My Valentine 1991
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

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(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
  • Description:
    LISTEN TO YOUR HEART by Katherine Arthur
    Jamie Exeter felt happy running her St. Louis flower shop -- until the man of her dreams appeared in the flesh. Zack Dunham was used to world travel and worldly women. Yet he very skillfully edged his way into Jamie's heart for what, her heart told her, were all the wrong reasons.

    MY FUNNY VALENTINE by Debbie Macomber
    Dianne Williams needed a man -- for one night. The night of the community center Valentine's Dinner, to be precise. Exasperated by her children's relentless campaign to get her a date, Dianne found herself approaching a handsome stranger named Steve and making him an outrageous offer. An offer he didn't refuse!

    SOME KIND OF HERO by Leigh Michaels
    Small-town life, small-town love. Lauren wanted more. She wanted romance -- champagne-and-flowers romance. And that was what she got when she unexpectedly met her "hero", singer-celebrity Hunter Dix. Lauren was so dazzled by Hunter's extravagant gestures, she almost didn't recognize her real hero. The man who'd been there all along...

    HARTZ & FLOWERS by Peggy Nicholson
    Joanna Hartz experienced media madness the day Duncan Flowers invaded her morning TV talk show to hype his new book, 101 Ways to Win the Woman of your Dreams. I bet I can win your heart by Valentine's Day, he said, challenging her to a very public battle of the sexes. Ratings soared and Joanna's heart fell.