Lure of the Cimmerions
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    Previously released story collection
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    "LURE OF THE CIMMERION Erotic Fantasy Romance] Rian is destined to be the Vessel for the angelic Veletari people, but the King of the Cimmerions, Luxian, captures her. He has chosen another destiny for her. As she resists the Demon Night Dweller, Rian comes to realize Luxian is as powerful as he is seductive... ""Greatly arousing sex scenes that are imaginative and extremely sensual, along with an absorbing plot and lots of action. I would recommend this seduction fantasy book. 4.5 Stars"" -Just Erotic Romance Reviews, ""Highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a spicy love story that tends to be a little on the darker side. It is an action packed, hot read that will leave the reader wanting more. 4.5 Hearts"" -The Romance Studio. * * * * * THE CIMMERION PRINCE Erotic Fantasy Romance] After fleeing from the violence of her people, Sedina is captured by her enemy, Virk, the Cimmerion Prince. She tries to resist him, but his dark charm and sensual touch conquer any resistance. One fateful night, Sedina realizes she might literally die for loving him. ""I loved traveling along with the darkly handsome Prince Virk and his strong captive Sedina. An action packed, darkly sensual story that will not only keep the reader turning the pages, but will leave them longing to read more. 4.5 Hearts"" -The Romance Studio."