Ladies of Passionate Desires
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    Previously released story collection
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    The Lady's Adventure Menage and More: Erotic Historical Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, with F/F elements, voyeurism] Although Lady Faith Lovejoy is betrothed to staid and steady Viscount Bostwick, she is restless. She wants passion. Excitement. Cousin Adolfo blames her family for the poverty that led his mother into prostitution, and he is out to destroy Faith. He knows her penchant for adventure and convinces her to delay the wedding until she experiences all the sensual thrills available. After impetuously breaking her betrothal contract, she realizes a viscount must marry a virgin with an impeccable reputation. Bostwick decides he can indeed marry a soiled dove-if he does the soiling. He must win back the headstrong woman he loves by stealth and trickery and giving her the adventure she craves. Disguised as a dashing highwayman, he captures the imagination of every woman around, Faith included. She is ready to accept the adventure the highwayman offers-a menage a trios-when Adolfo interferes again. ** The Lady's Lesson Menage and More: Erotic Historical Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M] Cassius Wentworth, Earl of Chasten, has many carefree years of bachelorhood ahead of him-or so he thinks. Then he meets Lady Alise Ellington, the polar opposite of his ideal woman. She is too bookish, too opinionated, and too intelligent, but he can't forget her. His obsession with her intensifies when he deflowers her during a morning ride in the woods beyond her estate. Unfortunately they are seen by her old enemy, and Cash has to track him down and make him pay for wrongs done to Alise. Cash determines to prove to Alise that to really experience life she must live it, not read about it. With himself as arbitrator, he plans a menage a quatre which will assist her in choosing a husband from two men who adore her and will also allow Cash to walk away. Will he teach her a lesson, or will he learn one? ** A Siren Erotic Romance