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    Previously released story collection
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Fantasy / F 4 Buy
Science Fiction / SF 3.5 Buy
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    For the first time in one volume—two complete novels set on the remarkable world of Doona, by two of the most acclaimed literary imaginations.  

    More than twenty-five years ago, the first humans came to the unspoiled planet of Doona. They ignored one important fact: They were not alone. Doona was the home of the catlike alien race of Hrrubans. And so began an experiment in cohabitation that lasted for a quarter of a century.
    Their contract is now up for renewal.
    Now, the wild planet they tamed, the home they fought for, and the delicate alliance they share could be destroyed forever as a new threat looms. The Gringgs are not the first alien visitors to the planet, but they are the first to offer friendship—and a proposal for a prosperous future. But not everyone trusts the new guests. Not everyone believes in their motives. And as a battle of diplomatic unrest ensues, Doona once again falls under the dark shadow of uncertainty—and self-destruction.
    “An excellent read.”—Locus

    “[McCaffrey and Nye] blend their skills effectively to produce a brisk, well-told…tale.  Fans of either author, or both, will have fun.”—Booklist