A Reunion for the Rancher
  • Length:
    16 Books
  • First Book:
    October 2015
  • Latest Book:
    March 2016
  • Genres:
    Category Romance, Christian
  • Setting:
    Little Horn, Texas
  • Series Rating:

Lone Star Cowboy League Series in Order (16 Books)

Order Author Book Series Date Rating
1 LI-949 4.5
2 LI-955 5
3 LI-961 5
4 LI-967 5
5 LI-973 5
6 LI-979 5
LIH-335 5
LIH-339 5
LIH-343 5

LI-1021 4.5
LI-1033 4.5
LI-1045 4
LI-1051 3
LIH-371 5
LIH-375 5
LIH-379 5

Book Descriptions for series: Lone Star Cowboy League

  • Brenda Minton
    Book - 1

    The Cowboy's Second Chance As president of the Lone Star Cowboy League, rancher Carson Thorn is committed to serving his community of Little Horn. But when high school sweetheart Ruby Donovan returns, his steadfast pledge is tested. Ruby left tow...

  • Leigh Bale
    Book - 2

    A Season for Healing As Little Horn, Texas, prepares for Thanksgiving, Dr. Tyler Grainger tries to count his blessings. Returning to his family's ranch brings bittersweet memories of the sister he lost. But one thing he can be grateful for is Eva ...

  • Allie Pleiter
    Book - 3

    A Christmas to Remember In Little Horn, Texas, Amelia Klondike is known as the Queen of Christmas. Her generosity and sheer joy during the holidays is contagious -- to everyone except Finn Brannigan. The attractive, wounded stranger doesn't know ...

  • Carolyne Aarsen
    Book - 4

    A Cowboy's Homecoming Since his return to Little Horn, Texas, former special ops soldier Grady Stillwater has felt lost. Stillwater Ranch needs his attention -- and so does his brother's abandoned baby. But the injuries Grady sustained in Afghani...

  • Debra Kastner
    Book - 5

    His Unexpected Valentines Clint Daniels knows he is nobody's sweetheart. The rugged mountain guide has lived most of his life alone, and with his heartbreaking past, he can't imagine a domestic future with anyone. Especially not a warm and gracef...

  • Margaret Daley
    Book - 6

    The Cowboy's Unexpected Family Awakening from a months-long coma, Ben Stillwater is met with a big surprise: the footloose bachelor cowboy is a father! Ben tries to adjust to life with baby Cody and decides what the child really needs is a mom. S...

  • Renee Ryan

    Suddenly a Father Rancher CJ Thorn isn't ready to graduate from uncle to brand-new daddy -- but he has no choice. After his widowed brother runs off, a pair of adorable twins have no one but CJ…and lovely neighbor Molly Langley. She's helped wi...

  • Louise M. Gouge

    From Neighbor to Daddy Rancher Edmund McKay likes his life simple and quiet -- everything feisty neighbor Lula May Barlow is not! But with a cattle rustler on the loose, he's duty-bound to protect the widowed mother, even without her approval. Ye...

  • Regina Scott

    Fill-In Father…and Husband Sweet mail-order bride Nancy Bennett can't believe it when her husband is exposed as a cattle rustler -- and killed. And when the banker holding the ranch's mortgage questions whether she can run the ranch on her own,...

  • Brenda Minton

    A Rancher's Mission As a volunteer at the Lone Star Cowboy League Boys Ranch, Tanner Barstow helps the troubled young residents turn their lives around. When a local rancher dies and leaves his large property to the boys ranch, Tanner finds himse...

  • Lee Tobin McClain

    The Cowboy's Christmas Family As foreman of the Lone Star Cowboy League Boys Ranch, single father Flint Rawlings knows all about troubled kids -- he just never imagined his son to be among them. Logan needs more looking after than Flint can provi...

  • Debra Kastner

    A Surprise Daddy When Carolina Mason shows up in Haven, Texas, after a three-year absence, no one is more surprised than town veterinarian Wyatt Harrow. Especially when he sees Carolina's two-year-old son, Matty. Their son. How could she have kep...

  • Allie Pleiter

    Double Trouble Rancher Gabe Everett will do whatever it takes to keep Avery Culpepper in Texas until the end of the month. Even if it means inviting the beautiful single mom and her mischievous twin girls to stay on his property. Avery holds the ...

  • Linda Ford

    Three Little Matchmakers Rancher Bo Stillwater has no plans of becoming a husband or a father…but he can't turn away from the three babies he finds at the county fair. After leaving the abandoned triplets in the care of the doctor's daughter, L...

  • Noelle Marchand

    A Family-to-Be After fleeing to Little Horn, Texas, when she discovered her fiancé was a con man, Caroline Murray agrees to act as the temporary nanny for her brother's handsome neighbor. Though caring for David McKay's daughter and the orphaned...

  • Regina Scott

    Marriage by Necessity When mail-order bride Elizabeth Dumont's intended weds another, her only option is to take a job as nanny to abandoned triplet babies. Though she longs to provide a real home for her three precious charges, as a single woman...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 16 books in the Lone Star Cowboy League series.

The Lone Star Cowboy League series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, A Baby for the Rancher (Book 6), was published in March 2016.

The first book in the Lone Star Cowboy League series, A Reunion for the Rancher, was published in October 2015.

The Lone Star Cowboy League series primarily falls into the Category Romance and Christian genres.