Merry Christmas, My Love
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    Original story collection
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    An Affair with Santa by Stacey Dennis
    Katherine doesn't have much to celebrate during her first Christmas as a divorced woman. Until an impromptu trip to the mall "to see Santa" sends her into the arms of a handsome gent with a merry twinkle in his eye!

    Over the River and Through the Woods by Marjorie Eatock
    When widowed schoolteacher Norma Baker plans to visit her daughter, her attractive supervisor offers to share his car for the three-day trip. They stop for the night and there's only one room available. But isn't sharing what Christmas is all about?

    Callie's Christmas by Martha Gross
    Callie had vowed that if she ever married again, it would be someone just like her handsome, successful boss. But now her appealing, down-to-earth colleague, Ned, is offering her a Christmas present money can't buy.

    Christmas in Hawaii by Helen Playfair
    Dora is thrilled to arrive on the "Big Island" for a visit with her physician son. And when she meets a bare-chested he-man of an island chief, she discovers how nice Noel can be on Hawaii!

    A Christmas Tradition by Peggy Roberts
    Since her husband died, Anna Storachenko has become a real Scrooge at Christmas time, and she's grumpy and outraged when her grown kids arrange a holiday date for her with a big bear of a man. Don't they know she's too old for romance? Or is she?

    The Eighth Candle by Joan Shapiro
    Widowed nearly a year and still grieving Rachel Ellis decides to treat herself to a Caribbean cruise, never expecting to meet a wonderful man on the exotic island of Curacao! Lighting a special Hanukkah candle together fulfills a sacred tradition and reminds her of the power of miracles and love.