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    8 Books
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    May 1997
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    May 2002
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  • AN ARRESTING LOVE When Tess Morgan is caught speeding along the backroads of Oklahoma, she's pulled over by a highway patrolman who's just the kind of man she despises: take-charge, macho -- and irresistibly sexy enough to make her do something f...

  • STARTING OVER Leah Taylor must have been dreaming when she decided to move to a small town like Shady Oaks after her divorce. The locals didn't seem exactly thrilled to meet a single mother of two young boys. And her demented beagle isn't helping ...

  • She promised him marriage... To escape her cruel stepfather, spirited Danielle de Bussy fled France for the untamed Louisiana Colony, where she hoped to seek shelter with her uncle - and hold on to her independence. But finding him meant a difficul...

  • Geologist Kathleen Dawson went to the South American jungle in search of oil, but her guides are terrified of the Jaguar Man. Kathleen doesn't believe in the mythical shape-shifter who, according to legend, rules the jungle both as beast and man, pro...

  • WAR DIVIDED THEM The daughter of staunch Loyalists, Sarah Lawrence couldn't refuse when her brother asked her to carry a message to the British, despite the danger. But when she was captured by Colonel Patrick Drake, the most infamous Patriot of...

  • Roxie Davenport came to New Mexico to find her birth mother -- not fall in love. Just her luck that the rugged rancher whose cabin she rents is all man -- and always around. Alex Stone is helpful, handsome, and hard to resist, even if his mischievous...

  • Anna Stanfield has denied her psychic abilities for years. Then her younger sister is found in a coma, a victim of a psychic vampire. Now Anna must use her powers to help catch her sister's killer. FBI agent Ian McGregory draws Anna into his investig...

Award-Winning Books by Shauna Michaels

Dream Snatcher
2002 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Small Press Paranormal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shauna Michaels has published 8 books.

Shauna Michaels does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Dream Snatcher, was published in May 2002.

The first book by Shauna Michaels, The Lady and the Cop, was published in May 1997.

No. Shauna Michaels does not write books in series.