Manlove on an Island
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    Previously released story collection
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    "Island of Promise Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA] Jim has been lonely since the sudden breakup of his last relationship, and his blah life as a bookkeeper is boring...but when he hits the lottery, his whole life changes. With his newfound wealth, he books a vacation at a deluxe resort on a private tropical island. Aboard the resort's yacht, he meets Anton, a dark-haired European minor nobleman, and falls for him. Not content with the many activities the resort offers, Anton proposes a daring adventure that's strictly against the rules. After the two lovers get lost in the wilds of the jungle and Jim suffers an injury, they stumble upon a secret-and some bad guys. Now that the couple knows too much, the bad guys want to do away with them. Imprisoned, Jim and Anton search for a means of escape before the criminals put an end to them. ** Survivors Stranded in the South Pacific Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M, HEA] What does a straight guy do when he's stranded on a South Pacific island with a gay guy? Nelson and Troy are scientists dropped on Honlera Island for three months of experiments and exploration, but shortly after their arrival, nuclear war breaks out. They're safe on their island, which offers an abundance of food and water, but there's little chance of their being picked up and brought home again. The world outside is in flames, and naturally they cling to each other for comfort and security. One thing leads to another, and soon they're sharing a sleeping bag, and Nelson is finally learning the answer to his question, ""Just what do two guys do in bed together?"" The seduction scene is exquisite, detailed, and drawn out, as the very willing straight man gets indoctrinated into the wonders and delights of gay sex. ** A Siren Erotic Romance"