Imagine a family tree that includes Texas cowboys, Choctaw and Cherokee Indians, a Louisiana pirate and a Scottish rebel who battled side by side with William Wallace. With ancestors like that, it's easy to understand why Texas Author and former air force captain Delores Fossen feels as if she was genetically predisposed to writing romance. Along the way to fulfilling her DNA destiny, Delores married an air force top gun who just happens to be of viking descent. With all those romantic bases covered, she doesn't have to look too far for inspiration.

Book List in Order: 137 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Appaloosa Pass Ranch

1) Lone Wolf Lawman (Nov-2015)
2) Taking Aim at the Sheriff (Dec-2015)
3) Trouble with a Badge (Apr-2016)
4) The Marshal's Justice (May-2016)
5) Six-Gun Showdown (Aug-2016)
6) Laying Down the Law (Sep-2016)

Blue River Ranch

1) Always a Lawman (Dec-2017)
2) Gunfire on the Ranch (Jan-2018)
3) Lawman From Her Past (Mar-2018)
4) Roughshod Justice (Apr-2018)

Coldwater, Texas

1) Lone Star Christmas (Sep-2018)
1.5) Lone Star Midnight (Jan-2019)
2) Hot Texas Sunrise (Mar-2019)
2.5) Texas at Dusk (Jun-2019)
3) Sweet Summer Sunset (Jun-2019)
4) A Coldwater Christmas (Sep-2019)

Five Alarm Babies

1) Undercover Daddy (May-2007)
2) Stork Alert / Whose Baby? (Aug-2007)
3) The Christmas Clue (Nov-2007)
4) Newborn Conspiracy (Feb-2008)
5) The Horseman's Son / The Cowboy's Son (Mar-2008)

Last Ride, Texas

1) Spring at Saddle Run (May-2021)
2) Christmas at Colts Creek (Nov-2021)
3) Summer at Stallion Ridge (Apr-2022)
4) Second Chance at Silver Springs (Oct-2022)

The Law in Lubbock County

1) Sheriff in the Saddle (Jul-2022)
2) Maverick Justice (Aug-2022)

The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch

1) Grayson (Nov-2011)
2) Dade (Dec-2011)
3) Nate (Jan-2012)
4) Kade (Jul-2012)
5) Gage (Aug-2012)
6) Mason (Sep-2012)
7) Josh (Apr-2014)
8) Sawyer (May-2014)
9) Landon (Nov-2016)
10) Holden (Mar-2017)
11) Drury (Apr-2017)
12) Lucas (May-2017)

The Lawmen of McCall Canyon

1) Cowboy Above the Law (Aug-2018)
2) Finger on the Trigger (Sep-2018)
3) Lawman with a Cause (Jan-2019)
4) Under The Cowboy's Protection (Feb-2019)

Lone Star Ridge

1) Tangled Up in Texas (Feb-2020)
1.5) That Night in Texas (May-2020)
2) Chasing Trouble in Texas (Jun-2020)
2.5) Hot Summer in Texas (Sep-2020)
3) Wild Nights in Texas (Oct-2020)
3.5) Whatever Happens in Texas (Jan-2021)
4) Tempting in Texas (Feb-2021)
5) Corralled in Texas (Mar-2022)

Longview Ridge Ranch

1) Safety Breach (Dec-2019)
2) A Threat to His Family (Jan-2020)
3) Settling an Old Score (Aug-2020)
4) His Brand of Justice (Sep-2020)

The Marshals of Maverick County

1) The Marshal's Hostage (May-2013)
2) One Night Standoff (Jun-2013)
3) Outlaw Lawman (Jul-2013)
4) Renegade Guardian (Nov-2013)
5) Justice Is Coming (Dec-2013)
6) Wanted (Jan-2014)

McCord Brothers

0.5) What Happens on the Ranch (Jan-2016)
1) Texas on My Mind (Feb-2016)
1.5) Cowboy Trouble (May-2016)
2) Lone Star Nights (Jun-2016)
2.5) Cowboy Underneath It All (Aug-2016)
3) Blame It on the Cowboy (Oct-2016)

Mercy Ridge Lawmen

1) Her Child to Protect (May-2021)
2) Safeguarding the Surrogate (Jul-2021)
3) Targeting the Deputy (Dec-2021)
4) Pursued by the Sheriff (Jan-2022)

Mustang Ridge

1) Christmas Rescue at Mustang Ridge (Dec-2012)
2) Standoff at Mustang Ridge (Jan-2013)

Saddle Up

1) Dead Ringers (Feb-2013)
2) Reined In (Sep-2013)
3) Courting the Outlaw (Jul-2014)

Sweetwater Ranch

1) Maverick Sheriff (Sep-2014)
2) Cowboy Behind the Badge (Oct-2014)
3) Rustling Up Trouble (Nov-2014)
4) Kidnapping in Kendall County (Dec-2014)
5) The Deputy's Redemption (Mar-2015)
6) Reining in Justice (Apr-2015)
7) Surrendering to the Sheriff (Jul-2015)
8) A Lawman's Justice (Aug-2015)

Texas Maternity Hostages

1) The Baby's Guardian (May-2010)
2) Daddy Devastating (Jun-2010)
3) The Mommy Mystery (Jul-2010)

Texas Maternity: Labor and Delivery

2) Wild Stallion (Dec-2010)
3) The Texas Lawman's Last Stand (Jan-2011)
Savior in the Saddle (Nov-2010)

Texas Paternity

1) Security Blanket (Oct-2008)
2) Branded By The Sheriff (Jan-2009)
3) Expecting Trouble (Feb-2009)
4) Secret Delivery (Mar-2009)
5) Christmas Guardian (Oct-2009)

A Wrangler's Creek Novel

1) Those Texas Nights (Jan-2017)
2) No Getting Over a Cowboy (Apr-2017)
3) Branded as Trouble (Jul-2017)
4) Lone Star Cowboy (Nov-2016)
5) One Good Cowboy (Feb-2017)
6) Just Like a Cowboy (May-2017)
7) Texas-Sized Trouble (Jan-2018)
8) Lone Star Blues (Apr-2018)
9) The Last Rodeo (Jul-2018)
10) Cowboy Dreaming (Dec-2017)
11) Cowboy Heartbreaker (Mar-2018)
12) Cowboy Blues (May-2018)

Multi-Author Series List

A Cowboy for Every Mood

Kade (Jul-2012)
Gage (Aug-2012)

Daddy Corps

G.I. Cowboy (Apr-2011)

Ice Lake

Cold Heat (Jan-2012)

Kenner County Crime Unit

She's Positive (Jul-2009)

Men on a Mission

Marching Orders (Mar-2003)


His to Possess (Oct-2014)

The Silver Star of Texas

Trace Evidence In Tarrant County / For Justice and Love (Feb-2007)
Questioning The Heiress (Jul-2008)
Shotgun Sheriff (Feb-2010)

Top Secret Babies

Mommy Under Cover (Feb-2005)

Award-Winning Books by Delores Fossen

Truly, Madly, Briefly
2003 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Duet