Book List in Order: 111 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Alaskan Search and Rescue

1) The Yuletide Rescue (Dec-2014)
2) To Save Her Child (Feb-2015)
3) The Protector's Mission (Sep-2015)
4) Standoff at Christmas (Dec-2015)

Caring Canines

1) Healing Hearts (Aug-2013)
2) Her Holiday Hero (Dec-2013)
3) Her Hometown Hero (Sep-2014)
4) The Nanny's New Family (Jul-2015)

Daring Escapes

1) Into the Darkness (Feb-2019)
2) Into the Fire (Jul-2019)

Everyday Heroes

1) Hunted (Mar-2018)
2) Obsessed (Jul-2018)
3) Trapped (Jan-2019)
4) Kidnapped (Jun-2019)
5) Stolen (Oct-2019)
6) Missing (Mar-2020)

Fostered by Love

1) Once Upon a Family (Apr-2007)
2) Heart of the Family (Dec-2007)
3) Family Ever After (May-2008)
4) Second Chance Family (Jul-2009)
5) Together for the Holidays (Nov-2009)

Guardians, Inc.

1) Christmas Bodyguard (Dec-2010)
2) Protecting Her Own (Jun-2011)
3) Hidden in the Everglades (Sep-2011)
4) Christmas Stalking (Nov-2012)
5) Guarding the Witness (Jun-2013)
6) Bodyguard Reunion (May-2014)

Heart of the Amazon

1) Heart of the Amazon (Jan-2007)
2) Buried Secrets (Oct-2007)
3) Forsaken Canyon (Oct-2008)

Helping Hands Homeschooling

1) Love Lessons (Apr-2010)
2) Heart of a Cowboy (Jul-2010)
3) A Daughter for Christmas (Nov-2010)

The Ladies of Sweetwater Lake

1) Gold in the Fire (Oct-2004)
2) A Mother For Cindy (Jan-2005)
3) Light in the Storm (Apr-2005)
4) When Dreams Come True (Mar-2006)
5) Tidings of Joy (Oct-2006)

Lone Star Justice

1) High-Risk Reunion (Oct-2016)
2) Lone Star Christmas Rescue (Nov-2017)
3) Texas Ranger Showdown (Apr-2018)
4) Texas Baby Pursuit (Aug-2018)
5) Lone Star Christmas Witness (Dec-2018)
6) Lone Star Standoff (May-2019)

The Men of the Texas Rangers

1) Saving Hope (Mar-2012)
2) Shattered Silence (Oct-2012)
3) Scorned Justice (Apr-2013)
4) Severed Trust (Oct-2013)

Murder & Mayhem

1) Poisoned Secrets (Mar-2009)

New Beginnings

1) Love's Healing Power (Mar-2019)
2) Unexpected Love (Apr-2019)
3) Finding Love Again (May-2019)
4) Heart of a Hero (Jun-2019)
5) A Gift of Love (Jul-2019)
6) An Act of Love (Aug-2019)
7) Love Runs Deep (Sep-2019)
8) Shelter of Hope (Nov-2019)
9) Shelter of Love (Dec-2019)
10) Her Cowboy Hero (Jan-2020)

The Protectors

1) Dangerous Pursuit (Aug-2013)
2) Dangerous Interlude (Sep-2013)
3) Dangerous Paradise (Nov-2013)

Related Book 2

1) So Dark the Night (Mar-2007)
2) Vanished (May-2007)

Second Chances

1) Love Gone to the Dogs (Jul-2012)
2) Yours, Mine and Ours (Jan-2013)
3) Love Triumphs (May-2013)
4) Captive Hearts (Jul-2013)
5) In Defense of Love (Feb-2014)

Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations

1) Deadly Hunt (Apr-2014)
2) Deadly Intent (Jun-2014)
3) Deadly Holiday (Dec-2014)
4) Deadly Countdown (Jul-2015)
5) Deadly Noel (Dec-2015)
6) Deadly Dose (Jun-2016)
7) Deadly Legacy (Jul-2016)
8) Deadly Night, Silent Night (Nov-2016)
9) Deadly Fires (Jun-2017)
10) Deadly Secrets (Sep-2017)

A Town Called Hope

1) His Holiday Family (Dec-2011)
2) A Love Rekindled (Apr-2012)
3) A Mom's New Start (Sep-2012)

Multi-Author Series List

Capitol K-9 Unit

Security Breach (Jun-2015)

Faith at the Crossroads

Hearts On The Line (Jun-2006)

Homecoming Heroes

5) A Texas Thanksgiving (Nov-2008)

Lone Star Cowboy League

6) A Baby for the Rancher (Mar-2016)

Lone Star Cowboy League: Boys Ranch

4) The Cowboy's Texas Family (Jan-2017)

Protecting the Witness

Cowboy Protector (Mar-2010)

Reunion Revelations

3) Don't Look Back (Mar-2008)

Rodeo Knights

2) The Knight and the Damsel (Oct-2015)
9) Deadly Fires (Jun-2017)

Texas K-9 Unit

Detection Mission (Feb-2013)

Texas Ranger Justice

Trail of Lies (Apr-2011)

Tiny Blessings

The Cinderella Plan (Oct-2005)

Without a Trace

1) What Sarah Saw (Jan-2009)

Witness Protection

2) The Baby Rescue (Feb-2014)

Award-Winning Books by Margaret Daley

Hearts On The Line
2007 Carol Award -- Short Contemporary Suspense
The Nanny's New Family
2015 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Love Inspired