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Order Book Series Genre Date Rating
1 SD-702 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
2 SD-715 Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
3 SD-733 Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Most Wanted

  • Book - 1

    MR. MARCH Name: Dane Lassiter Description: A private eyeful at home... and on the range. Secret Sorrow: A family is forever denied to him. Current Focus: Tess Meriwether, gentle, vulnerable -- and targeted for danger. He had been a Texas...

  • Book - 2

    MARRIAGE ACCORDING TO NICK REED: My sister thinks I should. But what can I say? I'm a private eye and I like excitement, change. I get bored hanging around a place for long. That kind of attachment -, definitely not for me... MARRIA...

  • Book - 3

    THE PINING PRIVATE EYE Kit Morris would simply quit and let financial wizard Logan Deverell see for himself just how far his Midas touch took him ... without a secretary! For three years she'd kept his books, losing her head over one singularly st...