The Lust Collection
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    Previously released story collection
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    Blizzard of Lust Erotica, multiple sex partners, menage, spousal swapping, M/M, dubious consent] Blizzard takes two couples from a plane crash to the old picture-perfect Russian home of a depraved baron and his wife. They know no boundaries of sexual excess and teach their guests all anyone would ever need to know about...and more. The basement of the house holds surprises for all, leading to a shocking conclusion. ** Plantation of Lust Erotic Multiple Partners, menage, M/M, adultery] Plantation is a place or refuge for two American men after a shipwreck off an African coast. A beautiful plantation owner offers them all the comforts of home, especially the bedroom. She runs the plantation with no rules but her own and everyone must abide them or die. The two men are eager to do as she wishes, no matter how depraved it might seem. And she can come up with more ideas than any one man can handle. ** Oasis of Lust Erotic Multiple Partners Romance] Oasis brings life back to a dying woman, then her rescuer. He saved her from the attack on a missionary village and planned to sell her, but instead he falls in love with her. ** A Siren Erotic Romance