Home for Christmas
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    Original story collection
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    It's never too late to fall in love! Six heartwarming holiday stories by six favorite Zebra authors.

    A PATCHWORK HOLIDAY by Claire Bocardo
    Livvy Hardy left her career Army husband years ago; now she's looking forward to a quiet Christmas with her daughter and a chance to work on her perennial patchwork quilt. But when her daughter's widowed father-in-law comes for a holiday visit. Livvy realizes that her quilt needs one more motif, right at the center -- a sprig of mistletoe.

    A NEW LIFE OF HER OWN by Marjorie Eatock
    For the first time ever, Susan Gray's children and grandchildren aren't coming home for Christmas. Undaunted, she plans a party and invites every "stray" she knows -- and some she doesn't. Including a surprise visitor who reminds her that Christmas is the season for love... and a second chance at romance.

    As she and her son prepare for their first Christmas alone, Jessie McCormick bravely faces her future as a lonely widow. But out of the long-buried past, her very first love returns... and an old flame is rekindled.

    SNOW ANGELS by Garda Parker
    Her romance on the rocks and her children scattered all over the globe, Mary isn't looking forward to Christmas -- until, on impulse, she rents a snowbound cabin in Montana... alone. Or so she thinks, until a blizzard brings a stranded skier to her door... and into her heart.

    WHAT EVERY WOMAN KNOWS by Peggy Roberts
    Dreaming of a real old-fashioned Christmas, wealthy bachelor William DeWitt hires Callie Palmer -- locally renowned for her fruitcakes and Victorian holiday delicacies -- to cater his posh party. But Callie soon has him eating out of her hand, and an old-fashioned Christmas turns into a fine old-fashioned romance.

    SMOKY MOUNTAIN MAGIC by Clara Wimberly
    Worried nearly to death when her 22-year-old son is lost on a Tennessee mountain camping trip, Susan Douglas spends anxious hours examining the long marriage she had planned to end... and learns a surprising and magical truth on a snowy Christmas eve.