Love Potion
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

Author Book Series Genre Date Rating Genre      
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 3.5 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 4 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 4 Buy
(ss) Historical Romance / HR 4 Buy
  • Description:
    Uncork a magical love potion--and indulge in a taste of paradise...

    The thrill of sudden attraction...the heady bliss of falling...the ecstasy of surrender...Could one small bottle hold the timeless mysteries of love? Is Cupid's elixir truly magical--or is it merely sugar water in a pretty bottle? Discover, in four breathtakingly romantic tales, the seductive power of

    For a dashing sea captain, it persuades a most practical lady to indulge in her heart's most impractical desires...For a lady rancher, it holds the key to keeping her land--while losing her heart ...It puts music in the air whenever an enchanting beauty comes near one unsuspecting fellow... And for a young English gent, it is desire that, once tasted, is the ultimate temptation...

    Is the seductive power of the love potion real or imagined? It hardly matters, for when the heart is ready for love, anything can happen ...