Lunar Mates, Volume Two
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    Previously released story collection
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Paranormal Romance / PNR 0 Buy
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    Lunar Mates Volume Two
    Call of the Moon
    A new mate, a second chance...
    Since the death of her mate, Chloe has run fast and hard. She knows how difficult it is to be mated to the wrong werewolf, and she has the scars to prove it. When the annual meeting of Chiefs brings to town the one wolf who could threaten her independence, Chloe refuses to hide--or to submit.
    Christmas Moon
    Delilah is ready for a major life change, so when she's offered a job in the Appalachian Mountains with her best friends' boss, she jumps at the chance. Moving to a new town for a dream job with people she likes is even better during the holidays, and the Christmas spirit makes her think she's landed in a winter wonderland. But no one warned her about the werewolves...
    Captured Moon
    A girl can't outrun two hot werewolves...not when they're her favorite sex fantasy come to life...
    When her marriage ends, Abby retreats into herself to lick her wounds and rebuild her life. She's found satisfaction and some success writing stories about her favorite secret fantasies--those involving two real-life werewolf twins, Rule and Lawe. She's happy. Mostly. But when Rule and Law make their moves, Abby fears things are spinning out of control. Because in reality, a true mate is forever...