Margaret Way

Margaret Way was born and educated in Brisbane, Australia. She now lives within sight and sound of beautiful Moreton Bay and its islands, inspiration for some of her books. Before her marriage she was a well-known pianist, teacher, vocal coach and accompanist, but her hectic musical career came to a halt when her son was born and the demands of motherhood dictated a change of pace.

On a fortuitous impulse she decided to try her hand at romance writing and was thrilled when Mills & Boon accepted her first effort, Time of the Jacaranda, which they published less than a year later in 1970. Some hundred odd books have followed resulting in a loyal readership whose letters provide a source of support and encouragement. A driving force in all her writing has been the promotion of her much loved country, Australia. She delights in bringing it alive for her readers; its people, way of life, environment, flora and fauna.

Book List in Order: 139 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The Australians

1) Her Australian Hero (Jun-2016)
2) His Australian Heiress (Sep-2016)
3) Her Australian Cattle Baron (Jun-2017)

Barons of the Outback

1) Wedding At Wangaree Valley (Sep-2008)
2) Bride At Briar's Ridge (Oct-2008)

Koomera Crossing

1) Sarah's Baby (Feb-2003)
2) Runaway Wife (Oct-2003)
3) Outback Bridegroom (Nov-2003)
4) Outback Surrender (Dec-2003)
5) Home To Eden (Feb-2004)

Langdon Dynasty

1) The Cattle King's Bride (Apr-2012)
2) Argentinian in the Outback (May-2012)

Legends of the Outback

1) A Wife at Kimbara (Mar-2000)
2) The Bridesmaid's Wedding (Jun-2000)
3) The English Bride (Sep-2000)

McIvor Sisters

1) The Outback Engagement (Sep-2005)
2) Marriage At Murraree (Oct-2005)

Men of the Outback

1) A Wife at Kimbara (Mar-2000)
2) The Bridesmaid's Wedding (Jun-2000)
3) The English Bride (Sep-2000)
4) The Cattleman (Feb-2006)
5) The Cattle Baron's Bride (May-2006)
6) Her Outback Protector (Jun-2006)
7) The Horseman (Aug-2006)
8) Wedding At Wangaree Valley (Sep-2008)
9) Bride At Briar's Ridge (Oct-2008)

Outback Marriages

1) Outback Man Seeks Wife (Jan-2007)
2) Cattle Rancher, Convenient Wife (Mar-2007)

Rylance Dynasty

1) Australia's Most Eligible Bachelor (Sep-2010)
2) Cattle Baron Needs a Bride (Oct-2010)
3) Wealthy Australian, Secret Son (Jan-2011)

Multi-Author Series List

The Australians

His Heiress Wife (Sep-2004)
The Australian Tycoon's Proposal (Dec-2004)
7) Her Outback Man (Jan-1999)
17) Master of Maramba (Oct-2001)
19) Outback Fire (Dec-2001)
22) Mistaken Mistress (Sep-2002)
24) Outback Angel (Dec-2002)

The Balfour Brides

8) Olivia and the Billionaire Cattle King / Olivia's Awakening (Mar-2011)

The Big Event

2) Beresford's Bride (Jun-1998)

Contract Brides

2) Strategy for Marriage (Jul-2002)

Diamond Brides

The Australian's Society Bride (Feb-2009)

Everlasting Love

Hidden Legacy (May-2008)

Family Ties

Once Burned (Oct-1995)

Guardian Angels

Gabriel's Mission (Dec-1998)


A Faulkner Possession (Jan-1996)

Marrying the Boss

Boardroom Proposal (Feb-1999)

Simply the Best

Georgia and the Tycoon (May-1997)