Home at Last
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    Previously released story collection
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Contemporary Romance / CR 0 Buy
Contemporary Romance / CR 0 Buy
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    Siren Allure: Erotic Interracial Romance, older hero, HEA] Iona Davis has isolated herself in her cabin in West Virginia, running her consulting business only online. Okey Energy CEO CJ Davis, a green-eyed, tall cowboy, has worked with Iona for years without ever seeing her. When CJ shows up at Iona's door unannounced, they meet for the first time. He needs her to help him in London to save a wind farm deal. CJ is floored that Iona is younger, blacker, and sexier than he imagined. He doesn't pause as he sweeps her into his life and into his bed. They have a chemistry that blazes, but it's too hot for Iona. CJ has to battle his soon-to-be ex-fiancee and Iona's wrongheaded desire to leave him for his own good. Iona must come to grips with her past and CJ's present before they can find a home at last. Note: This book contains drug use. ** A Siren Erotic Romance