The Cowboy and His Baby
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  • First Book:
    February 1996
  • Latest Book:
    August 2000
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    Contemporary Category Romance
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The That's My Baby Series in Order (27 Books)

Order Author Book Series Date Rating
1 SSE-1009 4
2 SSE-1021 4
3 SSE-1033 4
4 SSE-1045 3
5 SSE-1057 2.5
6 SSE-1069 3.5
7 SSE-1081 2.5
8 SSE-1093 3.5
9 SSE-1105 4.5

10 SSE-1117 4.5
11 SSE-1129 3.5
12 SSE-1141 3.5
13 SSE-1153 3.5
14 SSE-1165 3.5
15 SSE-1177 4
16 SSE-1189 3.5
17 SSE-1201 4
18 SSE-1213 3.5
19 SSE-1225 4
20 SSE-1237 3.5
21 SSE-1249 4.5
22 SSE-1261 4.5
23 SSE-1273 5
24 SSE-1285 3
25 SSE-1315 4
26 SSE-1339 3.5
SSE-1351 4

Book Descriptions for series: That's My Baby

  • Sherryl Woods
    Book - 1

    A year and a half ago Melissa Horton made a mistake that cost the lovely single mother her one true love--and her baby girl a father. Now Texas rancher Cody Adams was back, shocked to discover he was a parent--and determined to make Melissa his wife....

  • Laurie Paige
    Book - 2

    THE LADY, THE COWBOY...AND HIS BABY Prim, proper nursery-school teacher Molly Clelland had never met a parent like Sam Frazier. The man was as rugged and forbidding as the land he ranched. Yet his darling infant daughter... she could turn Sam to p...

  • Barbara Faith
    Book - 3

    WITH BABY YOU GET NINE! Fernando Ibarra was a sexy, sophisticated, handsome lawyer. He was also the father of six adopted children! Kristen Fielding hadn't known how a bachelor could win a father-of-the-year award -- until she realized Fernando's...

  • Jodi O'Donnell
    Book - 4

    CAUGHT! AND AT HER AGE! Glenna Dunn was aghast to learn she was expecting. How could it have happened? But then she recalled the night when rancher Reid Shelton's comfort turned to passion and...she blushed. How could she tell him -- or her pregn...

  • Victoria Pade
    Book - 5

    Call Me Dr. Mom... Intent on having a child of her own, unmarried obstetrician Bailey Coltrain knew plenty about birthing babies - yet next to nothing about raising them! But surely by posing as nanny for construction worker Gib Harden's three mo...

  • Marie Ferrarella
    Book - 6

    Home for the holidays, indeed! Somehow, Toni had to pretend she and Derek were happily married. How could she tell sweet old Nonna they had really split up two months ago? And the bigger question: How could she tell Derek she was pregnant? So her...

  • Jane Toombs
    Book - 7

    FROM HERE TO PATERNITY The blonde and the baby definitely spelled trouble. Bachelor Zed Adams knew it the instant spitfire Karen Henderson and diaper-clad Danny stormed his peaceful Nevada ranch. Still, never had trouble looked so danged appealing...

  • Martha Hix
    Book - 8

    HUSH LITTLE BABY Through a miracle of modern medicine, Caroline Grant's fifty-nine-year-old mother gave birth to a baby girl. Now, two years later, Caroline has "inherited" little Natalie. Caroline had always wanted a child of her own -- but rais...

  • Janis Reams Hudson
    Book - 9

    DEAR DAD... Amanda Barnett had everything a little girl ever wanted. She had a big, strong daddy and lived on a Wyoming ranch. She even had a horse to ride. But Amanda was lonely, because the one thing she didn't have was a mommy to love her. WI...

  • Ginna Gray
    Book - 10

    He'd told her that he could never have a child... and widow Alissa Kirkpatrick was so in love with enigmatic Dirk Matheson that she agreed to a childless marriage. She put away that dream of babies, moving on to her life with her handsome bridegro...

  • Lois Faye Dyer
    Book - 11

    HE HAD HIS DADDY'S EYES... but not his daddy's name. And for four long years lonesome cowboy Josh Hightower hadn't even known his son existed. But now he knew... It had been heartbreak enough when Sarah Drummond hightailed it out of town witho...

  • Joan Elliott Pickart
    Book - 12

    TEXAS BABY When Margaret Madison cuddled little Alison in her arms, she knew she wanted to be this needy child's mother. It didn't matter that she'd just turned forty-six. It didn't matter that she'd just married off her other "baby." But is ...

  • Gina Wilkins / Gina Ferris / Gina Ferris Wilkins
    Book - 13

    SUDDENLY DADDY On Valentine's Day, fallen hero Tom Lowery grimly wrote off romance. Retired his shining armor. And grumpily retreated to his lonely lair. Only to find an orphaned infant cooing on his coffee table--and willowy Leslie Harden, his fo...

  • Diana Whitney
    Book - 14

    SPECIAL DELIVERY! The only thing executive Colby Sinclair worried about was business until his gurgling niece was abandoned on his doorstep. This bachelor didn't know the first thing about fatherhood... but he was determined to do right by this b...

  • Cheryl Reavis
    Book - 15

    THE SERGEANT AND BABY SHORT STUFF Hard as nails inside and out, Sergeant Matt Beltran obeyed only one rule: Need no one, and let no one need him. So what was the steely loner to do when someone left a precious baby girl-allegedly his-in his red sp...

  • Nikki Benjamin
    Book - 16

    A PRACTICAL MARRIAGE Maybe that was all Jane Elliot's maddeningly attractive boss, Maxwell Hamilton, had to offer her, but blinded by love, Jane accepted nonetheless. And she hoped to have all the time in the world to change his mind about his no...

  • Laurie Paige
    Book - 17

    A NEW YEAR'S EVE MIRACLE... Celia Campbell was thirty and unwed - and newly pregnant by the man of her secret dreams. Who could have guessed that one impulsive night of passion with rogue rancher Hunter McLean would grant her a precious gift, a ch...

  • Penny Richards
    Book - 18

    PARENTHOOD Little Hannah McShane was her parents' pride and joy, linking two hearts for all eternity. So why did Mommy and Daddy insist on a long-distance marriage -- living miles apart, sharing only shy, awkward visits, saving all their love for...

  • Patricia Thayer
    Book - 19

    HIS BABY'S MOTHER Jake Hawkins had returned to town to face his past -- and had come face-to-face with a nine-month-old daughter he'd never known about. Now he wanted the best for Daddy's little darling. And that meant his baby girl needed a full-...

  • Celeste Hamilton
    Book - 20

    DO YOU TAKE THIS STRANGER? Ashley Grant awoke in a hospital. Minus her memory. Three months pregnant. And utterly alone. Until handsome Dr. Jarrett McMullen strode into her room, declaring that he'd always loved her--and always would.... Jarret...

  • Victoria Pade
    Book - 21

    SURPRISE, COWBOY... YOU'RE A DADDY! Rancher Ry McDermot was pretty tight-lipped about the tot he'd brought home. So, the only thing Tallie Shanahan knew for sure was that he needed a temporary nanny. And she was powerless to resist strong, sexy ...

  • Diana Whitney
    Book - 22

    PARTNERS IN PARENTHOOD... A wedding was the last thing Powell Greer would have planned for his reunion with Lydia Farnsworth. But he and his college sweetheart had just become guardians of two orphaned godchildren. Now for the sake of the childre...

  • Susan Mallery
    Book - 23

    ABOUT TO GO INTO LABOR... IN THE ELEVATOR? Heather Fitzpatrick was very pregnant. Utterly alone. And definitely finished with men. When into the elevator stepped Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. Then, pilot Jim Dyer proved heart-stoppingly heroic when...

  • Arlene James
    Book - 24

    HE FELT LIKE A THIEF Little Georgie was HIS son and he had every right to claim him. But in the year Colin Garret had been searching for the boy, lovely Lauren Cole had been caring for his child... and loving him. And this exhilarating, warmhea...

  • Christie Ridgway
    Book - 25

    STRONG, SILENT DADDY With one touch of this strong hands, he could soothe her sweet babe to sleep. And with one glance from his dark, sexy eyes, Phoebe Finley found herself falling -- hard. So when this single mom needed a "husband" to keep cust...

  • Jodi O'Donnell
    Book - 26

    She knew her baby was perfect. She knew she trusted Cade with her life. She thought her name was Sara. Everything else was a mystery. And most confusing of all were the emotions that Cade's glance, his words... his touch stirred within he...

  • Barbara McMahon

    Booties and bottles were not part of Jared Montgomery's vocabulary. In fact, the confirmed bachelor would rather face a rattlesnake than hold a fidgeting baby. Yet he'd promised that his orphaned goddaughter wouldn't grow up without a father. Now he ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 27 books in the That's My Baby series.

The That's My Baby series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, When Baby Was Born (Book 26), was published in August 2000.

The first book in the That's My Baby series, The Cowboy and His Baby, was published in February 1996.

The That's My Baby series primarily falls into the Contemporary Category Romance genre.