The House Love Built
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    Original story collection
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(ss) Romance / R 4 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 2 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 4 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 2 Buy
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    Carla Wainwright was building a house - and a future - with the man she loved. But when he walked out of her life, she held on to her dream of the house....Now, with the help of a reluctant contractor, Jack Dugan, she sees her project - and her hopes - rise to new heights. And that's only the beginning for this special place - when Carla moves on, the dream house plays a role in the lives and loves of three other women: Ellen White, afraid to surrender to God's call to missions, prefers the safety of her career in interior decorating - until Paul Stoneman helps her discover the courage to walk through God's open door. Professor Angela Cooper finds the squirrel damage in the attic isn't the only repair she needs in her life. Can Kendall Tyler's bumbling efforts fix the hole in her heart? Winnie Wainwright's heart - like her home - has been battered by storms. Will Dan Parker be the handyman to mend her house...and her soul? These four stories of hope and healing will surely find a home in your heart!