Silhouette Christmas Stories 1987
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    Original story collection
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List of Titles

Author Book Series Genre Date Rating Genre      
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 3
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 4
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 4
(ss) Contemporary Romance / CR 4
  • Description:
    BLUEBIRD WINTER by Linda Howard
    Kathleen Fields had to reach the clinic, but a Christmas blizzard left her stranded without hope for her life or her unborn baby's. Then Derek Taliferro arrived with his doctor's skill, his caring heart. Together, they brought Kathleen's child into the world and discovered love, the greatest gift of all.

    HENRY THE NINTH by Dixie Browning
    Being fixed up with her landlady's brother was not Mary Pepper's idea of a good time. But when a horrible cold and a horrendous work schedule obliterated Christmas, Henry whisked her off for a late celebration on Hatteras Island, where they found themselves creating some rather unusual new traditions of their own.

    SEASON OF MIRACLES by Ginna Gray
    The town spinster, tenderhearted Kathryn Talmidge had long adored Daniel Westwood in silence. The gruff widower finally proposed but solely to give his kids a new mom for Christmas! Though motherhood and sharing Dan's life were all Kath had ever dreamed of, now she prayed for the miracle of his love.

    THE HUMBUG MAN by Diana Palmer
    Montana rancher Tate Hollister had to be the grouchiest, grumpiest humbug man widow Maggie Jeffries had ever met. But, as the holiday season progressed, Maggie discovered that Tate wasn't completely immune to the Christmas spirit--his loving embrace on a cold winter's night could prove to be the gift of a lifetime.