Jillian Hart

Jillian grew up on her family's homestead on Washington state, near Carnation, Washington, where she raised cattle to pay for her college tuition, rode horses through the pristine foothills of the Cascade Mountain range and scribbled stories in her spare time.

After earning an English degree from Whitman College (what better way to go through college than to constantly read books?), she traveled, worked in advertising, taught Sunday school and volunteered before becoming a writer.

When she's not hard at work on her next story, Jillian can be found chatting with a friend, stopping for a café mocha with a book in hand, and spending quiet evenings at home with her family.

Book List in Order: 107 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Angel Falls

1) Mail-Order Marriages: Rocky Mountain Wedding (May-2010)
2) Mail-Order Christmas Brides: Her Christmas Family (Dec-2011)
3) Mail-Order Holiday Brides: Home for Christmas (Dec-2012)
4) Mail-Order Mistletoe Brides: Christmas Hearts (Dec-2013)

Bluebonnet County

1) Bluebonnet Bride (Nov-2001)
2) Montana Legend (Sep-2002)
3) High Plains Wife (Aug-2003)
4) The Horseman (Aug-2004)
5) Montana Wife (Dec-2004)
6) Rocky Mountain Man (May-2005)
7) Rocky Mountain Widow (Aug-2005)

Brides of Blue Sky County

1) High Plains Bride (Feb-2019)
2) Blue Sky Bride (Mar-2019)

Buttons & Bobbins

1) Gingham Bride (Nov-2009)
2) Patchwork Bride (Aug-2010)
3) Calico Bride (Jul-2011)
4) Snowflake Bride (Nov-2011)

The Granger Family Ranch

1) The Soldier's Holiday Vow (Dec-2009)
2) The Rancher's Promise (Jun-2010)
3) His Holiday Bride (Oct-2010)
4) His Country Girl (Jan-2011)
5) Wyoming Sweethearts (Aug-2011)
6) Hometown Hearts (Feb-2012)
7) Wyoming Summer (Jul-2013)
8) Wyoming Wedding Bells (Dec-2013)

High Country Brides

1) His High Country Bride (Feb-2017)
2) High Country Hearts (Feb-2017)
3) High Country Match (Feb-2017)

The McKaslin Brothers

1) Where The Heart Is (Nov-2015)
2) A Reason To Believe (Dec-2015)
3) One True Thing (Jan-2016)
4) Once In A Lifetime (Jul-2016)

The McKaslin Clan - Series 1

1) His Hometown Girl (Jul-2002)
2) The Sweetest Gift (Mar-2004)
3) Heart and Soul (May-2004)
4) Almost Heaven (Jul-2004)
5) Holiday Homecoming (Oct-2004)

The McKaslin Clan - Series 2

1) Sweet Blessings (Apr-2005)
2) Heaven's Touch (Sep-2005)
3) Blessed Vows (Dec-2005)
4) A Handful of Heaven (Feb-2006)

The McKaslin Clan - Series 3

1) A Soldier For Christmas (Oct-2006)
2) Precious Blessings (Feb-2007)
3) Every Kind Of Heaven (Mar-2007)
4) Everyday Blessings (Jun-2007)
5) A McKaslin Homecoming (Jul-2007)
6) Her Wedding Wish (Jun-2008)
7) Her Perfect Man (Aug-2008)
8) His Holiday Heart (Nov-2008)
9) A Soldier For Keeps (Mar-2009)

The McKaslin Clan - Series 4

1) Blind-Date Bride (May-2009)
2) Montana Homecoming (May-2012)
3) Montana Cowboy (Jul-2012)
4) Montana Dreams (Sep-2012)

The McKaslin Clan - Historical

1) Homespun Bride (Feb-2008)
2) High Country Bride (Jul-2008)

The McKaslins of Wyoming

1) Jingle Bell Bride (Nov-2012)

The McPhee Clan

1) Montana Hearts (Jan-2013)
2) The Sweetest Thing (May-2013)
3) High Mountain Drifter (Sep-2013)
4) Deep In The Heart (Nov-2013)
5) Jingle Bell Hearts (Mar-2014)
6) Sweet Forever (Jun-2014)
7) Dreams Of You (Oct-2014)
8) Where the Heart Leads (Jan-2015)
9) A Place In The Heart (Feb-2016)
My Heart To Keep (Mar-2016)

Timber Valley Brides

1) High Mountain Bride / Charlotte (Feb-2016)
2) The Bounty Hunter's Bride / Sally (Feb-2016)
3) His Forever Bride / Lola (Feb-2016)

You've Got Mail

1) First Class Male (Oct-2013)
2) Christmas Male (Nov-2013)
3) Priority Male (Jan-2016)
4) Special Delivery (Jun-2016)

Multi-Author Series List

Alaskan Bride Rush

1) Klondike Hero (Jul-2010)

Home on the Ranch

His Country Girl (Jan-2011)

Homecoming Heroes

6) Homefront Holiday (Dec-2008)

Texas Twins

Reunited for the Holidays (Dec-2012)

Tiny Blessings

For The Twins' Sake (Jul-2005)
A Holiday to Remember (Dec-2007)


Night Hawk's Bride (Apr-2001)