A Holiday to Remember
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    Original story collection
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    The Grayton Christmas Supper Contest by Charmaine Pauls- Nobody truly knows what happened the Christmas of 1910 in the town of Grayton, South Africa. What is for sure, is that people today still talk about the scandalous event that grew into one of the country's biggest annual food festivals. A Son for Christmas by Nancy Pirri- Cattle driver, Cane Smith arrives in Bozeman, Montana, after serving seven years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He discovers he's a father and intends to claim his son from the boy's adopted father. Tom Callahan can't fault Cane for wanting to claim his son, but has his own daughter, Annie, to deal with. After all this time, she can't give up Mark--he's a Callahan. Cane has been longing for a love and home of his own and has a solution: Miss Annie will have to marry him if she wants to keep Mark in her life. Annie will do anything to keep the boy-but can she live with the hard, rough Cane Smith?