 (R)
Deadly Morsels (R)
Deadly Promises
A Deal at the Altar (R)
Deal Breaker / Drop Shot / Fade Away (R)
Deal with the Devil (R)
Dear Miss Lonely Heart
Dearest Eulalia / The Doctor's Girl (R)
Dearest Mary Jane / Romantic Encounter (R)
Death By Design (R)
Death By Dickens
Death Dines at 8:30
Death Dines In
Death Locked In (R)
Death Locked In (An Anthology Of Locked Room Stories) (R)
Death Locked In An Anthology of Locked Room Stories (R)
Death Rides a Black Horse / Villa's Rifles (R)
Death Row: The Trilogy (R)
Death Stalks Yellowhorse / The Orphans of Coyote Creek (R)
Death's Excellent Vacation
Deathstalker Omnibus (R)
Debutante in the Regency Ballroom (Regency Collection) (R)
Deceiver's Game (R)
Deception in Regency Society (R)
Deceptive Love / By Love Betrayed (R)
Deck the Halls
Deck the Halls (By Request) (R)
Deck the Halls / The Christmas Thief (R)
Declassified: Dark Kisses (R)
The Deep Beyond (R)
Deep Kiss of Winter
Deep South Desire (R)
Deep Well at Noon + Blue Evening Gone (R)
Deep-Sea Tales (R)
Defiant Miss Foster / A Highly Respectable Widow (R)
Dekker 2 in 1 (Thr3e/Obsessed) (R)
A Delaney Christmas Carol
Delaware Weddings (Romancing America: Delaware) (R)
Delicious (R)
Delirium Stories: Hana, Annabel, and Raven (R)
Delivered by Christmas
Della's House of Style
Delta Ladies / Wild Honey (R)
Deltora Quest, Special Edition, Books 1-4 (R)
Demon Heat (R)
Demon Twins (R)
Demon's Delight
The Den of Shadows Quartet (R)
Denali Dreams (Romancing America)
Deoxys In Danger / Grovyle Trouble (R)
The Department of Dead Ends
Deptford Trilogy (R)
Desert Brides (R)
Desert Desires (Foreign Affairs) (R)
Desert Destinies (By Request) (R)
Desert Fantasies (R)
Desert Hearts (R)
Desert Heat (By Request) (R)
Desert Jewels (R)
Desert Kings (Desert Lords Collection) (R)
Desert Lord's Love-Child (R)
Desert Nights (Penny Jordan Collection) (R)
Desert Princes & Defiant Virgins (Royal Affairs) (R)
Desert Roses (R)
Desert Roses (Romancing America: New Mexico) (R)
The Desert Sheikh's Bride (Desert Sheikhs) (R)
Desert Sheikh's Defiant Queen (R)
Desert Sheikh's Innocent Queen (R)
The Desert Sheikh's Marriage (Desert Sheikhs) (R)
The Desert Sheikh's Passion (Desert Sheikhs) (R)
The Desert Sheikh's Virgin (Desert Sheikhs) (R)
Desert Sheikhs (R)
Desert Sheikhs (Spotlight) (R)
Desert Sons (R)
Designing Woman / Video Vixen (R)
Desired (R)
Desiring the Reilly Brothers (Spotlight) (R)
Desperate Journeys (R)
Destination: Conard County (R)
Destination: Marriage (R)
Destined for Love (R)
Destiny (R)
Destiny's Daughters
Destiny's Tarot (R)
Determined Ladies (R)
Determined to Protect, Forbidden to Love (Spotlight) (R)
The Devaney Brothers: Michael and Patrick (R)
The Devaney Brothers: Ryan and Sean (R)
Devil Wire / Brazos (R)
Devil's Bride / a Rake's Vow (R)
DeWitt's Pack, Volume 1 (R)
DeWitt's Pack, Volume 2 (R)
DeWitt's Pack, Volume 3 (R)
Dial C for Control (R)
A Diamond For Christmas (By Request) (R)
Diamond Playgirls
Diamonds are for Deception (Diamond Collection) (R)
Diamonds are for Lovers (Diamond Collection) (R)
Diamonds are for Marriage (Diamond Collection) (R)
Diamonds are for Sharing (Diamond Collection) (R)
Diamonds are for Surrender (Diamond Collection) (R)
Diamonds Are Forever (Diamond Collection) (R)
Diamonds Of Welbourne Manor
Diana Palmer Collection (R)
Dick Francis: Four Complete Novels (R)
Dick Francis: Three Complete Novels (R)
Dick Tracy: The Secret Files
Did You Say Chicks?!
Die Twice (R)
DIG Security, Volume 1 (R)
Dim the Lights
DIMI of the Seven Moons (R)
The Dinah Dean Collection (R)
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency / The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (R)
Dirty Tricks
Discovery (R)
Disdainful Marquis / The Abandoned Bride (R)
Dishonourable Desires (R)
Distant Gunfire: The Fifth Nathaniel Drinkwater Omnibus (R)
Distinguished Service / Every Move You Make (R)
Divide and Rule / The Sword of Rhiannon (R)
Divine Tarot (R)
Dixie Christmas (R)
Dixie Hearts (Romancing America: Alabama) (R)
Do You Promise Not to Tell? / Do You Want to Know a Secret? (R)
Do You Take This Cowboy? (R)
Do You Take This Man?
Doc Savage: Hell Below / The Lost Giant (R)
Doc Savage: Jiu San / The Black, Black Witch (R)
Doc Savage: Satan Black / Cargo Unknown (R)
Doc Savage: The Pharaoh's Ghost / The Time Terror (R)
Doc Savage: The Shape of Terror / Death Had Yellow Eyes (R)
Doc Savage: They Died Twice / The Screaming Man (R)
Doc Savage: Whisker of Hercules / The Man Who Was Scared (R)
The Doctor Will See You Now (By Request) (R)
Doctors Down Under (By Request) (R)
Dogs and Goddesses
Dogtown / Soultown (R)
Doing It the Hard Way
The Doll: Short Stories
The Doll: The Lost Short Stories (R)
Dominance and Submission (R)
Dominant Focus (R)
The Domination (R)
Doms and Acquaintances (R)
Doms Of Dark Haven
Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Night
Don't Look Now and Other Stories (R)
Donovan Legacy (R)
Doom of the Elves (R)
Doomsday (R)
Doona (R)
Door Between / Devil To Pay (R)
A Door County Christmas (Romancing America)
Doorstep Babies (Spotlight) (R)
Dorothy Must Die Stories, Volume 1 (R)
Dorothy Must Die Stories, Volume 2 (R)
Dorothy Must Die Stories, Volume 3 (R)
Dorsai Spirit (R)
Double (R)
Double Delights #26
Double Delights #8
Double Delights #9
Double Destiny (R)
Double Homicide (R)
Double Impact (R)
Double Jeopardy (R)
Double Knit Murders (R)
Double Play (R)
Double Sin and Other Stories (R)
Double Target (R)
Double the Heat
Double the Pleasure
Double the Pleasure (Siren) (R)
Double Trouble: Newborn Twins (R)
Double Trouble: Pregnancy Surprise (R)
Double Wolfe (R)
Down the Rabbit Hole
Down These Strange Streets
Downfall Matrix / Soulfire (R)
The Dracula Book of Great Vampire Stories
Dracula in London
Dragon Lovers
Dragon Lovers (Siren) (R)
Dragon Men, Volume One (R)
The Dragon Nimbus Novels, Volume 1 (R)
Dragon Quartet, Volume II (R)
The Dragon Quartet, Volume One (R)
Dragon Slayers' Academy 3 and 4 - Special Edition (R)
Dragon-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic
Dragon's Light (R)
Dragon's Teeth / Calamity Town (R)
Dragonlance Legends (R)
The Dragonling Collector's Edition, Vol. 2 (R)
Draycott Eternal (R)
Draycott Everlasting (R)
Dream Catchers (R)
A Dream Come True
Dream Makers (R)
Dream Man (R)
Dream of Me (R)
Dream of Me (Fern Michaels) (R)
Dream of Me / Believe in Me
Dream of Me + Believe in Me
Dream of Me/Believe in Me (R)
Dream Quest Nine
Dream Vacation
Dream Wedding (R)
Dream: Daring to Dream / Holding the Dream / Finding the Dream (R)
Dreaming of Christmas (R)
Dreaming of... Australia (R)
Dreaming of... Bali (R)
Dreaming of... Brazil (R)
Dreaming of... France (R)
Dreaming of... Greece (R)
Dreaming of... Italy (R)
Dreamkeepers (R)
Dreams (R)
Dreams and Baseball (R)
Dreams of Forever (R)
Dreams, One and Two (R)
Dreamscape (R)
Dreamscape Romances (R)
A Dreamspun Christmas
Drink Before the War / Darkness, Take My Hand (R)
Drop Dead Blonde
Duets (R)
Duets 1 (R)
Duets 2 (R)
Duets 3 (R)
Duets 4 (R)
Duets 5 (R)
Duets 6 (R)
Duke's Diamonds / The Ghost and Lady Alice (R)
Duke's Wager / Lord of Dishonor (R)
Dukes by the Dozen
Dukes in Disguise
Dukes of Desire, Volume 1 (R)
Duoterra (R)
Duty & Desire (R)
Duty & Desire (Spotlight) (R)
Dying for You (R)
Dynasties: Summer in Savannah
The MacKade Brothers: Devin and Shane (R)