Down the Rabbit Hole
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

Author Book Series Genre Date Rating Genre      
(ss) Romance / R 4.5 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 4 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 4.5 Buy
(ss) Police/Detective/Law Enforcement / PD 4.5 Buy
(ss) Romance / R 4.5 Buy
  • Description:
    Some of your favorite romance authors present five stories told through the looking glass—including Wonderment in Death, a Lieutenant Eve Dallas novella from #1 New York Times bestselling author J. D. Robb!You’re late for a very important date...Enter a wonderland of mesmerizing tales. It’s a place that’s neither here nor there, where things are never quite as they seem. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s whimsical masterpiece, ranging from the impossible to the mad to the curiouser, these stories will have you absolutely off your head.Don’t be afraid to follow them… DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE